What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Louisiana?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Louisiana?

Bart Waldon

With over 27 million acres dedicated to bayous, wetlands and Southern allure, Louisiana continues attracting new residents looking to put down permanent roots. Raw land sales see consistent demand as 39% of the state's total acreage falls into private hands highlighting lucrative real estate investment prospects. For out-of-state buyers especially, leveraging the right online land listing platforms becomes key to tapping into Louisiana's abundant land ownership potential.

Whether seeking vacant spread of timber foothills or a parcel of marshy acres hosting happy crawfish just steps from vibrant Cajun communities, tech-savvy buyers enjoy access to deals. Let’s explore 5 leading land-focused real estate websites making property discoveries easier for those wanting their very own patch of Sportsman's Paradise.

Overview of Louisiana's Land Sales Climate

Before jumping into the online search, grasp key attributes influencing the state's real estate land market:

Steady Sales Increases 

Louisiana sees consistent land sales growth with some fluctuation. Average prices per acre rise almost 5% annually the past 5 years according to the National Association of Realtors data. Investor enthusiasm remains moderately strong.

Storm Protections 

After devastating hurricane events, updated building codes including required elevation levels influence construction ability on some plots. Zone safety plus flooding risks now get factored into land valuations more so.

Conservation Lands 

Almost 15 million Louisiana acres currently fall under conservation protections from the US Department of Agriculture programs, limiting development potential without permit concessions. Buyers should investigate site statuses.

Property Tax Burdens 

Louisiana overall carries a property tax rate around 0.55% of assessed land value annually on average. Total tax burdens weigh into buy or pass decisions.

Closing Timelines - Mortgage contingencies get built into most land sale contracts. Typical closing timelines span 45-60 days on average needing reasonable allowance.

5 Top Websites Offering Louisiana Lands for Sale

Now let's explore leading real estate portals providing widespread visibility of land opportunities across Louisiana to prospective out-of-state buyers:

1. Lands of America

This site aggregates Louisiana land and rural property listings into a comprehensive centralized database drawing from public records, owner entries and Realtor uploads. Free user registration unlocks advanced filtering tools useful for narrowing down search criteria like acres, price ranges and locations of high personal interest. Downloadable data sheets provide due diligence details beyond standard listing descriptions.

Key Advantages

  • Over 2800 Louisiana land listings searchable
  • Advanced filtering and notifications
  • Listing agent contact integration
  • Mobile accessibility and mapping visuals

2. LandWatch

Part of the established Lands of America network, LandWatch solely focuses on vacant land and rural real estate sales cut into digestible search results or map interface views. Louisiana-based property hunters can save customized searches for instant email alerts on new inventory matching user priorities across geographies and attributes. Background resources equip buyers on smart next steps valuing recreational lands.

Key Advantages

  • Specialized land and ranch sale focus
  • One click MLS listing imports
  • DIY value estimation guidance
  • User friendly mobile app

3. Zillow

A household name in residential listings, Zillow also indexes identifiable Louisiana land parcels for sale mixing vacant lots with homes in their results. Useful proprietary valuation estimates known as Zestimates accompany listings indicating what neighboring properties move for. But overall land plot visibility lags more dedicated rural property sites. Digging deeper or trying advanced filters helps uncover hidden land gems.

Key Advantages

  • Instant home value comparisons
  • National brand site traffic
  • Automated estimator calculations
  • Listing agent contacts

4. Redfin

This next-generation real estate brokerage known for buyer rebates has now expanded into land sales. Redfin offers full-service support from their agent teams guiding entire purchase processes for customers wanting local market insights and neighborhood perspectives that pure listing platforms lack. Map-based searches pin area opportunities for exploration. But land inventory stays limited relative to houses available in Louisiana markets.

Key Advantages

  • Full-service real estate concierge guidance
  • Local broker recommendations
  • Open house schedules
  • Estimated property taxes

5. Realtor.com

With over 5 million monthly visitors, Realtor.com leverages next-gen home shopper demand to compile the widest network of properties integrated from over 900+ Multiple Listing Services. Their standout web traffic volume improves land visibility odds to prospective buyers searching Louisiana opportunities. Property report downloads bring further research conveniences compiling crucial metrics impacting buying decisions in one place.

Key Advantages

  • Sheer site traffic improving discoverability
  • Integrated inventories across MLS databases
  • Downloadable listing reports
  • Expansive property filters

Tips for Working with Listing Agents as an Out-of-State Buyer

While the above digital land listing websites help identify prospective parcels for sale by various owners or brokers across Louisiana, partnering directly with knowledgeable local real estate agents from any of those platforms carries additional advantages for land buyers residing remotely.

Listing agents already familiar with neighborhoods deliver offline insights beyond what limited listing descriptions convey. They help scout additional opportunities not publicly advertised but known through insider channels. Experts also provide critical due diligence validation through comparative valuation comps that set buyers up for smarter negotiations. Recognizing good deal threshold metrics prevents overpaying.

Perhaps most valuably, experienced listing agents guide prudent post-purchase recommendations from surveying acreage boundaries clearly to insurance guidance attuned to area risk factors. They continue advising on zoning compliance for sheds or accessory dwelling units intended for the land, steering buyers clear of blind spots or permitting delays.

Savvy buyers moving from digital searching to offline alignment with the actual listing agents scoring properties of high interest find local intelligence accelerates acquisition success. Be sure to discuss required commissions and buyer agency representation to determine fair scopes of services before pursuing specific land opportunities.

Making the Most of Online Land Listings in the Pelican State

While popular television shows like the Swamp People spotlight Louisiana's international allure, out-of-state investors and second-homers need not rely just on reality entertainment to unlock promising paths to land ownership across America's boot-shaped paradise. Tech now opens doors.

Opportunity awaits everywhere from bustling big easy outer suburbs like popular St. Tammany parish poised for continued residential construction boom to serene rolling timber and marsh acreages farther removed from hustling metro hubs but nevertheless connected and viable thanks to progressive telecom and road infrastructure.

Private airports also increasingly dot desirable lifestyle community developments with airparks catering to high net worth individuals opting for quick accessibility complementing raw off-the-grid acreage investments held for future lifestyle moves or flipped for profit down the line.

Of course while a TV fishing personality's colorful Cajun charm sells the Hollywood vision, partnering with digitally-empowered yet locally seasoned real estate advisors remains every outside investor's smartest initial move when seeking land ownership stakes offering enduring financial upside or personal use fulfillment only America's most culturally vibrant Southern state provides.

Final Thoughts

Louisiana provides no shortage of alluring land possibilities that appeal to out-of-state buyers craving space for recreational retreats or future development plays in emerging metro periphery locations. Online land listing sites continue democratizing access allowing anyone to easily survey across vast geographies from rolling woodlands to Gulf-adjacent acreages at reasonable per acre prices still found throughout much of the state. Whether seeking build sites near popular urban anchors or country private ranchette potential soaked in Sportsman's Paradise's wild heart, leveraging the right digital land platforms accelerates property matchmaking at advantageous terms. But for true savvy, partnering early with locally-based listing agents presents opportunity for offline expertise and advocacy guiding ultimate deals over the finish line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are current average per acre land prices across different Louisiana parishes?

Northwest Louisiana timber and farmlands average just $2,500 per acre currently based on 2022 YTD sales data according to the Realtors Land Institute. While Southeast urban periphery plots near New Orleans trade closer to $15,000 per acre given scarcity and housing demand.

Should I consider owner financing when buying rural land in Louisiana?

Outside individual investors offering owner financing provides alternate deals for buyers unable to secure traditional bank loans immediately to purchase lands in Louisiana. If negotiating such terms, still involve attorneys to formalize agreements protecting both parties legally.

What closing timeframe is typical for Louisiana land sales?

Standard residential purchase contingencies of 30-45 days apply for vacant land sales in Louisiana as well. However flood determinations, wetland delineations or permitting needs could extend closing timelines to 60+ days. Discuss with agents.

What are Property Taxes like on Louisiana Lands?

Property taxes stay reasonable compared to other states at around 0.55% of assessed land valuation paid annually. So $10,000 vacant 4 acre parcel's yearly taxes estimate around $550 as example. Agents provide parish-specific rate guidance.

Should I consider inspection contingencies when buying land in Louisiana?

Inspections become vital for land parcels being purchased specifically to build residential or commercial structures on in future after closing. Evaluate access, flood risks, foundation carrying capacity etc.. Waiving inspection contingency presents risks.

What closing costs relate to buying land in Louisiana?

Closing costs for land buyers involve title registrations, loan origination or credit checks, recordings, attorney fees, appraisal costs, title insurance etc. Budget 3-5% of property valuation amount when acquiring Louisiana real estate.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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