How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Missouri?

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How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Missouri?

Bart Waldon

As lands pass between generations in one the heaviest agricultural producing states with lineage farms spanning rural Missouri for centuries now, navigating divestiture of unwanted or non-core acreage parcels continues gaining urgency for inheritors preferring liquidity over directly overseeing assets. Fortunately, several strategic acceleration steps exist simplifying processes selling inherited lands faster for heirs now preferring exits.

Missouri Land Ownership at a Glance

According to the United States Agricultural Census released in 2022, Missouri farmland ownership metrics currently indicate:

  • 87% of land remains family owned across over 95 million total farm acreage
  • However, the average age of Missouri farmers exceeds 60 years old now as sons/daughters migrate away from operations
  • 20% of farmland transfers soon with many new inheritances subdividing assets over the coming decade

With significant generational transitions forthcoming, understanding options streamlining sales comes critical for descendants grappling poor fit holdings they stand likely partition or liquidate entirely seeking cleaner estate reconciliations. Simplifying Missouri land divestitures speeds legacies.

Top Challenges Selling Inherited Land Conventionally

Attempting sales of unwanted land conventionally through MLS listings opens several common frustrations for hereditary owners including:

  • Out of state heirs lack localized pricing insights to accurately value land & mineral assets spanning acres. Current comparables analysis proves difficult imperfectly assessing from remote geography.
  • If multiple descendants co-inherit Missouri real estate, conflicting intentions muddy attempts coordinating optimal sale strategies satisfying all. Disputes may emerge requiring litigation.
  • Historically, agricultural land bids tend attract neighbor farmers seeking consolidation rather than maximized pricing land could support if zone development permitted. Arguments become emotional draining heirs unaccustomed haggling.
  • Between broker fees, required property condition improvements and today’s rising land carrying costs brought by inflation, over a year easily passes before sales closure rewards start materializing to offset expenses locked up still in unwanted acreage.

The above factors all delay direct payoffs for inheritors seeking more expedient liquidation events after inheriting land unfamiliar now with best use specifics or local value pricing nuances. Simplifications exist alleviating common sale burdens.

Selling Land Privately for Cash Rather Than Realtors

Growing options now exist consulting privately held Midwest land buying companies seeking discounted acquisition deals directly from motivated inheritance beneficiaries in states like Missouri with significant family owned property turnover upcoming. These cash land buyers present inherent advantages addressing common sale obstacles described above through:

  • Instant access receiving quick cash offers after initial property information reviews by the land investors themselves seeking off market opportunities. Quick online valuations spit out using current data modeling.
  • Coordinating inheritances between multiple beneficiaries by structuring single point contacts and papering co-ownership agreements that delimit descendant disagreements derailing sales as individual directions diverge. Staff attorneys assist navigating judiciously.
  • Assuming responsibilities marketing land opportunities to suitable buyers rather than leaving onus with remote inheritors lacking local relationship networks. Investors already know key adjacent farm operators suitable for repurposing lands to be resold.
  • Providing browsing tools where heirs upload land documentation for secure investor review to evaluate deals. Contact forms then submit requesting pricing consultations once assessed internally qualifying potential acquisition viability. Remote coordination simplified.

What Cash Land Investors Review When Valuing Deals

To derive initial purchase offers inheritors request, reputable Midwest land investment firms analyze several key attributes including:

  • Planting history for cropland - whether lands actively tilled recently or fallow suggesting repairs possibly necessary reviving fertility
  • Forested acreage yields - timber cruise analysis estimating harvestable wood values
  • Access road conditions confirming easements, culverts, drainage capacities supporting equipment and builds
  • Proximity to improved roadways, utility infrastructure ideal supporting higher development value
  • Amount tax liabilities owed currently that may compel owners exit if burdensome
  • Recorded easements, title issues that could limit usage viability reducing marketability to commercial partners

Based on professional review above by seasoned land asset teams, cash land buyers derive fair offer pricing for heirs burdened by hard-to-sell Midwestern real estate inherited that initial consultation phone calls deliver with owners directly to launch conversations. Sellers requiring accelerated liquidity events due pressing financial or court ordered mandates pending find the rapid response valuations combined within streamlined legal closing processes cash buyers provide relieve many struggles attempting vacant land sales independently through traditional channels. Land investment companies exist specializing in this service niche emerge as preferred partners simplifying unwieldy inherited real estate disposition challenges tenfold for new land owners facing unfamiliar terrain managing legacy properties now less optimal personally retaining.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Inherited Land

When seeking to sell unwanted parcels of land passed through complex inheritance channels delivering ownership fractions and byzantine paperwork trails across multiple descendants unfamiliar with smooth real estate transactions, several common novice mistakes arise jeopardizing deals.

Attempting Solo Land Value Appraisals

New land owners residing out of state remotely struggle accurately valuing holdings spanning dozens or hundreds of remote rural acres based on scant insights into delicate local market dynamics driving regional pricing on agricultural, timber and development lands they now unexpectedly oversee. Seeking expert valuation guidance from local realtors or specialized inherited land buying firms prevents leaving money on the table pricing beneath true market rates simply to expedite otherwise difficult liquidations.

Rushing Agreement with Initial Buyers

With limited pricing orientation inheriting land, new owners often immediately accept initial purchase offers whether from neighbors, investors or even extended family before fully understanding fair deal ranges aligned with current county rates per acre founded on highest and best land usage potential as zoned. This leads considerable profits left behind selling too hastily. Wise heirs discuss options before tying fate to the first bid.

Attempting Solo Title Defect Resolution

When co-inheriting lands with siblings spread nationally, conflicting intentions negotiating individually with title firms often results in confusion stalling sales awaiting consensus while property taxes and disputes linger accruing carrying costs draining value. Delegating authority to inherited property specialists with both legal and sales backgrounds keeps transactions progressing through obstacles that commonly discourage amateur inheritor collectives from cooperating to divest lands expeditiously.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the sale of unwanted inherited Missouri land requires specialized capabilities and local market proficiency remote out-of-state inheritors often lack attempting self-directed liquidations inefficiently listing lands through conventional channels. This frequently delays succession resolutions. But reputable cash land buying firms now provide simplified sale solutions addressing complications stemming from appraisal difficulties, title conflicts and multi-owner disagreements that commonly obstruct conventional sales ambitions with inherited real estate nationally. Partnering a trusted advisor intimately knows area pricing nuances, development potential and key purchase players speeds land sales materially for heirs seeking rapid yet fair monetization of non-essential land assets now transferred protecting broader generational wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the land sale process typically run start to funded finish?

With motivated sellers willing supplying required parcel details promptly for buyer assessment, investigators valuing deals rapidly using algorithms benchmarking area sales. Closings execute within 30-60 days average including necessary title conveyance filings.

Do cash land buyers cover all selling expenses like title insurance, recording documentation etc?

Yes. Handling entire backend legal and administration burden gets removes from inheriting sellers seeking simplicity end these unwanted assets. Costs absorb to enable most net funding arrive owners directly in shortest durations.

What land types appeal most to Midwestern land buyers? 

Mixes of open pasture/cropland and managed woodlands supporting both agriculture and hunting recreation. Lands buffered by improved roadways and near utility access infrastructure also retain appeal anticipating area development over next decades as regional economies grow. Sites with mineral/wind/solar rights intact bring added value.

How does the land buying process progress?

Initial confidential consults online or by phone assess viability. Investors then retrieve due diligence from public records and evaluate deals internally. Formal offers tendered if compelling situation for both parties aligns. Closing docs later expedited using secure digital convents and funds release. Attorney assisted stages ensure proper protections.

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Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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