The Best Counties to Buy Land in Ohio

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The Best Counties to Buy Land in Ohio

Bart Waldon

From Lake Erie shorelines to Appalachian foothills spanning over 26 million acres of fertile farmland, emerging solar/wind corridors and revitalizing metro outskirts, Ohio contains no shortage of appealing land investment opportunities catering wide-ranging pursuits economically. Pinpointing best counties maximizing owner enjoyment and financial returns criteria requires balancing lifestyle priorities like privacy refuge, outdoor recreation access or agricultural cultivation potentials against market growth indicators promising sustainable appreciation long run. 

Whether seeking permanent residency escaping big city life finally, securing future legacy assets for heirs to inherit someday or just easy drive distance tranquility reachable occasionally fleeing urban density pulses, ideal parcels await those aligning individual strategy with area advantages found locally across Ohio if site selection sharpens beforehand.

Cuyahoga County 

As home containing Cleveland anchoring Northeast Ohio significance historically through shipping/manufacturing prowess, Cuyahoga County transitioned successfully into Healthcare/Financial Services HQ prominence decade over decade. With world-class arts & entertainment amenities complementing thriving sports franchise hubs, the region maintains powerful appeal. Yet with such success spreads problematic overpopulation density challenges now steering new development further outwards seeking available land options remaining more affordable balancing tradeoffs. This reality explains Cuyahoga’s inclusion among Ohio’s best land investment counties presently.

While metro core Medina/Summit territories already prove fully built shaking loose raw acreage opportunities infrequently, savvy property buyers realize connecting corridors like I-480, I-80, OH-43 and US-422 radiate future outward trajectory veins supplying insatiable growth hunger pending eventually. Get positioned early scouting/acquiring strategic parcels aligning pathway infrastructure seamlessly whenever discoveries arise. Tomorrow’s project sites hold merelypastoral placeholder status currently within maturation lead time horizons still needing just patience towards inevitable population transformations destined coming, but with Ohio sprawl rhythms accelerating tremendously.

Franklin County 

What Cuyahoga County contributes establishing Cleveland dominance up North, Franklin County delivers just as essentially down South emanating Columbus capital importance across Central Ohio landscapes both economically and politically. So, for similar reasons, land investment opportunities abound here in anticipation of continued metro area boundary pushing witnessed the past decade as exurban ring developments stretch vastly trying satiate inbound migration influx flow bolstering local labor force talent supporting so many major corporate relocations finding Welcome Home in Columbus permanently.

Early commercial and industrial zoning conversions now simmer awaiting shovel movers as speculators vie swaths of acreage ensuring future control once infrastructure projects allocate focus into targeting underserved sectors next. Consider investing in grove lands neighboring growing Johnstown/New Albany periphery zones keeping reasonable drive distance still connected vibration. Or explore Marysville farther NW where Route 33/036 extensions guide major housing pushes as Honda supplier hub transforms the small hamlet almost overnight it seems. Timing right purchases fractionally remote from central city density downtown but still within future site lines leverages patient equity upside handsomely.

Delaware County 

Completing Central Ohio’s coveted “Tri-County Golden Triangle” so fondly embraced by chambers of commerce economic development cheerleaders trumpeting stable growth regionally, Delaware County serves almost as robust satellite sibling extension culturally from Franklin County anchors immediately south given adjacent positioning. Yet despite some municipalities practically bleeding borders together seamlessly through ages as Columbus metro absorbed “original” outskirts over decades accumulating, Delaware County maintains competitive small town temperaments further out still where wayfinding senses escaping cityscapes appreciably entering corn field corridor drives unwinding miles ahead.

From quaint Powell, quirky Galena to bustling Sunbury, the area presents big appeal drawing families wanting best of both worlds proximity wise. This fuels consistent land investment activity as builders strive keeping pace housing shortages worsening annually. Investigate high-performing school district territories guiding new developments or scout widening Highway 36/37 corridors destined playing integral east-west expansion roles someday. Just realize Columbus projects casting shadows longer each year edge closer to Delaware County when seeking owned acreages scarcely found for sale ultimately.

Final Thoughts

While Ohio offers abundant farmland acreage options spanning soils enriched over centuries already, the savviest land investors realize targeting key counties benefiting most from unprecedented economic transformations driven by major corporate relocations selecting Central Ohio increasingly as Midwest regional hubs. Growth patterns witnessed this past decade confirm full maturity reaching apex limits along metro footsteps downtown, so opportunity runs chasing available acreage still found reasonably affording eventual development as population migrations march outwards years ahead. Get positioned early along infrastructure lifeline paths fueling exurban reach knowing patience pays substantial dividends allowing future builders buy land rights back inflated tremendously by visionaries planting transactional seeds once scorned but whose optimism watered wisely against short-term discouragement nourishing fruits realized finally at the right harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Ohio counties show strongest land value appreciation recently?

Franklin County leads appreciation averaging over 15% annually the past 5 years as Columbus growth sprawls outward raising peripheral land valuations. Delaware and Union follow seeing 10%+ yearly jumps thanks to proximity.

What land usage is increasing most across Ohio presently?

As corporate relocations accelerate, demand for shovel-ready industrial/logistics sites with commercial zoning and infrastructure access supports skyrocketing with over 60 million new square feet of warehouses built across Ohio since 2020.

Which factors most influence land valuations negatively in Ohio?

Flood plain designations, dense forests/invasive vegetation limiting buildability, damaged structures requiring demolition and adjacency to declining rural towns face severe valuation hits from buyers seeking easier development or usage potential immediately without major costs remediating issues first.

Should title insurance become standard practice for Ohio land deals?

Strongly advised. Beyond validating legal ownership history absent past judgements/liens attached, title coverage protects against various boundary discrepancies, improper right-of-way allowances, missing easement declarations and sudden heirs claims popping up later binding properties through obscurity unchecked initially.

What closing cost, tax/insurance fees apply towards buying Ohio land?

Typical closing costs for buyers involve title searches/insurance, document filing fees, legal consultations, and environmental assessments if applicable. Then annual tax obligations plus comprehensive liability coverage kick in protecting land asset and usage liability exposures long term overseeing sites.

What land contract contingencies favor buyers making Ohio offers?

Attorneys advise tying land contract consummation to satisfactory phase 1 environmental assessments, clear title conveyance, maintenance of acceptable boundary acreage size without encroachments found later, installed working well/septic systems if applicable and proof of viable road access included for residential or commercial usage suitability assurances before closing deals probably beyond rescission afterward practically.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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