What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Arizona?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Arizona?

Bart Waldon

Arizona is a popular destination for real estate investment, especially vacant land. With over 72 million acres comprising Arizona’s diverse terrain, land investors have many options to choose from. But navigating Arizona's vast land market to find good deals requires knowledge of the best websites facilitating land sales. This guide will highlight trusted online resources for buying affordable raw land plots or acreage across Arizona.

According to 2022 reports, the median sales price for vacant residential land in Arizona is currently $57,900 spanning a standard 0.35 acre plot. Prices per acre fluctuate wildly based on location from as low as $1,300 per acre in rural locales to over $10 million per acre in high-demand areas like Phoenix or Scottsdale. With savvy researching skills, investors can uncover great land deals.

Arizona Land Purchase Considerations

Before jumping into online land deal hunting, first decide the intended use. Are you seeking land to build a home, for off-grid living, recreation, investing or another purpose? Location and acreage needs will vary based on your goals.

Next, set a budget accounting for property price and development costs if improving raw land plots. Confirmed water rights availability is also essential for Arizona land buys. With clear goals and budget defined, these best websites for purchasing Arizona land plots offer solid starting points.

Lands of America

Lands of America earns top billing among the best websites for buying affordable land across Arizona. They provide listings for over 950,000 rural properties and land plots nationwide. Arizona land buyers can browse thousands of statewide sale listings or customize searches filtering location, price, acreage, property features and more.

Listings contain vital property details like terrain maps, boundaries, GPS coordinates, zoning information, access roads, utility availability and tax details. The site also offers nimble filtering tools to isolate land plots suiting individual buyer preferences. Whether seeking 5-acre ranchettes near Prescott or large-scale cattle grazing acreage in Cochise County, Lands of America brings wide inventory selection.

Joining the site’s membership program grants access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) providing most current property data. Browsing MLS inventory gives home site hunters, off-grid enthusiasts and land investors jumping off points contacting sellers of appealing land plots directly. Overall, Lands of America is a great launching pad for Arizona land buying.


The widely used online real estate marketplace Zillow is also one of the best websites for locating affordable Arizona land opportunities. Buyers can use Zillow’s flexible search filters isolating vacant land plots and acreage currently listed for sale based on factors like:

  • Location
  • Lot size
  • Price range
  • Land use classification

Zillow provides at-a-glance vital stats on each property listing like parcel number, ownership type, assessed value and property tax burden. Digging deeper into individual listing details reveals added specifics around property boundaries, terrain composition, accessible roads/highways, zoning designation and more to inform buying decisions.

Whether seeking vacant land for residential, agricultural, recreational or commercial development purposes - Zillow offers a far-reaching, easy-to-use search platform discovering Arizona land deals. Their For Sale by Owner listings are specially useful finding sellers offering discounted pricing avoiding realtor commissions.


Realtor.com is one of America’s most popular home search platforms also providing specialized access to land and acreage buying opportunities. Arizona land shoppers can input desired location parameters and acreage size requirements using Realtor.com’s search filters isolating vacant plots that match specified criteria.

Detailed listing information helps buyers evaluate aspects like:

  • Parcel boundaries & total acreage
  • Zoning & land usage designation
  • Annual property taxes
  • Access roadways & nearby highways
  • Terrain composition & vegetation
  • Development limitations
  • Location desirability factors

Realtor.com is one of the best websites for buying affordable Arizona land with breadth of inventory and insightful property analytics. Buyers can request listing details from sellers or their representing real estate agents via the site’s messaging platform.

Facebook Marketplace

In recent years, Facebook Marketplace has gained strong traction as a hub matching Arizona land buyers and sellers. Many owners prefer direct sales avenues avoiding commissions associated with MLS property listings. Facebook Marketplace allows these motivated sellers listing land plots themselves to connect with interested local buyers.

Vacant land listings generally contain key specifics like parcel location shown on embedded terrain maps, total acreage valuation factors and contact information to inquire for further details. Facebook Marketplace’s highly localized inventory gives Arizona land shoppers opportunities finding discounted land deals directly from sellers. While selection is narrower than dedicated real estate sites, gems are discoverable for buyers acting swiftly on new inventory.


The online classified ads site Craigslist sees high Arizona land buying and selling activity across various local city domains. Land investors searching niche metro areas like Flagstaff, Prescott or Yuma should browse their Craigslist real estate for sale sections. Sellers often post land deals not listed in other channels, giving buyers access to more affordable pocket listings.

Craigslist land purchase process is less structured than other platforms. Buyers typically connect directly with property owners via email or phone without intermediary agents. After arranging viewings ensuring the land meets needs comes making fair purchase offers and closing sale terms privately. In the quest for good land investment deals, Craigslist classifieds unlock added inventory source options.

While the search effort is intensive, utilizing this array of the best websites for buying land in Arizona grants investors their best chance securing affordable raw acreage plots or ranchettes matching individual preferences. Defining intended land usage, ideal locations, target price points and acreage needs then exploring current listings filters the wheat from the chaff. Happy land investing!

Final Thoughts

Searching for the right parcel of land to purchase in Arizona can seem like a daunting task given the state's expansive terrain and abundant raw land inventory. However, with clear investment goals defined and leveraging the array of top land purchasing websites highlighted here, buyers can efficiently filter options until discovering listings matching their ideal acreage size, locale, budget and usage needs. Whether seeking vacant land for residential living, agricultural operations, commercial development or recreational purposes, this guide provides prospective Arizona land investors a roadmap to navigate the search process. Outlining key property details and providing flexible search functionality, platforms like Lands of America, Zillow, Realtor.com and even classified hubs like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist unlock access to land deals unavailable in other channels. While finding undervalued gems takes effort, the rewarding outcome for thrifty land buyers is securing acreage parcels aligned to personal preferences at affordable pricing through utilizing the best websites facilitating Arizona land transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does vacant land typically cost in Arizona?

Land prices vary greatly depending on location and property attributes, but a baseline is around $1,300 per acre for rural land while small residential plots may cost $50,000+. Closer to major cities or areas with high demand, prices per acre can exceed $10+ million. Define your budget before searching listings.

What factors impact Arizona land valuations?

Key drivers of Arizona land valuations and pricing include location desirability, property access, development potential, access to utilities/services, confirmed water rights, vegetation density, surrounding views and more. Be aware of these contributing factors when evaluating land deals.

Should I use a real estate agent to buy land in Arizona?

While possible to buy Arizona land without an agent, sellers often list land exclusively with brokerages on MLS. Agents also help negotiate better deals and navigate paperwork. Weigh if agent commissions warrant the advantages of representation they provide the land buying process.

What steps are required to purchase vacant land plots in Arizona?

Main steps entail deciding on intended land use, defining ideal search parameters like acreage size, locking in financing, working with agents or sellers to visit/appraise properties, submitting purchase offers, negotiating sales terms and finalizing transaction documents/deed registration.

How can I determine fair market value for Arizona land deals?

Vetting comparable surrounding land sales data via trusted property sites, recent valuation appraisals if available, area market analytics and an assessment of unique property attributes will help buyers establish a benchmark for fair deal value when searching Arizona land inventory online.

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