How to Sell Your Pennsylvania Land Without a Realtor

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How to Sell Your Pennsylvania Land Without a Realtor

Bart Waldon

Selling land in Pennsylvania without a realtor may seem daunting, but it is possible with the right preparation and marketing strategy. Pennsylvania is a diverse state with metropolitan hubs like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as well as vast rural areas full of forests, farmland and natural beauty. With proper planning and diligence, you can successfully sell your Pennsylvania land on your own.

Conduct Thorough Research on the Local Market

Before even thinking about listing your Pennsylvania land for sale, take ample time to understand the real estate market in the specific county and vicinity where your land is located. This upfront research is crucial. Look at recent sales of comparable vacant land parcels in the area to get an accurate idea of current fair market values. Physically drive around the neighborhood and analyze what types of properties are actually selling and at what price ranges. Closely monitor new land listings to see how quickly they go under contract. Examine expired listings to understand why they did not sell.

In addition, speak with local real estate professionals and investors to get their insights on the demand for land and what buyers are looking for. They will know the supply and competition dynamics you will be facing. The more localized knowledge you can gain on the real estate environment around your land, the better you can set expectations on pricing and timelines.

Handle the Legalities and Get Documentation in Order

In addition to studying the lay of the land in the local market, you need to educate yourself on the legalities involved with selling real estate in Pennsylvania. There are state-specific regulations, disclosures, taxes and paperwork you will need to address properly. For example, you will likely need to furnish a realty transfer tax statement of value and follow rules on handling escrow accounts. Learn all the tenets in advance so there are no surprises or delays during the actual listing and sale process.

You also need to get all documentation on your land in order. Resolve any outstanding property line disputes, title issues, boundary encroachments or easement questions. Pay off any liens or back taxes. Gather key paperwork like deeds, mineral rights leases, surveys, plot maps, utility availability info and much more. Being organized with documentation makes you look professional to buyers and can facilitate a smoother sale timeline.

Make Your Land Look Appealing and Sale Ready

Another big task is preparing your land physically to look its best before listing it for sale. Tidiness and curb appeal matter, even for vacant land parcels. Mow any grassy areas and clear away any brush, fallen branches or debris that may have accumulated on the property. Add visual interest by graveling a small parking/driveway area with a nice welcome sign or installing a gate or fencing along the road frontage.

Also consider inexpensive enhancements like planting wildflowers or landscaping the perimeter with native shrubs and trees. Anything you can do to show care for the land and help buyers visualize the possibilities will go a long way. Resolve any actual eyesores on the land too like abandoned vehicles, dilapidated structures, garbage piles, etc. The fewer complications your land has, the more attractive it will be to prospective buyers.

Create an Eye-Catching, Detailed Listing

To generate interest amongst buyers, you need a listing that stands out from the crowd with detailed descriptions, excellent photos, and marketing that captures the imagination. Outline the key specs of the property clearly - total acreage, road access, zoning and permitted use, available utilities, terrain, etc. Tell the unique story of the land - describe the surroundings and scenery, note any special features, and suggest potential uses like recreation, developing a future homestead, or building a residential subdivision.

You also need top quality visuals. Take high-resolution photos during optimal lighting at various angles. Drone photos can provide a helpful aerial perspective. Get scenic landscape shots as well as close details of any selling points. Produce a fact-filled yet visually engaging listing that paints a vivid portrait of your land’s potential. This will entice buyers to learn more.

Spread the Word Far and Wide With Diverse Promotion

Simply posting your Pennsylvania land listing online is not enough - you need a comprehensive strategy to actively promote it on multiple platforms. Leverage both digital and traditional marketing tactics:

  • List it on major national real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and LandAndFarm that attract thousands of property searchers.
  • Create print ads to run on weekends in local newspapers’ real estate sections.
  • Design bold, eye-catching yard signs to place prominently on the property - include your name and phone number.
  • Spread the word by networking within local real estate investor groups. Attend meetings to pitch the listing.
  • Post on social media groups focused on real estate, Pennsylvania, and your specific town/county.
  • Optimize online listings with relevant SEO keywords home buyers search when looking for land.

Being proactive and creative with promotion across mediums will extend your listing’s reach considerably compared to just passive posting.

Respond Quickly to Interest and Field Offers Seriously

As interest comes in, be very responsive to potential buyers who inquire about the listing. Answer their questions promptly and thoroughly. Coordinate property viewings on short notice to capitalize on momentum. Ask buyers what specifically attracts them to the land and tailor your messaging. When you start receiving offers, negotiate fairly and move the deal forward systematically.

Have a purchase agreement template ready to present to interested buyers. Outline next steps clearly to sign the purchase agreement and move closer to closing. Be upfront about any contingencies like the final sale being subject to an environmental assessment or perc test. Handling negotiations and closing the deal solo takes patience and poise. Stay organized and move the process along deliberately.

Enlist Help of FSBO Platforms for Support

If you want some extra support during this process, consider listing your Pennsylvania land on a specialized FSBO (For Sale By Owner) platform like For a flat fee, they provide customized real estate documents plus access to an MLS-like network that propagates your listing widely to more buyer agents. Though not a full-service option like a realtor, FSBO platforms do offer helpful guidance and expanded promotion.

Selling land on your own does have challenges, but also major perks if you plan methodically and execute diligently. With no agent commission to pay, you stand to keep significantly more profit. You also control the deal timeline and process. Do thorough research, create an appealing listing, spread the word, negotiate fairly, and seek help when needed. Follow these steps, and you can successfully sell your Pennsylvania land without a realtor.

Should You Consider a Land Company to Sell Land?

Selling your land through a local land buying company is an option worth considering alongside listing it yourself or with an agent. Land companies like Land Boss specialize in buying and selling vacant land, so they have extensive experience that can facilitate the process.

Land companies have some advantages over the traditional real estate selling routes:

  • They buy land with cash, so deals close quickly without financing contingencies.
  • They make fair cash offers based on recent comparable sales.
  • There are no commissions or fees - you get paid the full amount.
  • They handle all the paperwork and pay any title/transfer costs.
  • The transaction is made directly between you and the company, keeping it simple.

The biggest downside is that land companies pay below full market retail value because they aim to profit when reselling the land. However, they make the process fast, easy and certain.

If you want to maximize profit but don't have the time, patience or expertise to sell your land solo, a local land company may be a suitable option. They have the resources and motivation to complete deals smoothly. Research your options to make the best choice for your needs and land.

Final Thoughts

Selling your land in Pennsylvania without a realtor requires work, but pays off if done right. Conduct in-depth research on your local real estate market so you can price and market competitively. Handle all legalities and paperwork properly. Make your land visually appealing. Create a compelling listing with detailed descriptions and quality photos. Promote the listing actively on multiple platforms. Respond quickly to prospective buyers and negotiate fairly. Consider utilizing a specialized FSBO service. Weigh working with a local land company that can make the process fast and straightforward. With diligence and preparation, you can successfully sell your Pennsylvania land on your own terms and timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What paperwork do I need to sell land in PA without a realtor?

Some key documents you’ll need include the deed, title insurance, any surveys, a realty transfer tax statement of value, disclosures, purchase agreement, etc. Do research to ensure you have all required paperwork in order.

How do I determine a good price for my PA land?

Research recent sales of comparable vacant land in your county. Drive the area to see what’s selling and for how much. Price your land based on location, acreage, zoning, utilities and other factors that impact value.

What costs will I pay when selling my PA land myself?

You may need to pay transfer taxes, legal fees for a title search, appraisal fees, escrow fees, recording fees, etc. Calculate these costs in advance when pricing your land.

How do I market my Pennsylvania land for sale without a realtor?

Leverage sites like Zillow, Trulia, and LandWatch plus local papers, yard signs, social media groups, networking, SEO keywords, etc. Be very proactive with promotion across multiple platforms.

Should I consider selling my land to a company instead?

Land buying companies like Land Boss can make the process fast, easy and certain. They pay cash, handle paperwork, and close quickly. Just know they pay below retail value to profit on resale later.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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