What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Arkansas?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Arkansas?

Bart Waldon

Arkansas is home to gorgeous scenic landscapes and fertile farmland acreage, making it a top state for owning raw vacant land for investment or recreational purposes. With over 33 million acres of land area, those looking to purchase property in Arkansas have ample options but need to know the optimal online land listing sites to use during their search. This article explores the best websites for buying land in Arkansas based on inventory, search features, buyer protections and more.

According to a 2021 analysis by the University of Arkansas, over 65% of the state’s land base is covered in timberland and forest, while almost 20% is being utilized for farming purposes. This breakdown highlights the prevalence of vacant wooded acreage and rural farm acre plots available in the Natural State. With a strong timber and agriculture industry, land ownership is common for harvesting/production needs as well for hunting/recreational interests.

Top Websites to Buy Land in Arkansas 

When searching where to buy land in Arkansas, the following online land and property sites provide the most robust inventory and buyer-friendly services:

Lands of America 

As the largest land listing marketplace in the nation, Lands of America features over 3 million acres of rural land for sale across the U.S. Their database includes a sizable portfolio of Arkansas land investment opportunities like timber farms, recreational acreage and more.

Benefits of using Lands of America include:

  • Over 75 Arkansas land listings with maps/boundaries
  • Customized property notifications based on criteria
  • Information on property lines, terrain, exact acreage
  • Assistance connecting with local real estate brokers


With a national inventory of over 200,000 land and farm listings across the county, LandWatch is another leading website to search land for sale specifically in Arkansas.

Key features of LandWatch for Arkansas land buyers:

  • Powerful search tools to target land/acreage by county
  • Interactive parcel maps show topography
  • Filter listings based on road access, utility availability
  • Direct contact information for every listing agent


Recognized primarily as a site for home listings, Zillow also allows buyers to search and filter undeveloped land parcels for sale in Arkansas by city/county as well down to specific lot sizes.

Zillow provides:

  • Intuitive site navigation familiar to most buyers
  • Arkansas land listings enhanced with interactive maps
  • Details on zoning regulations and usage guidelines
  • One-click access to listing agent contacts

These online land marketplaces enable prospective buyers to search raw land listings across Arkansas based on location, size, features, price and other attributes prior to contacting the selling agent or broker. Lands of America, LandWatch and Zillow provide the most options for sourcing investment grade land parcels or recreational acreage currently on the market in Arkansas.

Analyzing Arkansas Land Listings 

When researching potential land purchases in Arkansas, keep the following guidance in mind:

Verify All Parcel Details

Listing sites don’t always provide complete boundary maps, confirmed acreage surveys or full disclosure on easements. Request supporting docs from the agent early when evaluating listings.

Check County Assessor Records

Cross-reference size, usage codes and tax value history via the assessor to confirm specs aligned with listing.

Drive by the Property

If possible, walk the land in-person to inspect boundaries, terrain, access points and take note of any value influencing limitations.

Hire an Attorney 

Have an experienced Arkansas real estate attorney review purchase agreement, title docs, maps and disclosures to protect legal rights.

Utilizing these best practices helps identify any discrepancies upfront and avoid issues later down the line.

Tips for Safe Site Selection 

Watch for red flags like:

  • Aggressive sales tactics pushing you to buy
  • Limited online information provided
  • Refusal to physically show the property
  • Poor listing photos that don’t show full land

Any trustworthy website or agent will enable you to verify land condition fully before expecting any commitment.

Final Thoughts

With over 33 million acres of scenic wilderness, fertile farmland, and timber-filled forests, Arkansas offers seemingly endless options for purchasing investment grade acreage or recreational parcels aligned to buyer interests. Using reputable sites like Lands of America, LandWatch, and ArkansasLand.com allows you to filter promising raw land listings available on the market based on parameters like location, terrain, access, and pricing. Just be sure to verify all details on zoning, property lines, easements and usage regulations independently before moving forward, as well as secure an experienced Arkansas real estate attorney to ensure property condition and purchase terms have been properly vetted to protect your legal rights as a land buyer. By leveraging these online land marketplaces during your search while taking prudent steps to validate parcel specifics fully, you can source attractive land ownership opportunities in Arkansas matching budget and planned usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of land parcels can I find available for purchase in Arkansas? 

You can find a very wide range of land parcel types listed for sale in Arkansas spanning vacant wooded acreage, ranch lands, farmland, hunting recreational properties, lakefront lots, off-grid holdouts, and more on sites like Lands of America and LandWatch. Over 50% of Arkansas is forest, so remote timberlands are prevalent.

Should I use a specialized Arkansas land listing platform over nationally-focused ones? 

It can be advantageous to use a localized Arkansas land marketplace website like ArkansasLand.com or United Country Arkansas Land in addition to broader national sites. The state-specific companies may have smaller inventories but also deeper area familiarity that aids more niche buying quests, like finding 5-20 acre mountain view cabins plots near certain preferred towns or subregions.

What steps should I take to vet land details before purchasing in Arkansas? 

You'll want to verify parcel details like precise acreage, easements, property lines against county records beyond just listing write-ups. Try to do an in-person walkthrough. Retaining an Arkansas real estate attorney experienced in raw land transactions is highly recommended too for reviewing purchase agreements fully before closing. Don't take site listing information as gospel.

What are signs of an untrustworthy land listing website I should watch for? 

Red flags include sites pressuring quick purchase decisions before you can validate details, refusing physical access to properties, showing only stock photos instead of actual land, and providing very sparse listing information overall. High quality Arkansas land listing sites facilitate full condition verification and fact-finding before any commitments.

Is purchasing raw land in Arkansas a good investment? 

Owning rural timberland or farmland acreage can produce lease/harvest income while also appreciating nicely over decades. But land is illiquid and natural conditions like droughts can impact markets. Approach Arkansas land buying carefully, do soil tests upfront if farming, use conservative projections, and hold long term. Hiring property management help is wise too.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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