How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Arkansas?

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How Long Does it Take to Sell Land in Arkansas?

Bart Waldon

Closing raw land deals requires navigating an often complex web of zoning variances, market waves, appraisal negotiations and buyer qualifications. Yet for Arkansas owners seeking to offload acreage, a primary question looms - what are realistic time expectations from list to sale? Per the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, the average time span for marketed Arkansas agricultural property sits at 185 days - slightly over 6 months. However, that benchmark applies specifically to farmland and ranch assets based on cultivation profitability and equipment included. The runway can drag out much further when dealing in vacant residential or commercial-zoned tracts. 

This guide takes an in-depth look at what’s involved in selling land in Arkansas and provides tips to help expedite the process.

Getting Your Land Sale Ready in Arkansas

Before placing your Arkansas land on the market, you’ll want to make sure all your ducks are in a row. Taking time on the front-end to prepare will pay off tremendously down the road. Key steps include:

Conduct Due Diligence

It’s essential to fully understand what you have and verify there are no encumbrances on the title. Order a title search to uncover any easements, expired leases from mineral rights holders, boundary disputes with adjacent land owners or other complications. Resolve outstanding issues ahead of listing your Arkansas property for sale when possible.

Conduct Mineral Rights Review

Along with the title search, order a mineral rights report to understand who holds claims to resources below ground like natural gas, oil, timber and so on. This gets recorded separately from surface land rights. Any reservations must get disclosed to buyers ahead of time.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Gather all existing paperwork related to the land including the deed, title insurance policy, property survey, tax documents, information on utilities access and more. Organize everything neatly so it’s ready to present to prospective buyers.

Determine Zoning Classification

Check in with your local county assessor's office to identify the zoning classification and if there are any use restrictions. This will impact who can buy the land and what they can build or develop there.

Consider Parcel Split

Sometimes selling your land in smaller sections rather than one large chunk can garner higher prices per acre. Surveyors can split off five acres or more. However, this does add to your upfront costs.

Address Any Structures

If the land holds permanent structures like a house, barn, shed etc, decide whether to sell as-is, spend money readying them for usage or demolish before listing. Their presence can complicate deals.

Ready Access

If the land doesn’t border a public road, you may need to create an easement. Extending electric and water utilities can also raise property value. But prepare for the expenses involved.

Research Rezoning Requirements 

If current zoning hampers your property’s best use in the eyes of buyers, research options to rezone it to align with their intentions like agricultural, residential, commercial and more. The costs and complexities vary by county.

Account For Tax Implications

Meet with a tax advisor to estimate capital gains owed on the sale. If you've held the land long-term, taxes take a chunk from profits. Prepare documentation showing invested improvements to reduce taxes.

Define Your Motivation

Clearly understanding why you want to sell allows for smarter pricing. Research comparable land sale prices in the surrounding area so you can competitively position your asking rate. Be willing to negotiate for a quicker close.

Hire an Arkansas Real Estate Agent

A local real estate professional well-versed in land deals will prove invaluable. They can handle listing logistics, market your property, screen buyers, negotiate offers and guide you through closing. Typically, they’ll take a 4-10% commission on the final sale price.

Pricing Your Arkansas Land Appropriately

Setting the right asking price is imperative to selling your land quicker rather than later. When angling for top dollar, you run the risk of it languishing on the market for years. Consider these aspects when valuing your property:

Comparable Sales

A MUST prior to listing. Vet what similar land parcels have sold for in your county lately. The selling price per acre gives perspective on current area rates.

Appraisal Opinion

Hiring an independent appraiser to assess your land provides a professional viewpoint what it could realistically be worth to buyers. Their valuation opinion carries weight.

Direct Comps

If a neighboring land parcel with equivalent acreage and features recently sold, this represents a direct comparable sale. The price per acre they achieved greatly informs appropriate pricing.

Property Improvements

Any work you’ve conducted to enhance access, utilities, drainage, clearing land etc on the site get factored into fair market value. Document expenses for incremental bumps in list price.

Financing Terms

Offering owner financing with only a percentage down can motivate quicker sales. You collect interest income while unlocking equity without requiring a full lump sum payment.

Once you’ve gathered pertinent inputs on potential property value, decide on an asking price that won’t paralyze prospective buyers. Be ready to negotiate to motivate action.

Effective Marketing Essentials for Selling Land

With pricing set, now focus on spreading the word that your land is for sale through various outreach channels.

For Sale Signage

Placing eye-catching signage along the property’s road frontage alerts passing cars of availability. Include photos, acreage, agent contact info, website for more details.

Online Listings

Major hubs like Zillow, Trulia and draw ample house hunters. Pay to showcase your listing for maximum impressions.

Social Media

Area Facebook Groups, NextDoor messaging and online community boards all enable targeted local marketing of your land parcel at minimal cost.

Print Advertising

Running classifieds in Arkansas newspapers and magazines exposes your listing to broader audiences. But the costs add up quicker than digital options.


Broadcast the word at regional networking events, school meetings, community gatherings, places of worship and other tribal touchpoints.

Direct Mailers

POSTCARD mailers sent to homeowners in adjoining neighborhoods/counties keeps your listing top of mind for land seekers.

Land Auctions

Hiring an auction company to sell your parcel to the highest bidder brings serious buyers willing to compete. This strategy works best for unique sites or hot markets.

No matter the outreach mediums, include eye-catching photos, bullet point details and calls-to-action to drive engagement from qualified prospects.

Tips to Attract Serious Buyers in Arkansas

High Quality Listing Photos

Invest in a professional photography session to capture visually appealing images showcasing your land’s scenery and assets. This motivates more inquiries than DIY cell phone pics.

Video Property Tour

Create a cinematic video tour prospective buyers can virtually walk themselves through the grounds and surrounding areas - bringing your listing to life effectively.

Promote Special Attributes

Play up one-of-a-kind features like river frontage, ATV trails, wildlife, legacy trees, off-grid potential etc. through copy and graphics. Leverage uniqueness!

Prioritize Responsive Communication

Return calls and emails ASAP to build rapport with agents and buyers alike. Being readily available builds trust and credibility during negotiations.

Navigating the Arkansas Land Sale Process

Once you garner buyer interest, navigate next steps wisely through to the closing table - where your payday awaits! Here's what to expect after receiving an offer.

Assess Strength of Offer

Is the buyer’s offer in line with expectations? Were there any contingencies attached? How does their financing plan look? Understanding offer dynamics is critical before responding.

Negotiate as Needed

Don’t fear pushing back on aspects like requested closing date, final price, release of liability, materials left on site etc. Negotiate the strongest arrangement for your needs before accepting.

Due Diligence Period

After an offer is formally accepted, the buyer usually has 30 days to conduct deeper due diligence through land surveys, soil tests, environmental studies etc.

Title Work

Your title company prepares necessary paperwork like the title insurance commitment and deed meanwhile to prep for closing.

Final Walkthrough

Shortly before close, accompany the buyer on a final property walkthrough to ensure nothing has changed since initially viewed.

Closing Process

This last step happens with both parties signing all prepared documents in front of third-party settlement agents. The buyer then pays the agreed amount and you hand over the land deed.

Be Responsive & Reasonable

Throughout the Arkansas land sale journey, strive to respond quickly to inquiries, offer fair compromises during negotiations and complete any action items for title company timely. The smoother interactions go, the faster everything progresses.

The Keys to Closing Deals More Quickly in Arkansas

Along with reasonable pricing and aligned expectations, equip buyers early with everything required to finalize deals promptly.

Pull Information Buyers Need

Gather property surveys, title docs, disclosures, tax records etc rather than waiting for requests. Being prepared is impressive.

Vet Buyer Financing Early

Beyond verifying funds, ensure lending and appraisal timelines support targeted close dates promises fall through unexpectedly.

Lean on Experts as Needed

Rely on third-party closing attorneys to quickly handle paperwork, title transfers. Appraisers can swiftly validate fair pricing. Surveyor and inspectors address issues. Leverage experienced specialists at every junction to circumvent hangups derailing progress.

How Long Does Selling Land Take in Arkansas?

While the complete journey spans 1-2 years on average, strategic pricing, extensive marketing and reasonable negotiations can drastically shorten your timeline. Sellers focused purely on maximizing profits typically endure the longest delays.

If needing to liquidate land assets quicker, consider the following options:

Sell to Land Buying Companies

Many companies like Land Boss specialize in buying and selling land in Arkansas. They purchase property directly for competitive cash offers and handle everything from valuation to closing. This simplifies logistics substantially for quicker payouts.

Auction Listing

Hiring an auction company creates urgency among bidders driving up final sales prices. Auctions typically culminate within 30-90 days from listing to closing.

Subdivide Before Selling

Breaking a large parcel into smaller 1-5 acres lots multiplies your buyer pool. You also recoup more profit per acre. Prep work is extensive but so are your chances of faster sales.

Price Aggressively

Aim slightly below average per acre market rates to incentivize buyers and prevent drag out negotiations. As long as you still profit, taking less upfront pays off through quicker closure.

In today’s evolving Arkansas land market, creativity and flexibility remain pivotal - whether aiming to offload property pronto or willing to hold longer for bigger investment returns. Define priorities upfront to craft an approach catered to your needs and risk profile.

The Detriments of Overpricing Arkansas Land

Here are downsides of pie-in-the-sky asking prices on your property:

Turn Off Potential Buyers

Pricing too ambitiously makes low ball offers the only option. This discourages serious buyers from even considering your listing when more realistically aligned options exist.

Attract Looky-Loos Over Serious Buyers

The signaling of overpricing attracts more ‘looky-loos’ than qualified prospects willing and able to buy in that range.

Risk Missing Out on Peak-Season Demand

The most active sales seasons are Spring and Summer given temperate weather. Overpricing can cause you to miss out on opportunities during peak demand periods each year - extending overall timelines drastically.

Increased Carrying Costs Over Time

The longer a property stays listed, holding costs like taxes, insurance, maintenance etc accumulate - eating away at profits.

What CAN Motivate Quick Buys in Arkansas

Buyers able to Close Swiftly

Prioritizing offers with few to no financing contingencies proves key for fastest closure. All cash deals or minimal lending required keeps things moving.

Reasonable Negotiations

Resisting temptation to nickel and dime every counteroffer preserves positive momentum. Meet in the middle when possible.

Responsive Communications

Replies within 24 hours, same business day when possible, keeps buyers engaged amidst other competing options the longer their search continues.

Final Thoughts

Selling land in Arkansas takes savvy and patience, spanning 1-2 years on average until closure. Yet strategic pricing, extensive marketing and reasonable negotiations can dramatically quicken your odds of success. Conduct thorough due diligence upfront to understand what you have and resolve any issues. Gather documents early that buyers will need and rely on specialized experts to streamline the closing process. Consider creative options as well like auction listings, subdividing or selling to trusted land companies with means for fast purchases. Performing this important prep work, setting expectations properly and responding promptly at every turn stands to expedite your land liquidation endeavors in the Natural State.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to sell land in Arkansas?

Primary expenses involved in selling Arkansas land include the real estate agent's 4-10% commission fee, appraisal costs, closing attorney charges, advertising and marketing spend, plus any preparatory work like land surveys, rezoning applications, access or utility improvements and more. Overall costs generally range from 10-15% of the final sale price.

How can I find buyers interested in my Arkansas land? 

The best ways to reach targeted buyers are through online property hubs like Zillow and, Arkansas-focused social media groups and community message boards, print advertising in regional newspapers and magazines, networking events and direct mailers.

What information do buyers need when selling Arkansas land?

Buyers will want property details like acreage, zoning classification and usage restrictions, prior land surveys marking boundaries and topography, title insurance commitments verifying ownership, disclosures on prior liens or easements, tax records and info demonstrating access to electric/water utilities.

What are the steps after receiving an offer on Arkansas land? 

After receiving an official offer, evaluate terms to ensure alignment with expectations on price, closing timeframe etc. Negotiate any points needed to strengthen the offer before formally accepting. Then allow the buyer's 30-day due diligence period for inspections etc. Meanwhile, the title company prepares closing paperwork. Last is final walkthrough and closing session for exchanging funds and deed transfer.

How can I sell my Arkansas land fast? 

Tactics for expedited land sales include pricing aggressively below market averages, having a real estate agent pre-qualify buyers to weed out false leads, offering owner financing terms requiring less upfront payment, hiring an auction company to catalyze bidding wars and selling directly to trusted land buying companies for an all-cash offer.

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Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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