10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Vermont

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Vermont

Bart Waldon

Nestled in the northeastern United States, Vermont is a small state with immense natural beauty. Known for its rolling green mountains, sparkling lakes, quaint towns and villages, Vermont has long been a popular destination for visitors and a beloved home for its residents.

In recent years, Vermont has also seen growing interest from out-of-state buyers looking to purchase land in the Green Mountain State. The state's peaceful landscapes, open spaces, recreational opportunities, and overall high quality of life make owning a piece of Vermont extremely appealing.

If you’ve considered buying land in Vermont, you’re not alone. Here are 10 of the top reasons people love laying down roots in Vermont by purchasing property in the state:

Reasons to Buy Land in Vermont

1. The Natural Beauty is Unparalleled

From the peaks of the Green Mountains to the shores of Lake Champlain, Vermont’s landscapes are nothing short of stunning. The state is still predominantly rural, with forests, farms, winding rivers, and meadows painting an idyllic country scene. Landowners in Vermont enjoy gorgeous vistas and the ability to immerse themselves in quintessential New England nature right in their own backyard. Hiking trails, ski slopes, fishing holes—Vermont land provides endless access to outdoor recreation and adventures year-round.

2. Low Taxes

State and local taxes in Vermont are amongst the lowest in the country. Property tax rates also fall well below national averages overall. Unlike buying property in some other states, landowners and homeowners in Vermont keep more money in their pockets and avoid high annual tax burdens thanks to the state’s fiscally responsible framework. Lower taxes provide financial flexibility to enjoy your land or home hassle-free.

3. A Sense of Community

Vermont has a strong cultural identity, rich history, and lively arts scene that fosters community connections. Festivals, farmers markets, museums and galleries, boutique shops, craft breweries, local eateries—opportunities abound to get involved in your new home state. From small towns where everyone knows their neighbors to fast-growing cultural hubs like Burlington, becoming part of a local community helps new landowners plant roots in Vermont lifestyle and traditions.

4. Abundant Recreational Opportunities

Outdoor lovers flock to Vermont to take full advantage of its first-class four-season recreational offerings. In autumn, the forests burst into a kaleidoscope of color while summer welcomes hiking, camping, boating, fishing, swimming, and more. Come winter, the mountains transform into world-class ski resorts and snowmobiling wonderlands. And spring kicks off yet another season of adventures in the Green Mountains like maple sugaring, wildlife watching, and mountain biking on an endless network of wooded trails. If an active outdoor lifestyle ranks high on your priority list, owning Vermont land is a dream.

5. Farm-to-Table Culture

Not only is the Vermont landscape perfect for small farms, dairies and maple sugar bushes to thrive, but state culture strongly supports consuming and cooking with fresh, locally-grown ingredients. Farmer’s markets overflow with produce, meat, cheese and other farm goods while restaurants craft menus using what’s seasonally available nearby. Getting connected to this farm-to-table culture is incredibly fun and delicious—not to mention sustainable. Landowners can even launch their own agricultural ventures, like berry patches or beehives, and easily plug into the booming local food economy.

6. Education Opportunities

Vermont is home to several award-winning colleges and universities that also enrich the surrounding culture. Landowners can conveniently take adult enrichment classes close to home or have excellent in-state options when children reach college ages. Public K-12 schools consistently rank well across Vermont with small class sizes and community support of education. With an emphasis on quality learning, Vermont makes cultivating minds a priority just as much environmental stewardship and innovation are core values. Educational offerings enhance the appealing lifestyle Vermont offers for families, professionals and lifelong learners alike.

7. Investment Potential

In addition to personal use, Vermont land also offers appealing investment opportunity. The Green Mountain State continues attracting tourism, new residents, businesses and development—all increasing property demand. According to Land Boss, vacant land listings averaged only 1-2 years on the market before selling with significant price jumps recently. While sale prices remain affordable compared to other northeastern states, market value growth trajectories point upward making Vermont a smart investment. Whether to build a vacation rental, future retirement home or simply hold, owning Vermont land can deliver impressive long-term returns over time.

8. Peaceful Pace of Life

Vermont moves at a slower pace without the congestion, traffic, noise and other headaches marring many parts of the country. Neighbors still wave, drivers yield for pedestrians, smiles and “hellos” come easily as you run errands about town. The classic rhythms of rural small town living underpin Vermont’s charm coupled with just enough modern conveniences nearby to stay connected comfortably. Leave the stress behind and instead enjoy strolling mountain lanes at sunset after a relaxing day kayaking the pond out your back door—Vermont land facilitates living your best life fully centered in what matters most day to day.

9. Innovative Spirit & Stewardship

Under its rolling hills and forestland, Vermont also stakes reputation as a rising tech and innovation hub. Companies focusing on solar energy, advanced manufacturing, biotech, IT and specialty foods lead a wave of cutting-edge startups choosing Vermont for its quality workforce and support for entrepreneurs. UVM and local colleges feed R&D talent while environmentally conscious consumers demand renewable solutions. Sustainable living comes standard for Green Mountain State landowners backed by an administration prioritizing economic development without compromising Vermont’s environmental integrity and appeal.

10. Authentic Way of Life

More than anything, the heart of Vermont beats through its authentic way of life. The working landscape sustained for centuries persists in harmony with artistic expression, intellectual curiosity, tolerance, neighborliness, conservation and purposeful living. Becoming a Vermont landowner means stepping into an iconic American landscape where covered bridges still dot valleys flanked by family dairy farms, sugar makers boil sap well into the night during sugaring season and locals rally to clear snowed-in driveways without asking. The real Vermont amazes transplants and visitors alike for its almost spiritual vibrancy, ultimately winning their hearts to stay.

Owning a Piece of Vermont's Allure

For these reasons and so many others, purchasing a property or piece of land in beautiful Vermont captured the imagination of many seeking their own personal paradise. The state continues upholding quintessential rural New England life mixed with just enough vibrant forward motion to keep opportunities fresh and dynamic for landowners. With competitive purchase prices compared to other northeastern states and unlimited potential to customize your Vermont property lifestyle, realize your Green Mountain dreams today in your own backyard oasis by contacting the team at Land Boss—the trusted cash buyers of Vermont land for over 5 years and 100+ successful deals. Our Vermont property expertise and passion stands ready to help make your ideal Vermont land ownership a reality. Let’s connect!

Final Thoughts

With its captivating natural landscapes, low taxes, strong sense of community, abundance of outdoor recreation, thriving local food culture, excellent education opportunities, appealing investment potential, relaxed pace of life, commitment to innovation, and authentic way of living, Vermont offers an exceptionally high quality of life. For these compelling reasons, buying land in Vermont has immense appeal and provides a chance to truly embrace the quintessential Green Mountain State lifestyle. Whether you crave crisp mountain air, stunning vistas right out your back door, ski slopes and hiking trails just around the corner or simply desire to own a piece of this beautiful state to call your own forever, purchasing property in Vermont may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Let the experienced team at Land Boss help unlock your potential to plant roots in this northern New England gem and start living your Vermont landowner dreams today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are property taxes like in Vermont? 

Property taxes in Vermont are among the lowest nationwide and below average compared to other New England states. Tax rates vary by town and county but generally range between 1-2% of assessed property value on average. Vermont also exempts a portion of primary home value from taxation.

Is financing available for purchasing Vermont land? 

Yes, financing options including loans and owner financing are available to buyers to purchase Vermont property or land. Individual financial situations and property specifics impact loan eligibility and terms, so speaking with a lender is highly recommended when seeking financing.

How much land can I buy in Vermont as an out-of-state resident?

There are no restrictions prohibiting out-of-state buyers from purchasing any amount of acreage when buying Vermont land. Sale prices typically based on total acreage regardless of buyer residence location. Out-of-state buyers simply need to plan for property taxes assessed by Vermont after purchase.

What utilities are typically available on rural Vermont land parcels? 

The availability of utilities varies on Vermont land listings depending on terrain and location remoteness. While full utilities rarely run to raw, undeveloped land, some parcels lie closer to grid access. Check with local utility companies on potential to expand electric, water, internet/phone to land sites of interest before purchasing.

Is Vermont land a good investment?

Over the past decade, Vermont land values grew substantially based on high demand from buyers seeking property in the state. Increased interest in Vermont real estate makes buying land now an appealing value investment before market prices potentially accelerate higher as supply tightens.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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