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Meet the Land Boss Family

Photo of Bart and Dallas Waldon, with their baby Leona. The Waldons started Land Boss because of their interest in investing with land. The mission of the companu is to make land investing accessible and fun!

Planning to sell your land for cash? You're at the right place. We invest primarily in raw, undeveloped land, but are happy to evaluate any property you are looking to sell.

We can send you a cash offer and buy your raw land in as little as two days! If you are planning to sell your Oklahoma land, click the button below and we'll get started!



Hassle-Free Land Selling in Oklahoma: Get Cash Offers Without Hidden Fees

Wichita Mountains Narrows in Oklahoma

Are you a property owner in Oklahoma with vacant land to sell? When it comes to selling land quickly and hassle-free, Land Boss is your go-to solution. We understand that life's circumstances can change, and sometimes, you need to sell land for cash immediately. That's where we step in as cash land buyers, making the process smooth and straightforward while ensuring property owners receive a fair cash offer.

Traditional real estate agent routes can be time-consuming and costly, especially when it comes to selling vacant land. You have to connect with your county property appraiser to determine the value of your property, do some paperwork, find a reliable real estate agent, and hope that your property will be sold fast. That is why, choosing cash land buyers in Oklahoma will be greatly beneficial for land owners like you who want cash for your land fast. Going this route will not only bring competitive cash offers for your land sales but will ensure that you will spend the least amount of time.

Property owners often face the burden of paying property taxes and waiting for a buyer to come along. Land Boss takes the stress out of selling land by offering a hassle-free experience. We specialize in buying vacant land property, whether it's agricultural land, rural acreage, or vacant Oklahoma land in any county.

Our process is designed with your convenience in mind. We make a fair cash offer within as fast as two days, eliminating the need to go through the lengthy listing and negotiation process. What's more, we cover closing costs, transfer costs, and even back taxes (within reason) without any hidden fees. With Land Boss, you can sell your land fast, with confidence in a fair cash price, and without the uncertainty of neighboring land market fluctuations.

Selling land in Oklahoma has never been easier. We work closely with property owners to provide a transparent and fair land-buying process. Our land specialists are well-versed in Oklahoma's unique land market dynamics, ensuring that you receive a fair cash offer that reflects the true value of your vacant property.

So, if you need to sell your land fast in Oklahoma, look no further than Land Boss. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with real estate agents, property appraisers, and hidden fees. Land Boss offers a simple, hassle-free, and obligation-free selling experience. Contact us today to get started on selling your vacant Oklahoma land and discover the Land Boss difference.

Why do people sell their land in Oklahoma?

People sell their land in Oklahoma for a variety of reasons, each shaped by their unique circumstances and goals. Understanding why people choose to sell their land can shed light on the diverse motivations driving these decisions.

Financial Needs: One of the most common reasons people sell their land in Oklahoma is to address immediate financial needs. Whether it's covering unexpected expenses, paying off debts, or funding a new venture, selling land for cash offers a quick and substantial injection of funds.

Changing Life Situations: Life circumstances can change rapidly, and individuals may find themselves needing to relocate for job opportunities, family reasons, or personal preferences. Selling land allows them to liquidate their assets and make a smooth transition to their new situation.

Property Maintenance: Maintaining vacant land can be a financial burden, especially if property taxes, upkeep, or other costs become overwhelming. Some landowners opt to sell their land to relieve themselves of these ongoing expenses.

Investment Diversification: Land ownership can be a valuable investment, but diversifying one's portfolio may involve selling land to explore other opportunities. Selling land in Oklahoma can provide capital to invest in assets with potentially higher returns.

Retirement Planning: As people approach retirement age, they may choose to sell their land to secure their financial future. The proceeds from the sale can contribute to retirement savings or be used to purchase a more suitable property for their golden years.

Estate Planning: In cases where land is inherited, heirs may decide to sell the property to distribute assets among multiple beneficiaries or to simplify the estate's management.

Land Use Changes: Zoning regulations or shifts in local development plans may alter the potential uses of a piece of land. Landowners might decide to sell if they no longer see the same value in the property under the changed circumstances.

Environmental or Sustainability Concerns: Some individuals who prioritize environmental conservation or sustainable living may choose to sell their land to buyers who share these values or to organizations dedicated to preserving natural landscapes.

Market Opportunity: When the real estate market is favorable, property owners may seize the opportunity to sell their land in Oklahoma at a premium price, capitalizing on high demand from developers or investors who want to buy vacant land.

Personal Goals: Landowners often sell their property to pursue personal aspirations, such as traveling, starting a new business, or embarking on creative endeavors. Liquidating land assets can provide the means to turn dreams into reality.

Understanding these motivations can help both buyers and sellers navigate the Oklahoma land market more effectively, whether they are looking for immediate cash, Oklahoma sell land opportunities, or seeking to purchase vacant land in this beautiful and diverse state.



The Land Boss Advantage

There are many ways that you can sell your Oklahoma land. You can ask for help from real estate agents, sell by yourself (FSBO), or sell directly to Land Boss. Here are some of the reasons why selling to us is the best option (in our humble opinion).


We specialize in buying land for cash. You could have money in the bank in a matter of days! No stressing about offering owner financing or dragging out closing for weeks only to find out the earnest deposit was never made.


We can give you a cash offer for your land in as fast as two days. Once we agree on a price, we move as fast as possible - which is a lot faster than most folks think!


We pride ourselves on providing a seamless and efficient experience. Sometimes real estate agents push raw land deals to the back burner, but you are our #1 priority! Meanwhile, we will communicate every step of the way.


We buy land in (almost) any condition, so there's no need to worry about clearing brush, removing debris, or taking us to the property to view it.


where's your land?

We buy land from these Oklahoma Counties

Worried about your land's location? We've got you covered. We buy properties from the following counties (with or without physical, road access):


Adair County, OK
Alfalfa County, OK
Atoka County, OK
Beaver County, OK
Beckham County, OK
Blaine County, OK
Bryan County, OK
Caddo County, OK
Canadian County, OK
Carter County, OK
Cherokee County, OK
Choctaw County, OK
Cimarron County, OK
Cleveland County, OK
Coal County, OK
Comanche County, OK
Cotton County, OK
Craig County, OK
Creek County, OK
Custer County, OK


Delaware County, OK
Dewey County, OK
Ellis County, OK
Garfield County, OK
Garvin County, OK
Grady County, OK
Grant County, OK
Greer County, OK
Harmon County, OK
Harper County, OK
Haskell County, OK
Hughes County, OK
Jackson County, OK
Jefferson County, OK
Johnston County, OK
Kay County, OK
Kingfisher County, OK
Kiowa County, OK
Latimer County, OK
Le Flore County, OK


Lincoln County, OK
Logan County, OK
Love County, OK
Major County, OK
Marshall County, OK
Mayes County, OK
McClain County, OK
McCurtain County, OK
McIntosh County, OK
Murray County, OK
Muskogee County, OK
Noble County, OK
Nowata County, OK
Okfuskee County, OK
Oklahoma County, OK
Okmulgee County, OK
Osage County, OK
Ottawa County, OK
Pawnee County, OK

WE BUy Oklahoma LAND

Payne County, OK
Pittsburg County, OK
Pontotoc County, OK
Pottawatomie County, OK
Pushmataha County, OK
Roger Mills County, OK
Rogers County, OK
Seminole County, OK
Sequoyah County, OK
Stephens County, OK
Texas County, OK
Tillman County, OK
Tulsa County, OK
Wagoner County, OK
Washington County, OK
Washita County, OK
Woods County, OK
Woodward County, OK


Our Buying Process in 3 Easy Steps

At Land Boss, we offer people the option to liquidate their property for instant cash. This means that if you're willing to sell your property at liquidation prices, we will make it the easiest real estate transaction of your life!

reach out

Reach out to us and provide all the necessary information about your property.

get your offer

We will evaluate the information you submitted and give you a cash offer in a matter of days.

get paid

Whether we send it to Title, or close in-house, you’ll sign a few papers with a mobile notary and get your money ASAP.



Other states we buy land

Do you have other properties from another state? Check out other areas that we buy land from.

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