Pros and Cons of Selling to a Oklahoma Land Company

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Pros and Cons of Selling to a Oklahoma Land Company

Bart Waldon

Oklahoma is located right in the heart of the United States, straddling the line between the Great Plains to the west and the eastern rolling hills. It's a state of contrasts, geographically speaking - you've got sweeping prairie grasses transitioning into the foothills of the Rockies in the panhandle region. Culturally too, Oklahoma wears its history on its sleeve. 

From the territories of Native American tribes to the great Land Rush that brought pioneers flooding across its borders, that independent, frontier spirit remains woven into the fabric of Oklahoma life today. Though the cattle ranches and wild oil boomtowns of yesteryear have evolved into more modern industries like aviation and technology, there's still a bit of that Wild West in Oklahomans' DNA.

When you look at rural Oklahoma, much of the land ownership today traces back generations as family farms, cattle ranches and homesteads passed down to heirs. But with the changes in agriculture, the ups and downs of gas and oil, plus evolving global markets - buying and selling property has become more of a tricky maneuver than it used to be for many Oklahoma landowners. This can be especially complicated for those who've inherited some vacant acres but aren't farmers themselves.

Selling Land in Oklahoma: Should You Work With a Local Land Company?

For those considering selling their Oklahoma land, using the services of a local land company may help facilitate the process. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to assess when making this decision. Below is an overview of some key pros and cons to weigh regarding selling your land to an Oklahoma land acquisition company.

Pros of Selling Land to an Oklahoma Land Company

Cash Offers and Quick Closings

One major advantage of going through a local land company is the opportunity for an immediate cash payout combined with an expedited closing timeline. Rather than waiting months or even years to find the right traditional buyer, established companies like Land Boss can make competitive cash offers and finalize the sale within weeks, or even days. For landowners with vacant plots that aren't actively generating income, that lump sum payment upfront can be far more appealing than playing the long game. With over five years buying and selling property in the area, companies like Land Boss have the process down pat to streamline closings and get sellers their payout faster.

As-Is Condition and No Repairs/Upgrades Needed

Unlike traditional buyers, land companies purchase Oklahoma properties just as they stand, without requiring any extra investment from the seller before closing. There's no need to put in moneymaking improvements or take on headaches like brush clearing, access road construction, land surveys or repairs. The company takes on preparation of the land for resale themselves after acquisition. This means fewer hassles for the seller.

Pay All Closing Fees and Handle Paperwork

Qualified companies are well-versed in smoothly navigating the legal logistics of the transaction, including covering all closing costs, title charges, lien releases and other paperwork. This administrative convenience can be invaluable for heirs juggling multiple inherited properties. Rather than tackling the paperwork solo, reputable buyers like Land Boss handle all those details start to finish.

Purchase Land That’s Difficult to Sell Otherwise

While certain plots languish for years on conventional listing sites without attracting buyers, established land buyers have more flexibility to take on trickier properties. That could mean remote acreage lacking road access, oddly segmented parcel shapes, mineral rights limitations, partial deed scenarios, or other complexity issues that deter everyday buyers. Even if they’re harder sells down the line, veteran companies still recognize their investment potential.

Cons of Selling Land to an Oklahoma Land Company

Below Open Market Value Offers

The trade-off for that swift closing speed and convenience is that land companies can't realistically match an offer that you may get listing on the traditional open market. Their business depends on buying plots at a steep enough discount that they can profit later from resale at higher pricing. For sellers weighing long-term investment potential, these below market value proposals can be a tough pill to swallow. However, for tricky properties that may otherwise sit stagnant for years awaiting the right buyer, even a lowball firm offer could beat letting the land sit idle.

Risk of Reselling for Profit

Reputable companies should always be up front about their intentions to resell for a higher amount down the road. Even so, some landowners don't love the idea of their property ultimately padding a company's pockets. Opting to sell means you split the difference between what you’re offered now and what the land could be worth years later after improvements by the buyer. Essentially you trade away future equity for present-day cash flow.

Loss of Long-Term Appreciation Upside

Similarly, sellers lose the advantages of 5, 10 or 20+ year property appreciation by offloading land now. While owners play the long game betting on rising land values over decades, companies aim for quicker sales to realize more immediate returns on their investments. For those focused on long-view wealth building through land, this forfeited appreciation potential stings. But for others seeking instant liquidity, the loss of that uncertain future gain matters less.

Potential Tax Implications

Before settling on a sale price, every seller should think through tax implications too. Depending on your specific acquisition timeline and costs compared to the final sale amount proposed, capital gains taxes could take a significant bite. Those facing financial duress may still opt to sell inherited plots that could otherwise offer income streams if rented to farmers etc. Consulting both a tax pro and an attorney to review options is advised when the stakes are high. Don't make lifelong decisions hastily without knowing what you might lose out on down the line.

Key Takeaways: Should You Sell Your Land to an Oklahoma Company?

There are good reasons an Oklahoma landowner may prefer to sell to a local land company versus waiting for private listings or auctions. For vacant land generating no income, receiving a reliable cash offer can make sense. Reputable companies like Land Boss strive for fair deals allowing both parties to benefit. However, thoughtfully assessing your motivations, priorities and tax implications is crucial when deciding. An open and honest dialogue with the buyer about their process and prospects for reselling the property is also advised. With careful analysis of your needs and all options available in today’s Oklahoma land market, selling land through a local company can ultimately prove prudent.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Land to a Company

Selling off vacant land you own seems like a quick and easy way to score some fast cash initially. But entering into a transaction with a land buying company blindly, without doing your due diligence? That's a recipe for regretting your decision big time later on when you realize just how much money was left on the table. Don't let that happen to you. Steer clear of mistakes other property sellers commonly make by getting savvy on key areas ahead of signing any dotted lines:

Not Understanding Tax Implications

Before pops the champagne on your land payday, make sure you understand what Uncle Sam will take. Not budgeting properly for capital gains taxes on the sale can mean a nasty surprise at tax time. Do the math now alongside an accountant or tax attorney so you know what you’ll realistically pocket based on the sale price, your original acquisition costs, ownership timeline and any deductions you can claim.

Failure to Check Comparable Sales

Sure, a land acquisition company needs to make some profit reselling your acres later. But you still deserve fair market value for the property. Do some homework ahead of signing to learn what similar vacant land has sold for recently in your county. Having those price point comparisons equips you to negotiate the highest offer realistically feasible so the buyers don’t lowball you unnecessarily.

Agreeing to Unfavorable Terms

Don’t skim that purchase contract and blindly initial—scrutinize every clause thoroughly to ensure the terms don’t put you at a disadvantage as the seller. Pay special attention that timelines, contingency stipulations around feasibility studies, earnest money release dates, default conditions etc. are equitable to protect your financial interests before inking the deal.

Not Confirming All Liens Are Settled

Outstanding property taxes, mechanic’s liens, HOA fees or other titles tied to the land can derail closing fast if the buyer doesn’t handle settling them. Scrutinize the purchase terms to guarantee the contract stipulates all these payoffs are the purchasing company’s responsibility, releasing the land to transfer free and clear—no lingering debts hanging over your head.

Failing to Shop Around

Lastly, avoid jumping at the first decent land offer floated your way. Do some smart comparison shopping by contacting several competing land buyers in your area and requesting written quotes too. Disclosing your highest existing bid could motivate them to sweeten their deal to beat it and win your business instead.

Stay vigilant around these areas and you can preempt major regrets down the road. Guard your financial interests upfront and a headache-free closing that satisfies both buyer and seller is totally possible. The key lies in thorough advance preparation on your end!

Final Thoughts

Selling your vacant Oklahoma land to a company for an immediate cash payout may seem like the ideal way out of a sticky situation. However, the stakes are too high to go into such a transaction blindly without doing due diligence regarding taxes, title issues, fair market values, contracts, liens, and alternative cash offers. While established companies aim to drive hard bargains and profit margins, negotiating firmly and from an informed position can still result in a deal that suits both sides. Taking time upfront to understand all the implications is well worth avoiding adverse financial impacts or lifelong regret over relinquishing your property rights too hastily. With the right preparations, partnerships with a trusted Oklahoma land buyer can facilitate a smooth closing and positive outcome. By sidestepping common mistakes sellers make, you can find the best fit solution for your current land ownership circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What paperwork should I review before finalizing a land sale to a company?

Before you sign a purchase agreement, carefully review documents listing all terms and conditions, like earnest money timelines, feasibility and due diligence clauses, default specifics, dispute resolution procedures, and more. Scan for any concerning language that puts you at a disadvantage as the seller.

How can I determine a fair sale price for my land?

Research recently sold comparable vacant land parcels of similar acreage and features in your county to provide a ballpark market value estimate. Consider consulting a licensed appraiser for an official appraisal. These benchmarks help assess the fairness of a company’s offered price.

What ongoing liens or debts tied to my land should concern me?

Confirm that any outstanding property taxes, HOA fees, mechanics liens, mortgages, or other titles attached to the land will be fully paid off and released by the buyer at closing. Otherwise, these could delay closing or possibly remain attached to the property later on.

What tax implications may I face from selling my land to a company?

Consult with a tax professional to understand capital gains taxes owed based on the original purchase price or inherited basis versus the final sale price, your ownership period, and potential deductions available. Model different sale prices to determine the net impact.

How can I make sure I’m getting the highest payout a company will offer?

Before accepting the first land offer, contact at least 3-4 other area land buying companies and disclose your highest quote, requesting they beat or match it if possible. The competitive situation could incentivize boosting their original price.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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