10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Ohio

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Ohio

Bart Waldon

Known as the Buckeye State, Ohio offers something for everyone when it comes to buying land. From Lake Erie's sandy shores to the Appalachian foothills, the diverse natural landscapes, four distinct seasons, and blend of rural charm and metro vibrancy provide a prime location to put down roots. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, farmer, investor or family seeking your perfect retreat, read on for 10 reasons you'll love owning property in Ohio.

1. Outdoor Playground for All Ages

For those who love the great outdoors, Ohio is a natural playground filled with possibilities. Hike through the deep hemlock gorges and rushing waterfalls of Hocking Hills, perfect for a weekend camping trip. Spend a lazy summer day paddling down the Cuyahoga River, watching for blue herons and bald eagles. Cast your fishing line for walleye below Lake Erie's cliffs. Ohio's abundance of state parks, lakes, rivers, forests, and trails will have you adventure-filled for a lifetime.

2. Fertile Farmland Abounds

From its rich glacial soils to moderate rainfall, Ohio provides ideal conditions for agriculture. Purchase open acreage or former farmsteads to grow organic vegetables, raise livestock, or plant orchards and vineyards. Or rent your tillable land to corn, soybean, and wheat farmers generating steady crop rental income. Drive the rural routes and experience agricultural beauty first-hand passing dairy pastures, u-pick berry patches, and Amish horse-drawn buggies. Let Ohio's pastoral landscapes inspire your own agricultural dreams.

3. Escape to Scenic Forests

While Ohio has plenty of open fields between towns, nearly one-third of the state is woodland. Immerse yourself in the peaceful solitude and natural splendor hiking through Wayne National Forest or Findley State Park. Buy a few secluded acres to build your own cabin retreat nested in the trees. Wake up to birdsong, spot deer grazing at dusk, and enjoy total privacy. For nature enthusiasts or those just wanting a wooded hideaway, Ohio's forests offer sanctuary.

4. Budding Wine Regions Beckon

Believe it or not, Ohio wines are gaining global recognition for their cool-climate varietals like aromatic whites, light reds and effervescent bubblies. The Lake Erie shoreline nurtures over 120 budding local wineries amid the gently rolling landscape. Purchase your own vineyard acreage or build an idyllic hill-top bed and breakfast, immersing guests in wine country hospitality. Let fertile Ohio terroir and entrepreneurial spirit fuel your viticulture visions.

5. Within Reach of Major Cities

Looking for a peaceful property away from the hustle and bustle? Fortunately you're never far from the energy and amenities of Ohio's thriving metropolitan hubs. Relish big city entertainment for weekend getaways in culturally rich Cleveland, university town Columbus, and riverfront Cincinnati. Even mid-size cities like Akron, Dayton, Canton and Toledo provide urban diversions close by. Enjoy country living with city excitement just a short drive away.

6. The Quintessential Four Seasons

Lush spring wildflowers, hot summer days perfect for the lake, brilliant fall colors, and snow-dusted pines in winter - Ohio experiences all four seasons in their quintessential glory. On your land you can live immersed in each seasonal shift, from budding spring pastures to crimson-hued autumn woods. For those who appreciate nature's changes, Ohio delivers stunning outdoor variety all year long.

7. Greener Pastures for Your Wallet

Compared to the soaring prices along the coasts, land in Ohio gives you more acres for your investment dollar. A modest down payment can secure that spacious country parcel you've been dreaming of. Once you own the land, reasonable yearly property taxes help keep your costs affordable. And with minimal building codes, you gain flexibility to construct the custom homestead that suits your needs and budget.

8. Within Close Regional Reach

Centrally located in the Midwest, Ohio provides easy access to surrounding states all within a half day's drive away. Visit family across state lines, tour metro hot spots like Chicago and Pittsburgh for weekend getaways, or trek to the Great Lakes and beyond – convenient highways and airports connects you to everywhere. Can't beat Ohio's strategic location for staying regionally connected.

9. Rural Comfort with Modern Convenience

Even remote rural land often has access to infrastructure like well-paved roadways, electric utilities, high-speed internet and county water. Properties located near major highways, railroads and municipal hubs offer even greater convenience while adding value. Maintain country living ambiance with most modern-day comforts.

10. Robust, Diverse Economy

A flourishing economy translates into stability and opportunity within a region. Ohio benefits from business-friendly policies, skilled workforce, and diverse industries like manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and technology thriving statewide. The economic strength supports steady community growth and consumer confidence - promising signs for savvy land investors!

With its perfect mix of unspoiled nature, unique four seasons, fertile farmland, and vibrant urban amenities, Ohio truly offers an ideal location to put down roots or grow your investment portfolio. Whether you dream of camping under starry skies, harvesting your own organic crops, or just finding affordable acreage to build family memories - let your aspirations blossom in the Buckeye State. Seize your piece of this natural wonderland today!

Top Spots for Buying Land in Ohio

With its diverse landscapes, from shores to farmlands, Ohio offers prime locations to purchase property across the state. Whether you want a scenic nature escape, fertile acres to farm, or just open space near city action, there’s a patch of Ohio land waiting for you. Here are some top spots my clients have loved buying land in:

Southeast Ohio

Tucked into Appalachian foothills, southeast Ohio is a nature lover's dream with its heavily wooded hills and valleys. I worked with a client to find 5 private acres in Hocking County where he built a log cabin nestled against rock cliffs. The area offers excellent hiking and camping around Hocking Hills State Park. With gorges, waterfalls, and abundant wildlife, properties here are ideal if you value seclusion in wild settings.

Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio has Lake Erie shoreline and beaches, perfect for fishing, boating or just relaxing by the water. But inland, the softly rolling countryside between Ashtabula and Cuyahoga counties has exploded with wineries cultivating world-class cool climate grapes. One client realized her dream of opening a vineyard and tasting room on a 20-acre parcel she bought near Geneva. Consider this region if you like lakes or envision launching your own winery.

Central Ohio

For suburbanites who still want space, central Ohio offers acreage within reach of Columbus’ amenities. A ten minute drive takes you from rural to restaurants and Ohio State football excitement. One client built his family’s dream home on 5 acres in Delaware County, with a big yard where his kids can play. If you want city access but room to spread out, check out the Columbus outskirts.

Northwest Ohio

Stretching from Toledo to Indiana, northwest Ohio's flat fertile plains offer ideal farmland. A friend bought 80 acres there to cash rent to soybean and corn growers. The rich dark soil supports bountiful yields. If you’re interested in agriculture, this region provides excellent opportunities.

Southwest Ohio

Southwest Ohio mixes metro vibrancy with pastoral charm. A retired client built her garden cottage on 3 acres in Warren County, near Cincinnati for arts and dining out. Or consider acreage around Dayton and Hamilton set amid blossoming farm-to-table culinary movements. The options in southwest Ohio offer the best of both worlds.

Whether you want waterfront, winery, farmland or just open space, Ohio has diverse land regions to match your dreams. Identify the ideal location based on your interests and lifestyle vision to make your property ownership rewarding. The Buckeye State offers something for everyone!

Final Words

With scenic nature escapes, fertile farmland, blossoming wine regions, and accessible acreage near urban hubs, Ohio offers diverse landscapes to match your dreams. Maybe you yearn for a forest hideaway in Hocking Hills, lakeside living on Lake Erie's shore, wide open crop fields in the northwest, or just enough elbow room near Columbus amenities. Whether you want to launch an agricultural endeavor, build your ideal home, or find an outdoor lover's paradise, the Buckeye State has vibrant locations to make land ownership uniquely rewarding. Do your research to identify the ideal spot based on your vision, then make it a reality with the perfect parcel of Ohio land to call your own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are available to purchase in Ohio?

Ohio has a diverse landscape so many types of land are available, including rolling farmland, wooded acreage, properties bordering Lake Erie, and open building sites near towns and cities. Research different counties and regions to find the ideal property to match your needs.

How expensive is land in Ohio compared to other states?

Land prices in Ohio tend to be very reasonable, especially compared to coastal areas. You can find acres of vacant land for sometimes under $10,000 depending on the location. Be sure to factor in additional costs like development, utilities access, and property taxes. But overall Ohio provides an affordable place to buy land.

Should I buy land as an investment in Ohio?

Ohio offers stable land values, ongoing development, and population growth in many areas, which provides appealing conditions for land investment. Focus on purchasing acreage near expanding municipalities and infrastructure improvements to maximize value appreciation over time. Location is key for maximizing returns.

What resources help find land for sale in Ohio?

Great online resources include Lands of America and Land And Farm listings, searchable by Ohio county. Also drive around areas you’re interested in for “For Sale” signs. Connecting with knowledgable local real estate agents can provide off-market opportunities. And don’t overlook foreclosure or auction sites.

What factors should I evaluate when purchasing land?

Consider land use regulations, available utilities, access to transportation infrastructure, soil quality, scenic vistas, surrounding property uses, flood zones, and growth projections for the area. Prioritize features that align with your plans, whether recreational use, building a home, farming or holding for investment. Enlist professionals to inspect the land before purchasing.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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