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Just the Two of Us
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Just the Two of Us

High school sweethearts, we've always been the adventurous type - but secretly geeky. While Bart invested in stocks and precious metals, Dallas was more interested in real estate and homes. 

It isn't easy to enter the real estate market as a young couple with absolutely no idea what to do with a toolbox - and that's when we discovered the wonderful world of land investing! More hands-on than stocks, more potential than houses, and more adventure than anything!

Our Vision

The Genesis of Land Boss

We invented the term "adventure real estate" because that's what buying raw land is.

You aren't letting your money sit in the bank, or investing in a company that you have no say in. You're investing in something that will make you memories and money.

Our mission is to make land investing accessible and fun!

What's my home worth?
Just the Two of Us
Our Dog

The Resident Thrill Seeker

This is Cali, our faithful pup!

She always keeps the adventure going and keeps the squirrels in trees.
While she's never actually caught a squirrel or a bird, we admire that she never stops chasing her dreams. Except for that one time a buck chased her back...

Our Baby

Meet: The Cuddle Coordinator

While she might not be answering phones anytime soon, our baby girl is certainly part of the team! Her joy is contagious and her determination is impressive.

Her main role is to coordinate cuddles by being irresistible and keep us on our toes with her constant growth.

She's a boss baby, a Land Boss Baby.

What is my land worth?
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