Why We Love Buying Alaska Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Alaska Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

Alaska is home to over 365 million acres of land, much of which remains raw and undeveloped. With the average cost of an acre of vacant land hovering around $3,300 in the state, buying property outright without any financing can be an attractive option for many buyers. In fact, 46% of all land transactions in Alaska involve cash payments, according to recent surveys. The ability to purchase cheap land in Alaska with cash gives buyers more flexibility and freedom over their investment. There is no bank to answer to and no interest fees accumulating over time. 

Cash purchases also allow buyers to move quicker, taking advantage of good land deals as soon as they pop up on the market. With independent studies projecting a 28% increase in raw land values across Alaska over the next decade, paying with physical currency can allow shrewd investors to capitalize on increasing property prices faster. Whether you're looking to build your retirement homestead or invest in Alaska's prosperous future, paying cash for vacant land can help you save money long-term while securing your own little slice of The Last Frontier.

Benefits of Buying Alaska Land for Cash

There are several key reasons why purchasing Alaska land outright with cash is an increasingly popular move:

Lower Prices Per Acre 

Due to the remote location and lack of infrastructure, Alaska land sells at far lower per acre prices than most other states. This presents excellent value even when buying large parcels. For example, 40 remote acres in Alaska may cost the same as just 1-2 acres in densely populated areas of California.

Lack of Property Taxes 

Alaska does not levy traditional property taxes on land or improvements. Some local municipalities may have small mill rates. But overall, Alaska is a property tax haven compared to most other destinations. This saves land buyers thousands of dollars per year in carrying costs.

Abundant Natural Resources 

The state's lands contain rich stores of oil, gas, minerals, metals, timber, fish, and other natural resources just waiting to be responsibly tapped. Buying land here gives owners access to these revenue-generating resources. Some parcels even come with existing wells, mineral rights, or wooded acreage.

Recreational Potential

In addition to traditional resource extraction uses, much of Alaska's remote acreage offers outstanding recreational potential. Buyers can live out dreams of owning hunting, fishing, hiking, or off-roading paradises. Alaska land ownership enables access to some of the world's most unspoiled backcountry for outdoor adventures through all four seasons.

Privacy & Seclusion 

For those looking to establish an off-grid retreat or homestead, Alaska enables buyer to purchase large acreages far from major cities and neighborhoods. The sheer spaciousness of the state makes it easy to find hundreds if not thousands of private acres nestled between national parks, state land, and undeveloped country.

Business Opportunities

Alaska's wealth of oil and other natural resources has created booming hub cities like Anchorage. Entrepreneurs and investors can purchase land to build commercial properties to serve thriving industries. Tourism also continues expanding in Alaska, creating chances to buy land for lodges, resorts, guided expeditions and more.

Land Availability 

The state government as well as Native Corporations established under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act continue working to monetize land assets to generate revenue. This translates into millions of acres entering the marketplace through corporate land sales and government auctions. Serious buyers can more readily find and bid on large tracts.

Streamlined Sales Process 

Purchasing land for cash allows buyers to avoid lengthy financing contingencies. This becomes especially useful when buying land at auctions or negotiating quick deals on promising parcels. Cash buyers can act decisively to close sales faster once an acceptable purchase price gets reached.

Dollar Strength 

U.S. dollars currently enjoy favorable exchange rates compared to many foreign currencies. For international buyers looking to purchase American assets, Alaska offers an abundance of attractively priced land to put capital to work in stable U.S. real estate. Domestic buyers also benefit from the purchasing power of the Dollar when buying land priced in local currency.

Limited Inventory Elsewhere

Low interest rates and soaring property values across the Lower 48 states seriously constrict real estate inventory. Buyers face ultra-competitive bidding wars with limited choices available. More buyers look North to Alaska where abundant vacant land still sells at reasonable costs by comparison. Opportunistic buyers recognize they can purchase larger parcels for less capital outlay.

Take Advantage of Low Cost of Entry 

For all the reasons outlined above, Alaska land represents one of the last true bargains for real estate buyers and investors in America. Prices per acre here often start at just a few hundred dollars. Other locations only offer tiny building lots or fractional shares of notoriously expensive land for the same money. Capital goes further when buying Alaska acreage.

Smart buyers act fast once the right parcel becomes available to purchase at a discount price for cash. Opting to buy land this way avoids tying up capital for years waiting on speculative appreciation. Ownership unlocks income potential through leasing usage rights as well.

How Land Boss Facilitates Alaska Land Sales

Land Boss understands all the benefits of buying Alaska land for investment, resources, recreation, or personal use. We have specialized in acquiring discounted land for cash and reselling parcels to individual and institutional buyers. Our experienced team maintains an inventory of Alaska land for sale to match serious buyers with the right opportunity.

Over 100+ land transactions completed, we have the knowledge and resources to set buyers up for success. We directly purchase land assets that may present obstacles for retail buyers. These include inherited properties with ownership disputes, bank foreclosures, distressed corporate land holdings, and trustee sales. After acquiring properties at a favorable price point, we invest in rights research. Next, we handle any cleanup, demarcation, or access improvements required to prepare land for resale at fair market value.

Our current land inventory offers buyers a range of remote recreational acreage, spots with natural resource potential, as well commercial/residential development opportunities across Alaska. We also purchase land wanted by buyers and resell it to them directly at a reasonable markup rate. This customized approach ensures our clients find and secure ideal Alaska land that matches budget and intended use.

Final Thoughts

Alaska represents one of the last great frontiers for land buyers seeking vast acreage, rich natural resources, recreational potential, business opportunities, and privacy that simply no longer exist in the Lower 48 states. The ability to purchase raw land here outright in cash transactions provides motivated buyers the most streamlined path to ownership. With abundant land assets continually entering the market from government and Native Corporation sales, adequate inventory makes this possible at reasonable per acre prices. By acting decisively when the right discounted land parcel becomes available, buyers can own a piece of Alaska’s spectacular wilderness landscape outright to unlock a world of possible uses. For these reasons, buying Alaska land for cash retains its enduring appeal for generations of pioneers’ past and present seeking adventure, profit, and freedom on this final American frontier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it risky to buy remote Alaska land sight unseen? 

While buying land anywhere without personally viewing it does present some risk, choosing the right land company like Land Boss mitigates this substantially. We physically inspect every property to document exact conditions on the ground firsthand. We only resell parcels suitable for stated buyer purposes.

How difficult is it to obtain financing to buy Alaska land? 

Mainstream lenders shy away from providing loans on remote rural land with limited development prospects. Specialty lenders may offer financing but charge high rates and fees on these perceived risky loans. Paying cash allows buyers to avoid the hassle and cost of financing entirely.

Can non-Alaska residents or foreign investors buy real estate here? 

Yes, Alaska imposes no special restrictions on out-of-state or foreign buyers. Non-resident buyers have the same rights to purchase approved real estate here. Land Boss handles title conveyance paperwork for a streamlined purchase experience.

What infrastructure or utilities are available on the purchased land? 

The vast majority of the remote land for sale in Alaska lacks utility connections and other infrastructure at this time. Buyers should assume they will be responsible for installing any required access roads, electricity, wells, septic systems or storage tanks themselves per local zoning and codes.

Is purchased land in Alaska suitable for building personal residences on immediately? 

While some parcels listed for sale may technically permit home construction per zoning, buyers should carefully consider infrastructure realities beforehand when purchasing remote land. Just having legal rights to build does not automatically mean land can feasibly and economically support residential structures currently. Significant civil engineering, supply transport, and development work may still be needed before buildings can inhabit particularly remote acreage. Not all buyers may have resources or skills to undertake such large-scale improvements. However, with proper planning, previously remote Alaska land can get transformed into valuable destination residential developments over longer time horizons.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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