How to Sell Land by Owner in Arizona?

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How to Sell Land by Owner in Arizona?

Bart Waldon

Selling raw, undeveloped land in Arizona presents unique challenges compared to listing an improved property. With over 90% of the state comprised of rural unincorporated areas and no structure adding tangible value, land owners must get creative to attract qualified cash buyers.

As experienced Arizona land buyers and sellers for the past 5 years, the team at Land Boss understands the intricacies of marketing isolated plots or vast acreage successfully. We have facilitated over 100 profitable land transactions across the state, purchasing properties at fair prices for cash and reselling to individual buyers, developers and investors.

This guide covers proven techniques to sell your Arizona land without wasting time and money. Follow these key steps to maximize returns on your vacant property investment while avoiding opportunistic offers from questionable buyers.

Research Recent Comparable Arizona Land Sales

Before listing your land, investigate what similar-sized parcels with equivalent amenities/accessibility have sold for in your county lately. Comparable sales reports detail the most up-to-date actual selling prices in an area. You can access this MLS data through a qualified real estate agent or specialized land broker.

Analyzing this transaction information provides realistic pricing perspective and keeps expectations aligned with the market. Raw land in Arizona sees typical listing times of 1-2 years on average. So, aim for the upper end of current value ranges for the best chance at an equitable deal.

Survey Boundaries and Confirm Ownership

Clearly defined property lines and undisputed ownership are vital when selling land on your own. Any ambiguity over boundaries or challenges to the deed creates major complications down the road.

Order an official land survey to mark accessible corners/lines and provide a precise legal description of the tract. Also request a title search from professionals to validate you possess full ownership rights to sell the parcel through clear title.

Providing this validated documentation upfront demonstrates serious intent to buyers and conveys critical details impacting price point like accessible road frontage, developable space and more.

Assemble Vital Property Details

Beyond confirming acreage through surveys and location on a map, compile additional details highlighting what increases your land’s appeal over similar listings, such as:

  • Tabulated zoning, usage designations, county assessor codes
  • Platted vs unplatted status
  • Notable natural features - lush trees, water elements, mountain views
  • Wildlife prevalence
  • Soil composition and grading specifics
  • Electric/utilities accessibility
  • Flood zone status – located outside known risk areas
  • Roadway access specifics - county-maintained or public right-of-way
  • CC&Rs or HOA restrictions or lack thereof
  • Percentage of level vs sloped areas

Quantifying unique attributes makes it easier to articulate what distinguishes your property over comps and underscores the rationality behind your asking price. Photos and maps further cement your land’s assets and dimensions for potential Arizona buyers.

Craft an Engaging Arizona Land Listing

With plenty of remote investment property for sale in AZ, creating an intriguing, content-rich listing provides necessary allure. Outline the rare features, resources and potential uses exclusive to your land tract using persuasive language sure to captivate prospective buyers browsing online property search platforms.

Emphasize development possibilities for those seeking future homesites with messages like:

  • Build your private off-grid oasis just minutes from X destination
  • Develop on this expansive site with flexible zoning status
  • Invest in this reasonably priced land ripe for subdivision potential

Public land records provide historical details on previous owners/sale prices. Sharing unique property origin tales or notable former owners also spotlights intriguing backstories certain buyers find alluring.

Optimize Listing for Maximum Online Exposure

While Arizona allows FSBO or For Sale by Owner listings, tapping into the dominant real estate search networks leverages wider promotion across qualified home and land-buying channels. Utilize both paid listing networks like Lands of America and complementary platforms like to showcase qualified buyers your credible FSBO opportunity.

Targeting niche land buyer traffic nets better exposure over general real estate sites featuring mostly improved residential listings. Pay to amplify listings on Facebook/Instagram feeds highlighting scenic property photos receiving lots of engagement.

Creating a dedicated landing page on your own website provides another channel to guide serious buyer leads toward taking next steps.

Just make sure any For Sale by Owner online promotion adheres to Arizona law by displaying your permit number and clearly stating you do not operate as a licensed real estate professional.

Field Initial Buyer Questions Directly

When potential buyers make inquiries online or discover your property signs along its road frontage, become accessible as the point person to answer questions promptly and directly versus through a middleman broker.

Fielding information requests personally affords the chance to gauge buyers’ motivations, budget and overall compatibility upfront to avoid wasting everyone’s time down the line before contract signing. Pay attention to any negotiating red flags signaling underfunded offers likely requiring lender financing well below list price.

Also use this initial Q&A phase to demonstrate your flexible terms. Advertise your welcome cash offers without demanding standard earnest money deposits upfront. Outline any owner financing options or willingness to subdivide for multiple buyers pooling resources for deed splits.

Prepare and Protect Against Predatory Offers

The remote nature of raw land tracts attracts aspiring buyers with big dreams but limited resources or funding contingencies. And most concerning - outright predatory investors seeking discounted steal scenarios from desperate sellers through threats of eminent domain seizures, encroachment falsehoods or phony clouded title claims.

Guard against shifty buyers bluffing authority by furnishing official county zoning laws guaranteeing your permissible property usage. Require proof of funds letters from reputable sources before negotiating below list prices. Video record all communications and incorporate contingencies allowing termination if discovering evidence of misrepresented intentions.

Negotiate Fair Arizona Land Sale Terms

The vacant land sales process presents more flexibility than typical improved property transactions. Leverage that freedom to welcome creative purchase proposals while still protecting position.

Entertain offers spanning standard lump cash sums to incremental installment schedules allowing buyers longer payoff timeframes. Consider partial deed splits or land contracts ensuring eventual full payment completion protecting seller rights in the interim.

Just secure professional legal guidance before finalizing comprehensive owner-financed real estate agreements outlining timetables, taxes and title/ownership transfer contingency specifics.

While listing vacant acreage does mandate upfront legwork, Arizona land selling successfully on your own keeps more profit and equity under your control long term. Execute these mobile-friendly FSBO tips for efficiently transacting land sales minus agent commissions.

Final Thoughts

Selling raw land without professional guidance poses challenges - from confirming boundaries to filtering underfunded buyer offers. But taking charge of the process in Arizona enables setting terms favorable to your needs and timeline. Leverage market data establishing attractive asking prices and creatively advertise your property’s possibilities across key land buying channels. Protect yourself by validating ownership first and qualifying buyer financing ability before negotiations. Execute these strategic For Sale by Owner vacant land selling tips - and successfully conclude an optimal deal without paying broker commissions. Put in the work upfront and reap the long-term rewards transacting Arizona land solo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What paperwork constitutes Arizona land ownership?
Proper documentation proving land ownership includes the original recorded property deed, any recent deeds of trust for outstanding loans, the plat map survey and a title report validating no other claims against the tract.

What are the water rights laws on AZ land tracts?
Arizona regulates strict surface and well water rights depending on locations. Research state statutes to understand if existing grandfathered rights transfer to buyers or require application.

How much does it cost to subdivide land in Arizona?
If seeking to split land parcels into multiple lots, associated Arizona subdivision costs range from $5,000-$30,000+ for permitting, staking, engineering, surveying and mapping. Significant savings selling the full tract intact.

What are zoning stipulations on my Arizona land classification?
Research specific zoning codes based on your assessor classification - agricultural, commercial, residential, industrial. Local county planning departments provide land usage specifics like mandatory setbacks, road access rules, hazard restrictions that influence property development.

Is there a typical timeline to sell land FSBO in Arizona?
While market conditions vary, budget 12-24 months for desirable undeveloped land to transact in Arizona selling solo without agent support. Extend longer for remote parcels with minimal roadway access or improvements. With the right pricing strategy and online visibility, deals happen quicker.

Selling land on your own provides flexibility paired with several advantages. Avoid paying thousands in commissions. Keep decision authority over the terms rather than relying on a real estate agent’s limited choices or inadequate buyer network. Take charge over the process start to finish.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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