Why We Love Buying Oklahoma Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Oklahoma Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

Oklahoma is known as the Sooner State and has a long history of settlers staking land claims. Today, Oklahoma real estate remains appealing for many buyers - especially those looking to purchase raw land with cash.

With rolling plains, forests, and farmland covering much of the state, Oklahoma offers diverse landscapes at often affordable prices. The state sees all four seasons, with hot summers and cool winters. Most areas receive moderate rainfall, which supports agriculture across the region.

Below we’ll explore the key reasons why purchasing Oklahoma land with cash payments is an increasingly popular choice.

Cash Buyers Avoid Financing Headaches

Land financing can be tricky no matter what state you buy in. However, Oklahoma has faced some unique economic challenges in recent decades.

Much of the state economy relies heavily on oil and gas as well as agriculture. As commodity prices fluctuate, Oklahoma land values tend to shift as well. This makes traditional bank loans more difficult to obtain.

Additionally, vacant land parcels - especially in rural areas - can be harder to appraise. Since there are no structures adding tangible value, appraised prices are not always accurate or stable. This further complicates the lending process.

These factors make cash purchases extremely appealing. Paying the full amount upfront means no loan approvals, no appraisal issues, and no sudden changes in property value affecting the transaction. Closing the deal is typically faster and simpler without financing in the mix.

Strong Protection for Property Rights

Oklahoma leans heavily towards owner and property rights. This culture combined with Midwestern values makes land ownership in the Sooner State particularly appealing.

The state has laws that deter against excessive regulations on private land. Zoning restrictions tend to be minimal outside of metro areas like Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Owners typically have wide latitude for using land as desired, whether for agriculture, residential plans, recreation, or holding as an investment.

Protection from eminent domain seizure is also stronger in Oklahoma compared to other areas of the U.S. And the right to self-defense on private property has expanded in recent years.

For buyers prioritizing independence and control over land assets, these protections make ownership in Oklahoma even more attractive. Purchasing land outright for cash allows you to maximize property rights benefits.

Plentiful Options at Lower Price Points

While land values fluctuate with economic conditions, Oklahoma real estate tends to offer affordable pricing relative to many other states. The market downturn over the past decade only expanded the gap in cost compared to red-hot markets on the east and west coasts.

Lower prices allow buyers to purchase bigger parcels - whether for personal use or investment scale. Even on a modest budget, picking up 5, 10 or 20 acre plots is realistic for many buyers.

And with nearly 35 million acres classified as farmland in Oklahoma, there are abundant options in the agricultural sector. The state offers a diverse selection of land for sale to suit different buyer interests - from cropland to ranchland.

For investors and developers, cheaper land values provide much more profit potential as well. With future appreciation, buying at today’s prices can deliver outsized returns.

Strong Incentives for New Residents

Over the past decade, Oklahoma has expanded incentives aiming to attract new residents - especially to more rural regions.

The state offers one of the lowest costs of living in the continental U.S. Housing is extremely affordable in all markets except Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas. Basic expenses like groceries, transportation, utilities and healthcare cost well below national averages overall.

On top of rock bottom living costs, incentives like the following make purchasing property as a new resident even more appealing:

  • Rural housing development tax credits - covers up to $25k in relocation expenses to qualifying rural areas
  • 5-year tax exemption - 100% property tax break for new/relocated homeowners
  • Tax reimbursement - covers state tax liability on first $12,000 earned for certain new residents

These incentives and ultra-affordable living costs lead many buyers to take the plunge on Oklahoma land. The ability to buy property outright with cash makes relocation here even simpler.

Understanding Risks is Critical

Despite the many positives, purchasing Oklahoma land - or any land - does come with considerable risk. Market volatility, natural disasters, title issues, environmental problems, and lack of access can all greatly diminish property value in some cases.

It’s key for buyers to carefully assess risks before acquiring land. Be especially cautious when buying sight unseen without inspections or relying purely on satellite imagery.

Professional assistance can help mitigate certain hazards when assessing land deals. Experienced companies in the state offer services to properly vet parcels on behalf of buyers. With extensive knowledge of the Oklahoma market, their expertise aids in risk reduction.

Why Sellers Also Benefit From Cash Buyers

We’ve covered various reasons that make purchasing Oklahoma land for cash so appealing for buyers. But landowners also stand to benefit greatly from cash buyers entering the market.

These types of companies provide an extremely convenient exit strategy for those struggling to sell a property. Instead of marketing a parcel for months or years before finding the right buyer, owners can liquidate the asset fast through a direct cash purchase.

While some view offers at below retail pricing as "low ball'', average listing periods ranging 12-24 months in Oklahoma make this less black-and-white. Even at discounted pricing, an immediate cash close is often more profitable for sellers than holding a languishing listing hoping for top dollar.

Having a guaranteed cash buyer in the market provides more options to sellers in a state where liquidating land can prove challenging.

Understanding Title Concerns

One notable risk for Oklahoma land buyers and sellers alike are title defects. With a complex legal history and prior mineral rights leases, land title issues are relatively common.

Especially over the past decade, fraudulent deeds and ownership disputes have become more prevalent. Title insurance is always recommended. But even title insurance can fall short covering certain potential title problems.

Careful vetting of deeds, records, liens, easements and additional encumbrances is absolutely essential for all buyers and sellers in Oklahoma's intricate real estate environment. An incomplete title search can leave owners or buyers vulnerable later and lead to substantial loss of equity.

Appreciation Potential

Despite some risks like title concerns, Oklahoma real estate can still represent major upside potential - especially in the long run after natural resource markets rebound.

While land values have declined statewide over the past 5-10 years, they remain well below peak levels. In the early 2000's, an acre of Oklahoma farmland could fetch $2,000-3,000 on average. Today most areas see pricing in the $1,500 per acre range.

For buyers with longer time horizons, picking up land at current value levels leaves ample room for appreciation in equity over the next decade or two. Population and development growth also supports this upside potential in the state.

Key Takeaways on Oklahoma Land Cash Purchases

We’ve covered range of benefits that make buying Oklahoma land with cash so advantageous:

  • Avoiding prevalent financing issues
  • Strong protections for property rights appeals to certain buyers
  • Plentiful and affordable land options
  • Incentives offered to new state residents

However, conducting thorough due diligence remains critical before any purchase - especially buying land for cash sight unseen. Carefully assessing title records, mineral rights, encumbrances and additional risks with professional guidance is key.

With ideal conditions for buyers and owners alike, the Oklahoma land market remains highly attractive - particularly for those equipped to purchase property outright with cash.

Final Thoughts

For buyers interested in leveraging Oklahoma's affordable land values and appealing property environment, cash purchases offer a fast and easy path to ownership. The state provides diverse options between productive cropland, ranchland, timber lots and recreational acreage. And landowners facing years of frustrating marketing efforts can liquidate properties in days through reputable cash buyers.

While risks like title issues necessitate careful vetting, ample upside potential remains in Oklahoma real estate for both new and existing owners. With an overall friendly climate towards land owners, purchasing tracts for cash and unlocking long-term value looks set to satisfy investors, developers, new residents and lifestyle buyers alike for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main benefits of buying Oklahoma land with cash?

The key benefits of cash purchases in Oklahoma include avoiding financing issues common in the state, taking advantage of property rights protections, accessing plentiful land options at lower prices, and speedy closings that many sellers also prefer.

What risks should I watch out for when buying Oklahoma land for cash?

Major risks to monitor include market volatility, natural disasters, title defects, access problems, environmental issues, and land condition if buying sight unseen. Vetting all aspects of a property thoroughly before purchasing is essential.

What type of land is most affordable in the Oklahoma market currently?

With nearly 35 million acres of farmland statewide, agricultural parcels for grazing livestock or crop cultivation tend to provide some of Oklahoma's most budget-friendly options. However affordable plots exist across property types.

Should I use a professional service when assessing an Oklahoma land purchase?

Yes, using a company experienced in Oklahoma transactions can help properly evaluate properties for hazards that may impact value. Their regional expertise aids both buyers and sellers during the due diligence and closing process.

What is the future outlook for Oklahoma land values?

Despite some declines over the past decade, room for appreciation remains in Oklahoma real estate long-term. Rebounding commodity markets, population growth for the state, and demand from cash buyers supports this upside potential.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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