What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Colorado?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Colorado?

Bart Waldon

Spanning 104,000 square miles of alpine peaks, arid desert valleys and picturesque forests, Colorado offers endless land buying opportunities to match adventure-seeking lifestyles. Yet the extensive geographic range also poses exploration challenges, especially for out-of-state buyers initially unfamiliar with premium investment areas or tourism hotspots promising future development upticks. Fortunately, pioneering land listing sites provide valuable data resources assisting online property searchers. Let’s examine helpful websites catering to Colorado land purchasers.

Colorado Land Values Rise Over 10% Annually

As real estate tracker Acre Trader documentation illustrates by referencing market sales activity, average per-acre Colorado vacant land prices expanded over 10% annually during recent 5-year measurement periods. Values ranged considerably based on geographic traits and adjacency to infrastructure, recreation sites or metro zones. But sustained gains underscore scarcity factors amidst booming state population growth nearing 6% over just the past decade. This creates prime conditions favoring buyers entering positions early, particularly absentee investors relying upon remote listing services matching promising parcels with personal preferences.

Key Features Land Sites Offer

Leading Colorado land marketplaces provide user-friendly browsing, filtering capabilities and built-in affordability estimators. Entry-level subscription plans grant basic listing visibility while paid members access expanded feature sets:

  • Property Condition - From development-ready graded plots to raw off-grid acreage ideal for campsites or seasonal retreats.
  • Topography – Mountain vistas, open prairies or tree-lined rivers.
  • Utility Access - Electric, natural gas, internet and sewer line proximity proves key.
  • Zoning Specs – Guidelines dictate land usages whether residential, agricultural or recreation.
  • Mineral/Water Rights – Buying existing rights proves crucial for operational farms.
  • Sale Types - Bank-owned foreclosures, agency liquidations, owner direct etc.
  • Financing - Some sites connect buyers with affiliated lending partners enabling mortgages. But most land sells via cash terms.
  • Location Analytics - Mapping tools display operational farms, parks and housing density surrounding prospective purchases spotlighting growth indicators.

Top Colorado Land Buying Sites

Now let’s compare helpful websites catering to varying land investor priorities:

Lands of America

Boasting over 3 million acres listed across the U.S., Lands of America brings extensive inventory with advanced filtering capabilities allowing buyers pinpoint Colorado land matching individual wishlists whether 5-acre cabin sites or sprawling ranches. Signed-in users access demographics illustrating nearby amenity and economic data. The site also posts complementary blog content about rural development planning considerations.

Best Features: Detailed search filters, Proximity overlays

Pricing: Basic listings free. Advanced analytics through paid subscriptions.


Owned by venerable real estate leader CoStar Group, LandWatch hosts over 5 billion in property sale comps across databases providing tremendous localized valuation context. Listing land brokers directly upload offerings to the Colorado-specific portal. Buyers browse interactive mapping interfaces and leverage quality filters isolating parameters like roadway proximity and ownership types differentiating HOAs from unincorporated county territories.

Best Features: Robust property value data, quality development rankings

Pricing: Free basic listings supported through broker subscriptions


Though better known for extensive home listings, leading real estate site Zillow includes dedicated land sections allowing visitors explore major Colorado counties highlighting acreage availability zones within mapped interfaces. Users see high-level value ranges though limits exist accessing specific parcel details without registering. Zillow also links land loans through affiliate lender networks.

Best Features: User-friendly maps and filtering, built-in financing connections

Pricing: Free access but minimal details on unauthenticated listings

For out-of-state land buyers seeking simplified access prioritizing desired Colorado investment zones through easy remote property browsing and filtration portals, leading specialty listing sites like Lands of America, and Land Watch offer quality launch points. Signing up to access expanded data tools aids researching high-potential listings for eventual in-person visits and purchase finalizations.

Mistakes to Avoid While Searching for Land Online

The internet offers a convenient way to explore land listings across vast geographies as you seek the perfect investment property or land development opportunity. However, virtual browsing also hides pitfalls unsavvy buyers can easily fall into without proper precautions. Let’s examine key mistakes to avoid when searching land online.

Failing to Verify Advertised Condition Claims

While scanning enticing land listings, it’s easy getting emotionally swept up by dramatic descriptions and imagery showcasing property potential. Sellers have incentive talking up attributes through rose-colored lenses. Slopes deemed “gently rolling” may actually require substantial grading expenditures before building. Don’t take advertised conditions at face value.

Lacking Awareness of Local Zoning Codes

It’s devastating discovering your plans for new construction thwarted by restrictions only local zoning ordinances dictate after completing purchases. Always thoroughly research county or township zoning specifications governing lands catching your interest to ensure allowed density aligns with your goals early in the process, not after closing transactions.

Skipping In-Person Property Inspections

Prior to finalizing any land contracts on properties initially discovered online, it’s imperative completing thorough in-person inspections even when requiring significant travel or paying for expert secondary opinions. While aerial views provide orientation perspectives, conditions impacting worth like vegetation overgrowth or erosion only come into focus physically walking the acres. Don’t skip vital reality checks.

Failing to Notice Nearby Infrastructure Gaps

Check the availability of electrical grids, water lines, natural gas, broadband cables and other key infrastructure components impacting land usability as part of ranking your preferences across listings under consideration. It’s easy overlooking access deficiencies if not deliberately looked for. But remedying shortcomings later significantly impacts budgets.

The open visibility of internet land listings enables informed buying decisions through expansive marketplace visibility. But remembering to verify claims, research local codes, perform site visits and assess infrastructure elements remains essential separating prudent dealmakers from disappointed purchasers left mired in preventable mistakes. Apply these lessons for positive outcomes.

Final Thoughts

With over 66 million acres of land stretched across vibrant Rocky Mountain vistas, rugged wilderness and fertile valleys, Colorado presents no shortage of appealing real estate for outdoor enthusiasts pursuing land ownership aligned with lifestyle objectives whether camping, hunting, farming or building mountain retreats. Yet the boundless options pose exploration challenges, especially for remote out-of-state purchasers lacking localized market familiarity. Thankfully, pioneering land listing websites bridge the gap using detailed search filters and mapping visualizations so buyers conveniently pinpoint investment property contenders ideal for eventual in-person tours and transaction completions after preliminary digital reviews. Whether prioritizing tried and true zones known for appreciation or seeking hidden gems offering future development upside, quality online land marketplaces give prospective Colorado land buyers a leg up uncovering prospects matching hopes and budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main advantages using online sites to shop for Colorado land?

Internet land platforms offer out-of-state buyers convenient exploration tools filtering huge inventory pools identifying best prospective parcels matching individual criteria. This aids Remote purchasing research.

What amenities or nearby features should I check for?

Seeking lands adjoining power and water utilities, roadway access, recreational areas, natual Gas infrastructure, and 4G/5G internet coverage ensures adaptability across potential usage models when buying raw Colorado land plots.

Can I determine realistic property valuations online?

Yes. Leading land sites provide sale price histories for comparable nearby properties. Some also display county assessment valuations and plot lands on maps indicating housing density illustrating development expansion tendencies over recent years.

Is financing available for online land purchases?

Certain websites partner with affiliated lenders providing land loan products, though most remote purchases get initiated with cash offers to be allocated from purchase deposits or complete cash payments at closing after buyers personally view and verify properties meeting expectations.

Are discounts or special deals offered online?

Some specialty property advertisers highlight bank foreclosure listings at reduced pricing thresholds providing market value opportunity buys. But most online land postings feature regular seller listings priced at prevailing competitive rates.

What precautions should I take buying land unseen?

Retain qualified property inspectors local to regions after initial site identification to verify acreage conditions, easements and mineral rights align with assumptions and claims from online listing descriptions before finalizing purchases.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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