Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Colorado Quickly

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Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Colorado Quickly

Bart Waldon

Facing pressing financial strains or other exigent life factors forcing hurried property divestitures, Colorado landowners practically overnight often desperately seek answers navigating hasty sales. This proves especially daunting when considering the substantial 30,908,000 acres of total designated farmland blanketing the state as of 2017 accounting for nearly half its entire land mass. Further compounding difficulties, leasing or renting arrangements governed 41% of administered Colorado farmland the same year. Still, workable options exist for those requiring quick land sale completions even at moderately discounted rates securing reasonable compensation. 

With knowledgeable guidance around local fair market valuations, utilizing exclusive seller agent representation avoiding dual agency pitfalls and tapping specialized land acquisition companies ready to purchase properties directly with cash provides multiple avenues landowners sell land fast when confronting emergencies demanding immediate access to equity holdings tied up within vacant acreage or agricultural operations.

This guide covers key tips tailored for Colorado to help you sell your vacant land efficiently. With the right strategy, you can successfully connect with interested cash buyers and minimize time your property sits unsold. Let’s get started!

Getting Realistic About the Land Sale Process

Firstly, it’s important to set realistic expectations on the actual timelines and effort needed to sell land in Colorado. This scenic state has vast rural areas with lower populations compared to urban cities.

Additionally, land is an infrequent purchase for most buyers compared to homes – meaning less demand despite the bountiful space. These factors mean selling land takes patience and the right pricing strategy.

Typically, marketed land parcels in Colorado take 1 to 2 years to attract potential buyers if priced right. The deals that close fastest are ones priced accurately based on comparable land valuations and marketed widely through trusted platforms.

Be wary of extremely quick sales at super-low prices. They likely indicate an unethical buyer taking advantage of an urgent seller who didn’t value their land accurately. Our company Land Boss buys and sells Colorado land regularly. In our 5 years brokering 100-plus transactions, we’ve found honest buyers purchase at fair discounted prices - not egregiously under market value.

Now let’s get into the selling basics...

Start with Accurately Valuing Your Property

Overpricing is one of the biggest pitfalls delaying land sales in Colorado’s market. With higher prices, you limit the buyer pool to only those with big budgets. And with lower demand for vacant land, overpriced parcels can sit for years even with extensive advertising.

To value land appropriately, research prices of recently sold comparable land in your county based on:

  • Location – Land values vary greatly between regions in Colorado based on development potentials and access. Remote mountain acres won’t fetch prices of a flat vacant lot beside Douglas County suburbs for instance.
  • Acreage – Smaller lands generally sell for higher per-acre rates than expansive rural acreages. Factor in economies of scale.
  • Utility access – Lands with existing electric/water supply hookups or infrastructure access command higher prices than isolated rural lands needing new installations.

Online valuation tools like LandWatch can assist, but localized realtor expertise is invaluable for pricing guidance aligned with current buyer budgets. Price your land realistically from the start to attract fair offers quickly rather than aiming pie-in-the-sky figures.

Preparing Documentation and Due Diligence

Before listing your land, ensure you have all necessary paperwork ready to build buyer trust and confidence during sale discussions. For Colorado, key documents needed include:

  • Confirmation of full ownership – Title report, deed copies
  • Documentation of existing easements, rights of ways, covenants
  • Proof of paid taxes and liens cleared
  • Water rights documentation if applicable
  • Mineral/oil rights details
  • Any lease or access agreements if currently rented

Gathering these documents provides transparency on what exactly buyers are purchasing. It prevents misunderstandings stalling deals later when unknown issues suddenly crop up.

If certain rights are reserved or split off from the land sale (like water or mineral rights), state this outright in the listing details too. Not disclosing these clearly upfront wastes buyers’ and realtors’ time assessing lands lacking what they need.

Handle Marketing and Listing Strategically – Both Online and Locally

With documents ready, it’s time to list your Colorado acreage both on leading land listing sites like LandsOfAmerica and locally with experienced real estate agents. Combining digital exposure with boots-on-the-ground personal marketing reaches both nearby buyers and those searching nationally online.

For your online land listing, highlight trouble-free documentation, utility access and reasons why buyers wouldn’t hesitate purchasing your acreage. Using professional photos showing scenic views and terrain also attracts more interest quickly.

List with multiple land realtors to increase localized visibility. Choose those know the area well with networks of hunting groups, developers and investors seeking good land deals regularly.

Be upfront on allowing potential access for inspections too. Serious buyers want to verify terrain and views claimed in listings before finalizing purchases. Refusing site visits drags out or loses deals.

Patience Is Key but Price Adjustments May be Needed

Prepare for the long haul - lands priced fairly from the start take upwards of two years to sell in Colorado's extensive countryside. If you need urgent cash, offering incentives like owner financing can bridge the wait for buyers saving up.

If you hit the 8-12 month mark with no tangible buyer interest however, a price reduction may be necessary. Don't cut drastically yet – over two years, reducing by 10 percent yearly to account for both inflation and buyers haggling buffers is reasonable in Colorado.

A professional real estate agent can advise pricing shifts based on recent sales of comparable lands. Price flexibility paired with widely advertising your listing reactivates stagnant properties successfully.

Weigh Fast-Sale Options To Avoid Foreclosures

Despite adjusting prices and allowing access, selling raw land just isn’t feasible quickly for some urgent owners in Colorado – especially larger remote acreages with seasonal limitations on showings.

If you face an emergency like foreclosure and need to sell Colorado land fast, consider cash buyer companies pledging to purchase quickly like Land Boss brokering reputable buyers. Their purchases may value at 10 – 30 percent under full market price – but ensure fast sales saving credit ratings and avoiding foreclosures.

For those with particularly vast lands of 640 acres plus, fractional sales also spread income timed with needs rather than all at once. Overall despite Colorado’s hot real estate market, ready buyers for vacant lands seeking specific uses are fewer so sell expectations should align accordingly. The tips above improve success for both timely and top-value sales.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Land Faster

Pricing Too High Pricing your land too high is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for a quick sale. Overpriced properties, even beautiful acres in Colorado, can sit on the market for years. Make sure to research recent sold prices for comparable lands and price yours competitively. High prices quickly limit your potential buyer pool.

Not Confirming Ownership Properly 

Failing to conduct due diligence with title checks, boundary surveys and confirming all rights ahead of listing drags out transactions later. Spend time upfront confirming exactly what you own and what rights come with the land. Be transparent from the get-go on any easements or separate rights held too.

Refusing Access for Showings 

Especially for remote lands, serious buyers want to verify views, terrain and physical attributes claimed in the listing. Yet many owners resist showings to avoid disruption. Limiting access drastically reduces chances of sales, as buyers don’t want to purchase sight-unseen.

Ignoring Timelines 

Colorado’s extensive rural areas mean even great land deals can take 8-24 months to sell with the right strategy. Pay attention to market timelines and adjust prices gradually at 6-12 month marks. Stay patient for the one buyer seeking exactly what your land offers.

Avoiding these key pitfalls helps you maximize sale potential for faster turnaround on your Colorado land sale. Adjust expectations, prepare fully and market diligently from start.

Final Thoughts

Selling land in Colorado’s picturesque countryside may seem idyllic, but the remote terrain paired with lower demand makes for lengthy timelines to close deals. While patience is key, optimizing prices competitively, confirming ownership thoroughly and allowing site access prevents avoidable delays when you need to sell your land fast. Adjust pricing gradually as time passes, and consider creative terms or cash buyer companies if needing an urgent exit. With realistic expectations matched with strategic marketing, you can successfully connect with buyers appreciating the lands as much as you first did. Avoid overpricing and refusal of access to sell your Colorado acres faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does vacant land actually take to sell in Colorado?

Let’s get real - with tons of wide-open spaces and fewer buyers just looking for land, it takes 1-2 years on average to sell most vacant parcels here. Urban lots sell faster, but 5 acre plus rural lands have longer timeframes even when priced competitively.

Should I get a real estate agent to sell my land in Colorado?

Absolutely! Combining both localized agent networking and direct online listings gives you the best shot at reaching buyers. Agents know developer trends and market activity that outsiders don’t. Plus they handle advertising and showings for the busy seller.

I need to sell my Colorado land fast for cash due to an emergency. What are my options?

If you have at least 5-640 acres and need cash urgently, reputable land buying companies like Land Boss make fair offers quickly on eligible properties. The valuations may be 15-25% under actual resale values, but they buy fast with no listing hassles.

Does my remote Colorado location make selling land harder?

Unfortunately yes - remote parcels have lower demand generally and involve extensive travel for showings. Price remote lands based on recent sales of comparable rural lands instead of higher-value areas closer to cities. Allowing sight-unseen closing can also incentivize buyers trusting your listing descriptions.

Should I offer owner financing to sell my land faster?

Owner financing allows buyers to purchase with low down payments and spread remaining costs over years. By carrying the loan yourself, you enable more buyers saving to buy land while still getting regular income from payments. It’s a smart way to bridge hassle-free sales for vacant lands.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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