How to Find Cheap Land in Vermont?

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How to Find Cheap Land in Vermont?

Bart Waldon

Vermont is known for its picturesque small towns, rolling green mountains, maple syrup, and independent spirit. With over 80% of the state covered in forest, Vermont offers abundant beautiful land parcels waiting to be discovered. While Vermont real estate is not the most affordable on average, deals on cheap land can still be found in the Green Mountain State by savvy buyers. Here’s how you can find great parcels of Vermont land for cheap.

Overview of Vermont Land and Real Estate

Vermont real estate values have risen steadily over the past decade, with the median home price now over $270,000 as of 2022. Vacant rural land has also increased significantly in value across the state. However, there are still many areas of Vermont where cheap land can be purchased, especially further from popular ski towns and cities.

Northern Vermont tends to have the most affordable land opportunities currently. Northeast Kingdom counties like Essex, Orleans and Caledonia have large areas of working forests and fields selling for cheaper prices per acre. Central Vermont and southern Vermont also hold some deals, although development pressure has increased values.

Knowing where to search and how to negotiate great Vermont land deals is critical. Read on to gain insider tips on locating cheap land for sale in Vermont and making winning offers.

Best Places to Find Cheap Land for Sale in Vermont

These areas tend to provide some of the best hunting grounds for cheap Vermont land deals:

Northeast Kingdom

The rural Northeast Kingdom has Vermont’s most affordable land prices currently. Orleans, Essex and Caledonia counties are the least densely populated area of the state. With an economy historically based on logging, farming and outdoor recreation, land prices are generally lower here. The towns of Brighton, Charleston, Holland, Morgan, Newark and many others have cheap acreage listings. Just be prepared for rough terrain and limited road access.

Central Vermont

More centrally located than the Northeast Kingdom within Vermont, counties like Lamoille, Washington and Orange hold scenic landscapes at cheaper prices outside of major ski resort areas. Towns such as Barre, Cabot, Plainfield, Peacham and Ryegate offer discounted land deals within driving distance of cities like Montpelier and Stowe.

Southern Vermont

While closest to populous cities and under heavier development pressure, some cheap land bargains can be uncovered in southern Vermont towns as well. Searches in mountain towns along Route 9’s corridor as well as towards New Hampshire and Massachusetts borders can yield affordable vacant parcels ideal for camp placement or future residence building.

5 Tips for Finding Cheap Vermont Land for Sale

Beyond location, several other strategies can help you discover Vermont land parcels discounted below market value:

1. Search Online Listings Sites Thoroughly

Cast a wide net across land listing sites like Lands of America, Land Watch, Zillow and Land and Farm. Utilize search filters for land under $50,000, vacant lots under 10 acres and other low price indicators. Checking listings daily is key, as cheap Vermont land gets snatched up quick.

2. Work with Knowledgeable Local Real Estate Agents

Experienced Vermont agents will know off-market deals not widely promoted. They also can advise soundly on development potential and comparable values for accurate pricing. Some agents directly work with sellers of distressed properties needing to offload land fast.

3. Explore Auctions & Foreclosures

Government, bank and town auctions contain Vermont land parcels sold to the highest bidder that can be tremendous bargains. Monitor auction houses serving the state or United States Forest Service offerings for auction sale postings.

4. Connect with Trusted Land Companies

Established Vermont land companies like and Boss know the local land market intricacies in depth through buying/selling experience. Working with such cash buyers and investors directly can unlock cheap acreage opportunities not available publicly.

5. Leverage Tax Sales

Researching Vermont tax sales uncovers town-seized properties with unpaid back taxes sold yearly at auction, often cheaper than market rates. Every Vermont town must hold a tax sale by law, so check municipal offices for local listings and sale dates.

While finding cheap land takes effort, utilizing the right Vermont-focused land search tactics makes landing discounted parcels possible.

How to Negotiate and Buy Vermont Land Below Market Value

Once you spot a promising cheap Vermont land deal, negotiating smartly becomes critical to purchase the parcel below full market price. Here are 5 proven tips to negotiate and seal the best offer on Vermont land bargains:

1. Act Fast

In affordable Vermont land prospects, speed matters. Investigate and make an offer promptly once a discounted or distressed parcel is discovered before other buyers bid it up or circumstances change.

2. Connect Personally

Establish rapport with the Vermont land owner through sincere listening, asking questions and sharing common ground. Find their motivations whether financial, family-related or otherwise. This personal connection builds goodwill and trust to enable reasonable negotiations.

3. Determine Motivations & Deal Breakers

What price must the seller accept? What closing date limitations exist? Are mineral rights available? Knowing key needs and limitations allows tailoring an agreeable offer within constraints. Listen closely and read between the lines.

4. Make a Reasonable Offer

Leveraging market expertise from local real estate professionals and land companies, make an initial below market offer while allowing room to increase if required during the negotiation process. Avoid insultingly lowballing on first offers.

5. Be Ready to Increase Offer

Expect some back-and-forth exchange of increased offers and counteroffers to reach an agreed sales price and terms. By having funding ready and flexibility to incrementally raise the price over a few rounds, you increase odds of settling on a number workable for both parties.

Preparation, persistence and creativity are all instrumental in achieving finalized deals for cheap Vermont land parcels under value through strategic negotiations. Partnering with land professionals helps immensely as well. With the right approach, purchasing wonderful Vermont acreage below market rates is attainable.

Additional Resources

For further help on finding, assessing value, negotiating great deals and closing purchases on Vermont land parcels and real estate, connect with trusted local land professionals like Land Boss online or call. Knowledgeable agents and companies focused on the Vermont land market can guide you through the search process to locate that perfect property that matches your goals and budget.

Final Thoughts

Vermont offers wonderful opportunities to purchase affordable vacant land for camp and home building if you know where to search and how to negotiate well. While Vermont land prices have risen overall, hidden gem deals still exist, particularly in the Northeast Kingdom region or just outside popular ski resort towns. By scouring online land listings, working with local real estate and land professionals, and leveraging auctions, tax sales and market expertise, you can uncover discounted land parcels to make into your own little piece of Vermont. With preparation and persistence, purchasing beautiful Vermont land at below market value prices is an attainable goal for your future country retreat dreams. Connect with a trusted Vermont land buying company for further guidance unlocking that perfect affordable property waiting to be discovered despite climbing state land prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is considered "cheap" land in Vermont?

In today's market, land in Vermont under $50,000 for a several acre parcel would generally be considered cheap or discounted compared to average prices. Land selling for under $10,000 per acre can also fall into bargain territory depending on location and site attributes.

Where are the cheapest areas to buy land in Vermont?

The most affordable land prices tend to be found in Vermont's more rural Northeast Kingdom area composed of Essex, Orleans and Caledonia counties. Central Vermont and parts of southern Vermont along the New Hampshire border also can yield discounted land deals.

What factors should I research before buying cheap land in Vermont?

Carefully examine property access, boundary lines, deed/title, liens, easements, septic/building suitability, taxes, HOA restrictions and natural features before acquiring Vermont land. Environmental testing for lead, asbestos etc. may also be prudent. Consult professionals to evaluate land thoroughly.

How can I find off-market Vermont land deals not listed publicly for sale?

Networking with local real estate agents that handle land sales is critical for accessing off-market properties in Vermont at discounted prices. County government officials may also know of pre-foreclosure or tax sales opportunities on cheap land parcels.

What tips and tricks work best for negotiating good cheap Vermont land deals?

Being ready to act swiftly with financing, making connections personally with sellers, determining key motivations and constraints, starting low but reasonable with offers while leaving room to increase price, and having patience/persistence are all key strategies to employ when negotiating affordable Vermont land deals.

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