How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Illinois?

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How to Sell Inherited Land Fast in Illinois?

Bart Waldon

Managing vacant acreage properly often becomes unviable for inheritors based remotely, confronting tax burdens or simply lacking requisite farming, husbandry or development expertise. This guide outlines avenues Illinois residents can adopt selling unwanted inherited land efficiently. Beyond reputation real estate agents and auctioneers, we also explore emerging online land buyers facilitating faster, profitable holdings divestitures.

Introduction - Illinois Land Ownership Dynamics

Surveys indicate Illinois contains over 55,000 square miles of land of which over three-fourths comprises highly fertile farmland. This agricultural bounty sees the state ranking fifth nationally in crude food and livestock production. Another 10% includes forestlands and developed urban infrastructure. Average per-acre valuation remains around $7,000 across rural counties as the aging proprietor demographic increasingly divests unwanted holdings.

With robust cultivation activity, numerous farmers seek enlarging existing production acreage through additional purchases. Meanwhile, strong hunter demand for woodland leases keeps tax valuations stable for forested properties. Online sales avenues now conveniently unite successor trustees with serious buyers statewide to transact inherited farmland or estate acquisitions despite fragmented ownership distribution.

Challenges Selling Vacant Inherited Land Conventionally

Attempting to sell vacant or unutilized inherited properties like woodlands or small farms through traditional channels like enlisting real estate agents or auctions often becomes an uphill proposition for inheritors not based locally including:

Lengthy Sale Durations 

Marketing and closing sales of rural real estate may span months or even years amidst the niche buyer demographics attracted to largely undeveloped land lacking structures. Most inheritors have limited holding power facing property tax or maintenance fees.

Input Needs Outstrip Returns 

Reviving neglected acreage to rent or run viable farming operations requires massive upfront investments in land improvements, equipment purchases and operating capital exceeding foreseeable income – especially for non-resident inheritors lacking farming or husbandry experience. They fare better liquidating land.

As such, most inheritors lacking agriculture, leisure estate or land development expertise look to sell such vacant acreage promptly to avoid being saddled with deteriorating, economically non-viable assets eroding estate value.

We explore options facilitating expedited sales processes for successors dealing with land or rural property bequests situated in Illinois.

Top Websites Listing Illinois Land for Sale to Wide Audiences

Those open to proactively advertising inherited acreage for attracting potential buyers online can utilize these popular real estate sites providing detailed statewide exposure:

Farm & Ranch Guide 

With over 50% web traffic originating from outside Illinois, this portal reaches both regional and national audiences seeking Midwest property on account of well-indexed classifieds style listings searchable by factors like size, price and location.

Land and Farm 

A top agriculture property hub with extensive realtor partnerships ensures good visibility for farmland, hunting acreage and forestlands on the market to relevant lessees like crops cultivators and leisure enthusiasts seeking to establish or expand Illinois land holdings.


Although renowned for residential listings, Zillow sees growing demand for vacant plots from tiny buildable spaces to vast rural hideaways as urban dwellers increasingly embrace remote living. Easy price comparisons aid sale price benchmarking.

In essence, deploying a portfolio strategy advertising across multiple platforms expands prospective buyer visibility. Listings should highlight site viability factors like road access, terrain, zoning rules and special features assisting intended usage.

How Direct Buyers Help Expedite Sales of Illinois Inherited Land

For inheritors needing urgent entity-level liquidation or facing financial strains from estate taxes plus holding costs for unwanted vacant land, direct buying companies deliver relatively quick sales avenues through four key mechanisms:

Property Valuation

Sellers provide details like parcel location, survey records and site photographs online for licensed appraisers to evaluate plots considering comparable land valuations and competitive demand metrics in surrounding county submarkets.

Buying Offers

Discounted offers equating to approx. 60-70% of market valuations subsequently get extended to account for expenses and risks tied to vacant land. Lower pricing assists owners mitigate inherited asset divestiture needs.

Title Transfer 

Upon offer acceptance, legal teams assume submitting surveys, deed transfers and closing paperwork for turnkey compliance. Inheritors directly receive proceeds promptly via cash channels, simplifying estate settlements.

Resale Listings 

Finally, purchased sites get resold to relevant farmer, developer or outdoor enthusiast audiences seeking land plots at prices aligning with utilization viability for agriculture, commercial projects, tourism initiatives etc. Companies may sell locally or via national buyer networks.

Mainstream classifieds platforms allow inherited land owners to independently advertise properties seeking potential buyers. However, direct land buying companies extend guaranteed offers and smooth legal concierge services allowing expedited sales suiting those needing urgent divestiture of vacant acreage to resolve estate settlements or related financial obligations. Evaluate both avenues when liquidating gifted land based on situational needs and holdings.

Final Thoughts

While listing inherited property on sites like Zillow taps wider audiences, direct buyers like Land Boss extend discounted yet fair cash offers for swift sales completion. This eliminates lengthy property marketing delays and legal complexities owners face divesting unwanted land—an ideal solution for non-local beneficiaries needing liquidity from estates. Carefully weigh the merits of both avenues based on personal objectives, property type and timeframe considerations when liquidating gifted acreage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much below market value do direct buyers offer for my land? 

Land buyers provide approx. 60-70% of appraised value considering expenses reducing net land prices over holding durations. Offers remain fair by industry standards.

What type of inherited properties do you purchase?

We purchase a diverse spectrum of gifted vacant plots including farmland, forested acreage, rural estates, orchards etc. Simply provide details for evaluation.

How long does the entire sales process take with a land buyer? 

From initial property value estimation to closing and receipt of payment by the seller, the streamlined process concludes within 14-30 days with direct buyers.

What documents do I need to provide to sell my inherited land?

Initial details include property location, size, type, zoning, site photographs and ownership transfer records like the deed, title report and tax certificates. The buyer’s legal team handles remaining documentation.

Can I sell just a portion instead of the entire land parcel? 

Yes, absolutely. Inheritors can choose divesting parts or the whole gifted property that becomes available. Buyers purchase land amounts aligning with your liquidation preferences.

Do you resell purchased land plots? If so, to whom? 

Yes, acquired properties get resold at adjusted pricing to farmers, residential developers, agricultural product companies or leisure investors seeking land suited for usage intent like cultivation, commercial projects or tourism initiatives.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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