Why We Love Buying Louisiana Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Louisiana Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

Louisiana is aptly nicknamed "The Sportsman's Paradise" thanks to its abundant wildlife, verdant wetlands, bayous teeming with fish, and temperate climate perfect for year-round outdoor recreation. The Pelican State offers some of the most spectacular scenery and biodiversity in the United States. From the jazz-fueled streets of New Orleans to the gentle hills of North Louisiana, diverse landscapes blanket the state. It's no wonder many property buyers get enchanted by Louisiana real estate.

Purchasing vacant land here in cash deals comes with several unique perks for land investors and individuals. We’ll highlight the key reasons people love locking down Louisiana land with quick cash payments.

Overview of Louisiana’s Real Estate Market 

Land values remain relatively affordable in Louisiana compared to other states. On average, vacant recreational land sells here for around $2,500 per acre currently. However agricultural land can sell for as low as $1,000 per acre. Even buildable parcels near cities sell for reasonable prices in the range of $10,000 an acre.

That said, land prices vary greatly based on the property’s location, terrain, mineral rights ownership and other factors. Urban growth areas, lakefronts and riverfronts command higher prices for vacant plots.

Due to its sportsman’s paradise moniker, many out-of-state buyers covet Louisiana for its hunting, fishing and camping opportunities. The state contains America’s largest swamp, the Atchafalaya Basin, along with portions of the Gulf of Mexico coastline. These ecologically rich areas prove desirable for recreational buyers. Also, the state rarely experiences extremely cold winters – allowing for year-round access and activities.

Benefits of Buying Louisiana Land with Cash Deals 

Now let’s dive into the reasons people choose to buy Louisiana land using cash offers instead of financing purchases with mortgages and loans.

Speed and Efficiency Closing a cash deal allows buyers to secure ownership of a property rapidly without waiting 30-60 days for lenders to approve financing. This presents several advantages:

  • Buyers can capitalize on motived seller discounts quickly before a hot real estate deal expires. Louisiana's land market contains hidden gems if you act fast when an undervalued parcel becomes available.
  • The closing process becomes streamlined without banks and lending paperwork bogging it down.
  • Cash deals provide flexibility to close on your own schedule and timeline instead of a bank's schedule.

Since securing financing requires patience, cash deals give buyers more agility to jump on a good opportunity in Louisiana’s landscape market. The ability to act quickly provides a strategic advantage.

Lower Price Perks 

Occasionally sellers offer a lower price if the buyer has cash readily available to close fast. Landowners moving quickly often prioritize fast money in hand over maximum property value. Buyers willing to pay cash can sometimes capitalize on below-market value deals.

Cash deals also avoid overlapping closing costs piled on top of mortgage fees. You simply negotiate an all-in purchase price covering everything. This allows cash buyers to stretch their investment dollars further per land purchase.

Fewer Contingencies and Restrictions 

When banks serve as middlemen in real estate transactions, they force certain strings attached onto buyers. Lenders require property appraisals, minimum credit scores, income verification and other stipulations. However, cash deals come with no contingencies.

If you have cash ready, you can purchase Louisiana recreational land regardless of credit scores, income levels or other financial considerations. This frees up more options. Also, you skip issues that commonly delay or derail mortgage-financed deals – like low appraisals.

Lower Risk 

While lenders allow buyers to purchase land while putting little money down, this leads buyers to take on heavier debt. If the property’s market value declines, the buyer owes more than it’s worth – ending up underwater on their investment in a down market.

Conversely when buying land for cash outright, you limit risk. Lower risk leads to greater peace of mind. You also avoid monthly mortgage payments and interest charges accruing over a loan's lifespan.

Sure mortgages provide financial leverage to maximize buying power. But cash deals provide insulation against owing more than the property’s actual value. There’s something to be said for owning land free and clear.

Privacy Protection 

Cash deals allow buyers to remain discreet about their land acquisitions if desired. Mortgages require submitting private financial documents to lenders such as tax returns, bank statements and more. Various parties review your information. However, cash deals skip exposing financial documents. This extra privacy shields certain investors, businesses owners and public figures looking to keep a low profile.

Flexibility in Usage and Improvements 

Finally, cash deals provide maximum flexibility in how the land gets used following its purchase. Without a mortgage lender involved, you don’t need approval to build structures, harvest timber, lease usage rights or make other property improvements. Want to develop, divide, harvest trees, lease or resell that land? Do as you wish without oversight.

Cash buyers in Louisiana also avoid potential foreclosure risks down the road. Once you fully own the property, you don’t risk losing it later as long as you pay routine ownership costs like property taxes, which remain low.

How Land Boss Accommodates Cash Buyers in Louisiana 

As experienced land professionals based in Louisiana, Land Boss has worked with hundreds of cash buyers in the state during 5 years in business. We understand cash buyers’ needs to move quickly when ideal parcels become available on the market. Our team strives to provide swift communications and uses technology to accelerate land deals progressing forward.

Once a buyer selects a property from our inventory and makes an offer, Land Boss commissions title work immediately so the buyer can gain property insights as soon as possible. We allow for remote signing options as well to bypass geography barriers - getting documents executed efficiently using digital processes.

Key Takeaways – Purchase Louisiana Land with Cash for Perks
From wetlands to farmlands, Louisiana's landscapes provide a playground full of opportunities for landowners. Cash buyers in particular can capitalize on speed advantages and negotiate discounts more easily when dealing directly with motivated sellers.

If the ability to finalize deals quickly appeals to your real estate investment style, buying Louisiana land with cash makes practical sense. For the best experience, partner with a reputable land company like Land Boss guiding you through the acquisition seamlessly from start to finish.

Final Thoughts

Owning a piece of Louisiana’s captivating landscapes represents a dream for many land investors and outdoor enthusiasts across the country. The right property can deliver enjoyment for years while also potentially appreciating in valuation over time. While both cash and financing options exist for buying Louisiana land, cash deals unlock particular benefits like flexibility, speed and lower prices that perfectly match some buyers’ preferences. By paying with cash, you retain absolute freedom to use your land as desired while avoiding monthly payments down the road. For buyers focused on rapid execution, motivated seller deals and privacy protections during acquisitions, cash purchases check all the boxes. Let cash pave the way to land ownership in Louisiana on your timeline. Partnering with local experts like Land Boss helps cash buyers navigate the process smoothly amid plentiful options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What percentage below market value can I expect to pay when making a cash offer on Louisiana land?

Cash buyers can often negotiate 10-20% discounts compared to full list prices when sellers are motivated. However, the discount percentage mainly depends on the property specifics and a seller's own timeline goals. Highly motivated sellers may accept even bigger bargains.

What fees typically come with closing cash deals on vacant land in Louisiana?

Closing costs are generally quite low for simple vacant land transactions. Expect to budget for title fees, deed filing fees and minor closing agent charges totaling around $500-1,000 on average. Some closings skip fees altogether outside of title work.

How does making all-cash offers give me an edge among multiple buyers vying for one Louisiana property?

Cash in hand makes your offer appeal strongly to anyone prioritizing fast transactions. Being able to close within 30 days or less gives you a serious advantage over buyers requiring 1-2 months for mortgage approvals. Highlight your readiness to close quickly within your offer terms.

What process efficiencies should I expect when buying Louisiana land with cash versus financing?

Choosing a cash purchase eliminates contingencies and paperwork like credit checks, income verification and property appraisals. This slashes three weeks or more off the standard real estate transaction timeline. Also expect fewer contacts and discussions with banks.

What creative ways can I use cash to potentially negotiate better deals on Louisiana lands?

Offer convenience and closing incentives to sellers, like agreeing to handle title fees or skipping contingency clauses that complicate mortgage deals. Also leverage flexibility with closing dates if a seller prefers wrapping up sooner. Get creative highlighting the simplicity of your cash terms when negotiating.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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