Why We Love Buying Oregon Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Oregon Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

Known for its rugged coastal beaches, towering evergreen forests, and picturesque mountain landscape, Oregon has captivated visitors and residents alike for decades with its abundant natural beauty and temperate climate. Beyond tourism, Oregon also fosters thriving industries from agriculture and winemaking to tech and renewable energy.

With diverse geographical regions stretching from the rainy Pacific Coast to the barren high desert, fertile farmlands in the Willamette Valley to the steep slopes of Mount Hood, Oregon offers seemingly endless investment opportunities in raw land for those looking to buy acreage in this Pacific Wonderland.

For many, owning a piece of Oregon provides a chance to live closer to nature, build a weekend cabin or future retirement home, cultivate timber, raise livestock, lease hunting rights, and more based on the land type and location. The demand continues growing as more people discover the benefits of land ownership in Oregon.

Why People Love Buying Oregon Land with Cash

Beyond the obvious allure of gorgeous scenery and plenty of elbow room, purchasing Oregon land with cash payments unleashes advantages over traditional property loans. Let’s explore the top reasons people prefer buying land in Oregon with swift and straightforward cash transactions.

Speed and Simplicity

Closing a cash deal eliminates contingencies like financing approvals or property inspections. The buyer merely completes due diligence, agrees to terms with the seller, and completes the purchase without awaiting loan approvals. This straightforward process closes sales rapidly, usually within 30 days or less.

For sellers, cash deals provide confidence the sale will finalize without issues jeopardizing or delaying closing. Buyers appreciate the faster timeline to land ownership unencumbered by lender restrictions. The simplicity and speed of cash transactions keep everything moving smoothly from listing to keys in hand.

Flexibility in Land Use

Since cash buyers own the land outright with no loan to repay, they enjoy greater flexibility for land usage without lender approval. They can freely build accessory structures, keep livestock, harvest trees, lease usage rights or make other improvements allowed by zoning to unlock the property’s full income potential faster than buyers still making mortgage payments.

Lower Purchase Cost

In a cash transaction, buyers avoid thousands in loan origination fees, appraisal fees, and other closing costs associated with financed deals. Buyers may also negotiate a lower purchase price from motivated sellers looking for a fast, certain sale. This combination of paying cash plus negotiating discounts lets buyers acquire land below market value.

Hold Long-Term or Sell Quickly

With complete ownership control from a cash purchase, buyers can hold the land as a long-term investment with little carrying cost while the property appreciates. Or if selling the land makes sense sooner, there’s no mortgage lien delaying the process. Buyers can list and sell at their convenience rather than adhering to loan restrictions on selling mortgaged property within a certain time frame.

Relative Affordability of Raw Land

While Oregon boasts some of the West’s most expensive real estate in cities like Portland and Bend, most raw land remains accessible even for everyday buyers. Parcel sizes from five to 50 acres typically sell below $100K in most regions beyond Mountain resort towns. This keeps the dream of land ownership affordable for more Oregonians.

For all these reasons – simplicity, flexibility, profitability and affordability – buying raw land for cash emerges as an appealing choice. Let’s examine some of the most popular locations and land types attracting cash buyers across Oregon now.

Where People Like to Buy Land in Oregon

Central and Eastern Oregon High Desert Regions

Covering roughly half the state, Oregon’s arid high desert landscapes offer wide open vistas and seemingly endless tracts of sagebrush-dotted land. The hearty juniper trees peppering the countryside provide shelter for deer and birds, making these large acreage parcels ideal for sportsmen leasing hunting rights.

With lax development restrictions across remote, unincorporated rural areas, buyers have exceptional freedom to develop the land for recreational uses without a costly, lengthy permitting processes. Common desert land improvements include creating access roads, building energy-efficient off-grid cabins powered by solar panels, installing water catchment systems for irrigation, and more based on zoning allowances.

Willamette Valley Farmland

Synonymous with world-class Pinot Noir and vineyards, the fertile Willamette Valley spanning 150 miles south from Portland to Eugene offers ideal growing conditions for wine grapes, berries, lavender, hazelnuts, Christmas trees, hops and other crops. For both existing farmers and lifestyle hobby farmers seeking enough acreage for small orchards, vegetables, beekeeping, chickens and the like, Willamette Valley land offers both productive capability and proximity to urban culture.

Most towns enveloped in these lush valleys like Salem and Corvallis provide easy access to everyday conveniences while preserving the peaceful countryside ambience. For farm-to-table devotees who want space to cultivate crops within an hour’s drive of city careers and amenities, Willamette Valley land parcels from five to 50 acres deliver homesteading heaven.

The Oregon Coast – Pacific Oceanfront Land

Along nearly 500 miles of breathtaking Pacific coastline, Oregon’s coastal region remains a spectacular setting that captivates developers, entrepreneurs, and vacation-home buyers willing to pay premium prices for oceanfront land. Yet privately owned parcels with coastline access remain relatively rare even in a hot property market.

Determined buyers willing to purchase land blocks further inland still gain proximity to enjoy the region’s dramatic seascapes, clean air, and temperate weather while avoiding the highest per-acre prices of adjoining the beach itself. Investors able to develop lodging, retail or dining establishments along well-traveled Highway 101 benefit from heavy tourist traffic.

For outdoor enthusiasts prioritizing effortless access to surfing, kayaking, hiking seaside trails and combing lonely stretches of sandy beach, few locations compare to owning a slice of the spectacular Oregon Coast.

Central Oregon & Deschutes River Corridor

Thanks to world-famous ski resorts like Mount Bachelor and Mount Hood, pristine alpine lakes and rivers like the Deschutes and Metolius, and trendy mountain towns like Bend exploding in population, Central Oregon has Transitioned from a relative secret to a worldwide destination.

With Bend among the country’s fastest growing metro areas over the last decade thanks to incoming tech companies coupled with the region’s unparalleled quality of life attracting remote workers, property values skyrocket as demand dramatically outpaces supply. Often selling the same day they’re listed in peak season, desirable riverfront lots and luxury cabin sites command a premium.

Yet even in popular Deschutes and Crook County areas, buyers willing to purchase a few miles away from flagship towns and tourist centers can still acquire raw land at appealing prices before appreciation and development reach those locations. Investing just ahead of projected infrastructure expansions and community growth centers positions wise land buyers for large returns on investment.

Takeaway: For Speed, Savings and Satisfaction Oregon Land Shines

Given Oregon’s stunning geography, four distinct seasons fueling agriculture, and lack of restrictions impeding land development compared to neighboring West Coast states, the Beaver State remains a top pick for buying recreational, residential, agricultural and investment acreage.

Whether seeking wide-open elbow room with a remote high desert parcel, fertile soil for wine-country vineyards or organic produce, rugged forest for secluded woodland escapes, or breathtaking ocean vistas, opportunities abound to find appealing land at accessible pricing through cash purchases.

By understanding key advantages of transacting in cash from move-in ready speed to tremendous freedom maximizing land usage, buyers unlock more choices at lower prices with greater ROI potential. For these reasons and more, the allure of buying Oregon land persists as a popular path to property ownership, asset diversification, and realizing the American dream.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do people love buying Oregon land with cash payments?

Purchasing Oregon land in cash has many advantages such as faster closing times, more flexibility in land use without lender approval, potentially negotiating lower prices, ability to resell quicker without a mortgage lien, and avoiding loan fees and closing costs associated with financing.

What types of land are most popular to buy with cash in Oregon?

Some of the most popular types of Oregon land bought with cash payments include remote Central/Eastern high desert acreage for hunting/recreational use, Willamette Valley farmland for agriculture use, Central Oregon riverfront property near Bend, and coastal land parcels along the Pacific Ocean.

How expensive is Oregon land to buy in cash?

While oceanfront land on the coast and Central Oregon near resort areas can be quite costly, there are still many affordably priced land parcels available in Oregon. In rural regions beyond major cities, it's possible to buy 5-50 acres of raw land for typically less than $100k in cash.

Can I build on the land if I purchase in cash?

One big advantage of buying land outright with cash rather than financing is having fewer restrictions on land use, including gaining approval faster for building structures, keeping livestock, leasing usage rights or making other improvements allowed by zoning regulations.

Is it risky to buy Oregon land with cash payments?

Paying all cash does involve taking on more risk compared to financing which requires formal appraisals and inspections during the lending process. However, as long as proper due diligence is completed by the buyer to evaluate the parcel and purchase terms, buying land with cash is generally a safe investment strategy.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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