How to Sell Land for Cash in Pennsylvania

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How to Sell Land for Cash in Pennsylvania

Bart Waldon

Looking to make some extra cash from that unused land you have just sitting there in Pennsylvania? Selling your vacant property can definitely put some money in your pocket. But it's not always a quick or simple process. Finding the right buyer can take some legwork and negotiation.

In this article, we’ll walk through the key steps to sell your land for cash in PA efficiently. You’ll find tips to get the best price and avoid headaches along the way. Whether you have open acreage, wooded rural land, or an old homestead, you can turn that land into cold hard cash if you go about it strategically.

The good news is there's healthy demand for land here in the Keystone State. Pennsylvania's diverse landscapes appeal to everyone from farmers and individual landowners to developers and big investment firms. Land values have been trending up recently around both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

So let's explore how to capitalize on that demand and maximize your profit. Here are the key things I'll cover:

  • How to figure out a fair market value for your property
  • Strategies to effectively market your land listing
  • Negotiation tactics to drive up the sale price
  • Streamlining the closing process
  • Finding reliable cash buyers who can make the process easy

Follow these steps and you can successfully sell your PA land for top dollar. Now let's dive in!

Overview of the Pennsylvania Land Market

Pennsylvania's got all kinds of land suited for different uses - from rolling farmland and forested woodlots to land ripe for housing developments, retail, or other commercial uses near the big cities.

With its long history of agriculture, there's steady demand here for good quality farmland across the state. And the growing Philadelphia and Pittsburgh metro areas drive demand for land that can be turned into new housing, shopping centers, offices, factories, you name it.

Sale prices can vary quite a bit depending on the location, terrain, zoning, and what kind of access it has to things like utilities and roads. But one clear trend is that land values in PA have been rising over the past several years.

And you've got no shortage of interested buyers out there - from individual landowners and farmers to big developers and real estate investment companies. They see the potential to put those land parcels to good use.

So if you've got some acreage here in the Keystone State, chances are there's a motivated buyer willing to pay a fair price for it.

Pros and Cons of Selling Land for Cash

Pros of Selling for Cash:

Going with a cash offer can really streamline the sale process. You can complete the deal and get paid within days or weeks instead of waiting months to close with an open market buyer.

A cash sale also means you don't have to mess with the buyer trying to get financing or make the sale contingent on anything. And you skip extra fees like real estate commissions.

With a cash price, you know exactly what you'll net from the sale upfront. No surprises down the road.

Potential Cons:

The cash price may be a bit lower than you could negotiate on the open market. You'll have less control over finding the “perfect” buyer when you go this route.

And you’ll still have some closing costs like legal fees, taxes, and title transfers even with a cash sale.


A cash sale brings speed and certainty to the table. But you trade off some ability to maximize the sale price.

So weigh whether time and convenience are worth more to you than chasing top dollar on the open market. The cash route brings simplicity, but requires price flexibility.

Determining Your Land's Value

To decide if selling your land for cash makes sense, you first need to understand its market value. Some key factors that influence land value in Pennsylvania include:


Land near growing cities or desirable rural areas brings higher sale prices. And properties close to amenities are more valuable.

Access and Frontage

Lots with road frontage, driveway access, and available utilities sell for more. But lack of access severely limits what a property can be used for.


Cleared parcels ready for building are worth more than raw land. Existing structures like barns or utilities also boost value.

Terrain and Environment

Nice flat, usable land is most ideal. But steep slopes, wetlands, or contamination hurt value.

Zoning and Development Potential

Land zoned for housing or commercial uses has higher value than unzoned agriculture land.

Competing Parcels

Check out sales of similar nearby properties. That competition impacts what buyers will pay.

To set a fair asking price, work with a local real estate agent to analyze recent sales data. Or get an appraisal. This helps you know if cash offers are competitive.

Marketing Your Land for Sale

Once you've got that value pinned down, it's time to get the word out and market your land effectively. Here are some great options:

  • List it on the major real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and LandWatch. Use their search filters to attract buyers.
  • Connect with local real estate agents and land brokers who focus on land deals - they'll have eager buyers ready.
  • Put "For Sale by Owner" signs right on the property with your contact info.
  • Reach out to neighbors who may want to expand their land holdings.
  • Advertise in local newspapers and classifieds, both online and print.
  • Promote it in social media groups for real estate, farming, land development, etc.
  • Consider reputable companies that buy land directly with cash offers.

The wider you cast your net, the more potential buyers you'll hook. Be ready to answer questions on title, boundaries, pricing, timing - the typical stuff.

Tips for Negotiating Effectively

Once prospective buyers start expressing interest, the negotiation begins. Here are some tips to negotiate successfully:

  • Set a realistic asking price based on market comps, but leave some room for bargaining. Price it competitively.
  • Discuss pricing early in the process to set expectations. Consider creative terms like owner financing.
  • Get offers in writing first before entering serious negotiations.
  • Don't take the first offer - let buyers compete and drive up the price.
  • Be flexible on the closing timeline if it helps secure the best deal.
  • Use multiple buyers to negotiate against each other. Share details to generate counteroffers.
  • Don't get fixated on small details and non-price terms that derail the bigger picture.
  • Review all offers objectively - don't just take the highest bid. Assess potential contingencies that may fall through.
  • Work with title companies or real estate attorneys to handle contract details and paperwork.

Smart negotiating takes patience but can really maximize your land sale return.

Closing the Sale Efficiently

Once you've agreed on a price and terms with the buyer, you still have to finalize the real estate transaction. Here are some tips for closing efficiently:

  • Involve attorneys early to review the purchase contract details and title work.
  • Research title insurance, property transfer taxes, recording fees and other closing costs.
  • Gather all required documentation about the property - deeds, plans, plats, disclosures, etc.
  • For contingent deals, stay involved until contingencies are met and the closing is triggered.
  • Confirm final walkthroughs and possession transfer details with the buyer.
  • Review final closing statements from attorneys and adjust as needed.
  • Submit paperwork to officially record the deed transfer with the county.
  • Disburse proceeds from the sale - pay off any outstanding taxes, liens or mortgages.
  • Cancel relevant insurance policies, transfer utilities, and notify relevant entities of the ownership change.

With good preparation, you can close smoothly within your expected timeline and get the net sale proceeds quickly.

Selling Land to a Direct Cash Buyer

A convenient option for selling your land is to work with a company that purchases property directly for cash, such as Land Boss. With an all-cash offer, you can sell your land quickly, avoid extra fees, and eliminate the hassles of finding buyers.

Cash buyers have flexible buying criteria and can purchase all types of land parcels, from open acreage to wooded rural land. They can buy as-is, regardless of issues like encumbrances, zoning restrictions, or lack of road access. There are no contingencies, so once you agree on a price, closing the deal is fast and straightforward.

The purchase price may be at a discount compared to listing it on the open market. But selling directly for cash has many advantages too - speed, simplicity, and avoiding significant listing costs. It makes sense for sellers who want to sell quickly or who own a challenging property.

Final Thoughts

Selling your land in Pennsylvania can seem daunting, but with the right preparation and strategy, you can maximize your profit. Determining fair market value, marketing effectively, negotiating competitively, and streamlining the closing process are key to getting top dollar. Partnering with a reliable cash buyer can make the process much simpler while still paying you fairly. With patience and diligence, you can successfully turn your Pennsylvania property into cash. Just follow these tips to price it right, generate buyer interest, drive up the price, and close the deal smoothly. Soon that unused land will be money in your pocket!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to sell land in Pennsylvania?

It typically takes 1-2 years to sell vacant land in PA if you list it on the open market. But you can sell much faster - within weeks or less - by working with a cash land buyer.

What costs are involved in selling land in PA?

Expect to pay closing costs like legal fees, recording fees, and transfer taxes. You’ll also owe capital gains tax on the sale profit. And if you use an agent, you’ll pay their commission.

Can I sell land in PA without a real estate agent? 

Absolutely! You can sell directly to a cash buyer without any agent. Or sell “by owner” by handling listings and buyers yourself. This saves on agent commissions.

How do I determine the value of my PA land? 

Research recent sales of similar properties nearby. Adjust based on your land’s unique features. Also order an appraisal or consult local real estate agents to help set fair pricing.

How much can I discount my land price to sell fast? 

Most sellers offer 10-20% below market value to attract cash buyers. But the more discount you offer, the faster it will sell. Consider how quickly you want to close the deal.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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