What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Vermont?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Vermont?

Bart Waldon

Vermont is located in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Known for its natural landscape, Vermont is an ideal place for those looking to live surrounded by the beauty of nature or establish a private retreat. The Green Mountain State has a population of just over 623,000 people and spans 9,616 square miles, making Vermont the 45th most populous and the 43rd most extensive U.S. state.

Vermont features rugged mountains, bucolic countryside with rolling hills and farms, and charming small towns dotted with country stores and diners. The state has extremely cold, snowy winters and warm, humid summers. Four distinct seasons offer spectacular foliage in the fall that draws visitors from around the world.

For those looking to buy land in Vermont, there is no shortage of options. From remote acreage in the countryside to house lots in quaint villages, land is available across the Green Mountain State. With an array of websites facilitating land transactions in Vermont, buyers have diverse choices to locate their ideal property.

Best Websites for Buying Land in Vermont 

When searching for land to purchase in Vermont, the internet opens up various platforms to browse listings. However, wading through the multitudes of websites selling property can become overwhelming. Focusing your search on a select group of top websites will allow you to efficiently view quality listings and make the best selection. Here are the top websites for buying land in Vermont:

Lands of America

Lands of America casts a wider net as the largest rural property listing website in the nation. On their site you can search land, farms, and rural residential properties (with houses) for sale across the U.S. In Vermont alone they showcase over 750 listings. Browsing options allow you to filter by property type (land, farms, residential), land use (pasture, cropland, woodlands, etc.), size, price range and other specifics like road access and views. Listings contain useful details like terrain maps and boundary lines. Since Lands of America hosts private seller listings, foreclosure listings, and properties listed by brokers, you get a one-stop shop to evaluate all your options. Membership plans give power users analysis tools, saved searches and new listing alerts.


Famous for home listings, Zillow also offers buyers a way to search land for sale. Focus your search by adding filters for land only, location set to Vermont, and optionally acreage size. Listings showcase key specs like parcel size, location, brokerage listing the property and price. You can save search parameters, get email notifications when new listings matching your criteria are posted, and contact land listing agents directly from the site. While Zillow doesn’t host as many rural land listings as specialty sites, its popularity and user-friendly interface make it a handy search tool.


Similar to Zillow, Realtor.com is better known for houses but also lists land parcels. Use their search filter to select land only and state set to Vermont. Listings display essential information like location, acreage size, brokerage agency, mapping visuals and price. Realtor.com allows buyers to save searches, get notifications for new listings, and contact the sellers' agents. While they don’t list as many rural properties as Lands of America and Realtor.com lets buyers working with agents easily share listing info. So, it serves as a great supplemental search site.

Additional Websites Worth Checking 

While the above sites should give buyers strong coverage of land sales in Vermont, you may also want to keep an eye on these additional options:

  • FrontPorchForum.com – Vermont’s community message board often features private land sale listings not posted elsewhere.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Occasionally land parcels show up for sale by owner on this platform.
  • Craigslist – Check their real estate for sale section for land listings in Vermont.
  • HomesAndLand.com – National site with some Vermont land listings.
  • LandWatch.com – Specializes in land and rural property sales including some Vermont parcels.

Tips for Buying Land in Vermont 

When searching for land to purchase in the Green Mountain State, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Define what you want – Outline acreage size, budget, road access needs and any other must-have amenities before browsing listings. This will help you filter unsuitable properties efficiently.
  • Be proactive – The most desirable land parcels sell quickly in Vermont. Contact listings of interest right away to get details and schedule showings.
  • Seek local expertise – Work with an experienced Vermont agent or real estate attorney to guide your purchase. They can provide area insights and handle paperwork properly.
  • Do due diligence – Carefully verify boundary lines and easements. Review title work to confirm clean ownership and zoning codes to understand property rules.
  • Get financing pre-approved – Having financing lined up in advance will make your offers more competitive in Vermont’s hot land market.
  • Move quick but smart – Be decisive if you find an ideal property but don’t forgo inspections and research in your eagerness.

Buying vacant land in Vermont through reputable websites opens the door to owning a piece of the picturesque Green Mountain State. Taking time to research listings and tips prepares you to search smart. Once you discover the perfect parcel for your goals, you’ll be ready to stake your claim on Vermont land ownership.

Final Thoughts

Vermont offers spectacular scenery and an unhurried lifestyle that entices land buyers every year. The Green Mountain State provides acreage options ranging from sprawling hundred-acre farms to one-acre building lots nestled in the countryside. Using trusted land listing sites tailored to Vermont streamlines an out-of-state buyer’s ability to find that special parcel to call their own whether looking to build a vacation home, establish a new homestead or secure a private retreat. Taking a methodical approach that defines your wishlist for acreage attributes, properly vets properties of interest and moves swiftly but cautiously once you discover the perfect place will lead to rewarding ownership of your own slice of Vermont. Allowing yourself to get immersed in the state’s natural beauty during site visits makes selecting just the right land for your needs an enjoyable, rewarding process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it expensive to buy land in Vermont?

Land prices in Vermont vary by location, acreage size, and whether there are any structures like houses on the property. However, Vermont generally has very affordable land compared to other Northeastern states. Undeveloped rural acreage typically sells for $1,000 to $5,000 per acre on average depending on the features and location desirability.

Do I need to be a Vermont resident to buy land there?

No, there are no residency requirements to buy and own land in Vermont. The purchase process is fairly straightforward for out-of-state buyers. Using websites that focus on Vermont listings streamlines the search from afar. You do have to register your deed and pay annual property taxes for any land purchased in Vermont.

What are property taxes like in Vermont?

Vermont has among the highest average property tax rates in the U.S., with most towns ranging between 1.5% to 3% of the assessed property value. This varies widely though based on the town and needs to calculate a budget for local services like road maintenance and schools. Undeveloped land tends to have lower taxes than sites with buildings or infrastructure.

How can online websites best help me search for land in Vermont?

Websites dedicated to Vermont land listings like VermontLandAndFarms.com give out-of-state buyers specialized search filters like town names, acreage parameters, land features and below market value classifications. This lets you easily drill down to target the exact type of land parcels matching your buying criteria even from another state.

What costs beyond the purchase price should I budget for when buying Vermont land?

Be sure to budget for expenses like title insurance fees, attorney/closing costs, initial land surveys to mark boundaries, application fees if building, annual property taxes, travel costs to visit the land, and any immediate improvements or clean-up costs you may want to do after purchasing your vacant land. These extras typically add at least a few thousand dollars to your total purchase outlay.

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