10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Pennsylvania

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10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Pennsylvania

Bart Waldon

Pennsylvania is a state rich in natural beauty, from the rolling hills of the Allegheny Mountains to the forests and farmlands of the central and eastern parts of the state. With over 46,000 square miles of land area, Pennsylvania offers plenty of opportunities for land ownership. However, when it comes time to sell, offloading your land can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Here are 10 tips to help you sell your land faster in the Keystone State.

Ways to Sell Land Faster in Pennsylvania

1. Price Your Land Competitively

One of the biggest mistakes landowners make is overpricing their property. Setting your asking price too high will turn away potential buyers and result in your land sitting on the market for months or even years. Do your research and work with a qualified real estate agent to determine a competitive price based on similar land parcels that have recently sold in your area. Price it fairly from the start for a faster sale.

2. Highlight the Property’s Best Features and Amenities

What makes your land valuable and desirable to buyers? Make sure you highlight attributes like river frontage, access to recreational trails, proximity to major highways, or development potential. Tout the property’s best features in your listing descriptions and marketing materials. This gets buyers excited and competing for your land.

3. Invest in Professional Photography and Videography

Great visuals go a long way in real estate. Hire a professional real estate photographer to capture high-quality photos and drone videos showcasing your property. This gives online viewers a vivid perspective of the land that static descriptions simply cannot match. Stunning visuals translate to more inquiries and showings.

4. Market Aggressively Both Online and Offline

To maximize exposure for your Pennsylvania land listing, you need an omnichannel marketing strategy encompassing both digital and traditional platforms. Online, make sure to list on popular sites like Zillow, Trulia, and LandWatch. Offline, distribute print flyers, put up roadside signage on the property, and advertise in local Pennysavers. Spread the word far and wide.

5. Be Flexible and Open-Minded with Financing

Not all buyers have the cash to purchase land outright. Being flexible with financing options like owner financing or assuming an existing mortgage can vastly expand your pool of potential buyers. Closing deals may take longer with financing, but you’ll sell faster by accommodating buyers’ needs.

6. Prepare the Property for Showings

Make sure your land is show-ready before listing it on the market. Tidy up debris, trim back overgrown vegetation, install signage and ensure the property is accessible. A clean, maintained and easy to navigate parcel makes a better impression on buyers visiting for showings.

7. Act Fast When You Get an Offer

When you finally receive an offer, don’t sit on it for weeks trying to squeeze out a slightly higher price. Respond promptly and move quickly through negotiations to get the deal done. Dragging your feet could result in the buyer moving onto another opportunity.

8. Consider Auctioning Your Land

For highly marketable parcels, auctioning can be an effective way to accelerate the sales process. Both live and online auctions create urgency among bidders looking to score a great deal. Just make sure to vet auction companies thoroughly first.

9. Offer Incentives Like a Rate Lock

Sweeten the deal by offering incentives to serious buyers willing to move quickly. For example, you could offer a 60 to 90 day rate lock on your asking price to account for the time it takes to close. This provides assurance that the price won’t change while the buyer sorts out financing.

10. Be Open to Investor Offers

Most individual buyers will need financing to purchase land. But real estate investors often have the capital to buy land outright for cash. Although their offer may be below market value, the speed and certainty of closing may make it your fastest option for offloading your property.

Selling land in Pennsylvania takes patience and persistence. But employ these tips to streamline the process. And as always, partner with an experienced real estate professional to guide you through the buying and selling journey. With their help, you can sell your Pennsylvania land faster and move onto the next chapter in your life.

Is it a Right Choice to Sell Your Land to a Land Company in Pennsylvania?

For landowners in Pennsylvania looking to sell their property, one option is selling to a land buying company that purchases land for cash. But is this the right choice? Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to sell your Pennsylvania land to a company.

The Pros of Selling to a Land Company

Speed and Convenience - Land companies can buy your property outright, in cash, skipping the lengthy process of listing on the open market. This allows for a much quicker sale.

No Marketing or Showings Required - You avoid the hassles of having to market, stage, and show your property to prospective buyers. Land companies make an offer after reviewing due diligence.

Flexible Timeline - There is more flexibility to close on your own timeline, as you are not constrained by the buying timelines of traditional buyers.

Cash Offer - Selling directly to a land buying company results in a cash payout. For some landowners, receiving lump sum cash is preferable to other payment arrangements.

The Cons of Selling to a Land Company

Below Market Value - Land companies will generally submit offers below full retail market value, as they intend to profit from reselling your property.

No Competitive Bidding - Unlike an open listing, you won’t have multiple buyers competing for your land, possibly driving up the sale price.

Additional Due Diligence - Land companies will complete additional due diligence like soil tests, surveys, and environmental assessments. This adds time to the process.

Overall, selling directly to a land company in Pennsylvania provides a simpler and faster sale for those focused on a quick cash payout. However, listing on the open market may fetch a higher price. Consider your priorities when weighing these options.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Pennsylvania?

Selling a parcel of land in Pennsylvania can be a lengthy endeavor. The time it takes to sell land will depend on factors like location, market conditions, pricing, and your chosen sales method. Here's an overview of typical land sale timelines in Pennsylvania.

Listing on the Open Market

For land listed on the open real estate market, the average time it takes to sell a parcel in Pennsylvania is around 12-24 months. Rural or undeveloped land often sits even longer—sometimes up to 2 years. This lengthy timeline allows for marketing, showings, inspections, financing, negotiations, and closing.

Auction Sales

Sellers who opt to auction their land can expect a much faster sale, usually within a matter of weeks or months. The competitive bidding atmosphere of auctions helps accelerate the sales process.

Direct Sales to Land Companies

Selling directly to a local land buying company often results in the fastest sale—some sell in as little as a few days. But the convenience and speed comes at the cost of selling below market value.

In Pennsylvania's stable land market, a normal marketing period of about 12-24 months is typical for sellers wanting to maximize sale price. Landowners seeking speed and convenience can pursue direct sales or auctions.

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land in Pennsylvania can be a long and difficult process, but employing the right strategies can help streamline the journey. By pricing competitively, marketing aggressively, preparing your property for showings, and leveraging options like auctions and land buying companies, you can shorten the typical 1-2 year selling period. With patience and persistence, as well as the guidance of a knowledgeable real estate professional, you can effectively navigate the sales process. Using these tips, Pennsylvania landowners can cut down the time it takes to sell their properties and move forward with their next chapter. Though it requires effort, there are proven ways to sell your Pennsylvania land faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I determine the market value of my land in Pennsylvania?

Consulting recent comparable sales, getting appraisals done, and working with a local real estate agent are good ways to estimate your land's current market value in Pennsylvania. Competitive pricing is key for a fast sale.

What expenses are involved in selling land in Pennsylvania?

Typical expenses are marketing fees, attorney/closing costs, real estate commissions, and any prep work like surveys, title searches, or environmental tests. Plan for about 10% of the sale price.

How do I find buyers interested in my Pennsylvania land?

Online listing sites, print advertising, roadside signage, and real estate agents are the best ways to reach motivated buyers. Agents have access to buyer databases.

Should I consider subdividing my land before selling in Pennsylvania?

If zoning allows, subdividing into smaller parcels can increase value. But it also involves permitting, surveys and legal fees. Consult local regulations first.

What are the steps after I get an offer on my Pennsylvania land?

Negotiate price and terms, then complete due diligence like title search and environmental assessments. Finally, close the sale and transfer property rights. A real estate lawyer can help.

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