Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Vermont Quickly

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Help! I Need to Sell My Land in Vermont Quickly

Bart Waldon

Are you a Vermont landowner facing the pressing need to sell your property quickly? You're not alone in this challenging real estate market. According to the USDA's Land Values 2023 Summary, Vermont's farm real estate value, including land and buildings, averaged $3,550 per acre in 2023, up 3.5% from the previous year. While this increase might seem promising, it's important to note that the average time on market for raw land in Vermont can be significantly longer than residential properties, often extending beyond 180 days. These factors, combined with the state's strict land use regulations, can make selling land in Vermont a complex and time-consuming process. However, with the right strategies and understanding of the local market, it's possible to expedite your land sale and achieve your goals.

The Land Sale Market in Vermont

Vermont real estate, including vacant land, is in high demand due to the state's natural beauty and appeal for second home buyers. However, the market is still relatively small compared to more populated states. This can make efficiently selling land challenging at times.

Additionally, factors like confusing regulations, remote parcel locations, liens, and unpaid taxes can further complicate and delay land sales. Situations like job loss, medical bills, or an out-of-state move can create urgency in needing to sell Vermont property fast.

When you're facing pressing financial issues or just want to swiftly sell your Vermont land for cash, considering creative selling solutions beyond just listing with an agent or online can help.

Tips for Selling Your Vermont Land Quickly

If you need to sell your land fast in Vermont, here are some tips to help expedite the sale:

Price Your Land Competitively

Overpricing is one of the biggest mistakes Vermont land sellers make when trying to sell quickly. Even if you have sentimental attachment to your property, its timber value, or amount you originally paid - none of that matters to cash buyers.

Appraise your land value realistically against current market data for faster sales. This usually means pricing your land at least 10-20% under actual market value.

Market Aggressively to Cash Buyers

Cash buyers have funds readily available and can close quickly. Target your marketing to investors, developers or direct land buyers instead of just listing on MLS or basic online sites.

  • Use sites like Land and Farm that cater specifically to land buyers
  • Market across multiple platforms - don't rely solely on your agent to sell
  • Leverage social media to broaden exposure
  • Contact local land buying companies directly about buying your property

Being proactive about promoting your listing specifically to cash buyers versus passive marketing efforts can drastically reduce days on market.

Offer Owner Financing Terms

Providing your own financing terms to prospective buyers in exchange for a higher price can motivate faster sales. This allows buyers to purchase the property with just a down payment and spread remaining balance over time.

Be sure to use a land contract agreement that legally covers the transaction and payment enforcement. Consult an attorney to protect your interests if opting to self-finance a Vermont land sale.

Consider Land Buying Companies

Selling directly to a local land buying company for cash provides assurance your property will sell quickly, albeit often at a lower profit margin.

Companies like Land Boss buy a high volume of Vermont land parcels from motivated sellers in need of fast sales. This disruptor model in the land business closes deals in days that would take months (or years) through traditional sales methods.

However, these companies have the unique ability to purchase properties in any condition, without contingencies, and handle all closing duties - greatly accelerating the sell speed.

It's no secret though that convenience and speed come at the expense of maximizing profit. Land buying companies will typically purchase properties at wholesale prices around 50-70% of retail market value.

For many Vermont land owners needing urgent cash, selling at a discount is favorable over struggling to sell independently or paying accumulating holding fees for months or years.

Steps for Selling Land in Vermont Quickly

Selling vacant land doesn't have to be an overwhelming process - especially when you need to sell quickly. Here are some simple actionable steps:

1. Verify Full Ownership

Before listing your Vermont property, pull documentation to confirm you hold 100% ownership and title with no outstanding liens. Attempting to sell with shared ownership or legal issues will stall closure.

As well, delineate exact acreage and boundary lines. Secure any surveys, plots, or plats verifying precise property details. Discrepancies or confusion over what land is included can hinder deals.

2. Research Realistic Local Pricing

Don't overestimate value based on tax assessments or outdated analysis. Thoroughly research recently sold comparable land parcels in the local area to gauge accurate pricing for a quick sale.

Overpricing is unavoidable holding up sales. If selling under distress, recognize accepting a lower profitable price is often required.

3. Create Marketing Materials

Gather property details, photos/video, development plans, utility availability, etc. to effectively advertise your Vermont land - especially when directly contacting buyers.

Well compiled listing documentation cuts sales cycles by eliminating back and forth info requests.

4. Market to Cash Buyers

Implement the sales and marketing tips presented earlier to reachable cash buyers - not just passive MLS listings. Target investors, builders, direct land buyers, etc. through multiple platforms.

5. Vet, Negotiate and Close

Once you secure a qualified cash buyer ready to purchase your Vermont property, move diligently through the closing process within their time frame.

Discuss sale terms, negotiate pragmatically, and close the deal through an experienced real estate attorney. Avoid haggling over small details or unhealthy attachment to the property that can risk the buyer walking away.

Why Choose Land Boss for Buying Your Vermont Land?

As experienced land professionals operating for over 5 years, Land Boss specializes in buying and selling land parcels across the state.

We provide guaranteed closings in your timeframe, with no closing costs or fees. Our team handles everything including:

  • Property valuation analysis
  • Title/ownership confirmation
  • Sale contracting & legal documentation
  • Payoff & release of any liens
  • All closing coordination

This allows you to cash out and move on with no hassles or delays in a few weeks, rather than waiting months or years to sell through traditional channels.

Land Boss buys properties as-is, without requiring costly updates or improvements to facilitate a quick closing. If you need to expedite selling your Vermont land for cash, contact us directly for a no-obligation property assessment and cash offer.

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land quickly in Vermont can be difficult due to various factors - no matter the urgency behind your sale. However, by understanding the localized land market intricacies and leveraging the right sales methods, your property can sell in weeks instead of months or years.

Choose reasonable pricing aligned with current comps data, market specifically to cash buyers, consider creative financing terms, or work with a specialized land buying company. Taking these proactive measures when preparing to sell will minimize sales cycles and headaches.

With preparation and persistence selling your Vermont land swiftly is an achievable goal, even if having to take a moderate discount from hoped sale price targets. The key is focusing efforts directly on relevant cash buyers through multiple channels to catalyze deals. This allows you to cash out and move forward with your financial or life priorities through a streamlined property sale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it usually take to sell vacant land in Vermont?

It typically takes 1-2 years to sell vacant land in Vermont through traditional listings and agents. This prolonged sales cycle is often due to remote parcel locations, a lack of market exposure, and not pricing competitively.

What discounts can I expect when selling to a land buying company?

Land buying companies will usually pay between 50-70% of actual market value. The convenience of a guaranteed cash offer and handling all closing costs comes at the trade-off of maximizing sale price.

Does my Vermont land need to be surveyed before selling?

Not always, but having verified acreage/boundary surveys does streamline sale processes. Some buyers may request them to secure exact property details or require as condition of finalizing purchases.

How can I estimate my Vermont land's current value?

Comparing prices of recent land sales in your local Vermont area filtered by acreage, usage designation, and feature set will provide most accurate pricing gauge. County appraiser data may lag.

What fees typically apply when selling Vermont land?

Median closing costs of 8-10% of the sale price account for legal fees, title insurance, recording charges, transfer taxes and more. These fees vary based on property type, sale price and other factors.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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