10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Michigan

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10 Ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Michigan

Bart Waldon

Selling land in Michigan can be a challenging process that requires time, effort, and the right strategies. With over 56,000 square miles of land area, Michigan offers diverse terrain from forests, farms, and coastlines. Whether you have a vacant plot, hunting land, or a large acreage, maximizing its value and attractiveness to potential buyers is key to a quick sale.

10 Ways to Sell Your Land Effectively

Follow these 10 tips to help sell your Michigan land faster:

1. Price Your Land Competitively

Setting the right asking price for your property is one of the most important things you can do to sell your land quickly. Pricing too high will limit your pool of potential buyers. You also want to avoid pricing too low and leaving money on the table!

Research recent land sales in your county and neighboring areas. A real estate agent can provide comps and help you determine an optimal listing price. Price your land based on its highest and best use while factoring in its unique attributes. Periodically re-evaluate your asking price if you don’t get activity in the first few months.

2. Highlight the Property’s Best Features

A vacant plot may not seem exciting, but every parcel has unique value. Play up the property’s assets and selling points when marketing to buyers. Useful features like road or water frontage, wooded acreage, tillable soil, mineral rights, etc. can grab attention.

Showcase the potential uses - recreation, development, farming, etc. Write an enticing property description that speaks to buyers. Use photos and videos to showcase the natural scenery, views, vegetation, topography, and other visual assets.

3. Get an Appraisal to Validate Asking Price

Hiring an appraiser to assess your land value can give you expert perspective on pricing. It also validates your asking amount with a third party opinion, which buyers appreciate.

Be sure to find an appraiser experienced in land valuations. The cost is usually a few hundred dollars but worth the investment. Ask the appraiser about comps in the area and what pricing they recommend based on the property details.

4. List the Property on Multiple Websites

Cast a wide net by listing your Michigan land for sale across multiple platforms. The most popular options are Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and LandWatch. These give broad online exposure.

You can list on your own or hire a real estate agent to get maximum visibility. Each site also reaches different buyer audiences, so cross-list for best results. Don’t forget to post on local classifieds like Craigslist too.

5. Market to Local Buyers

While online listings are key, don’t underestimate the value of old-fashioned local marketing tactics. Buyers looking in certain Michigan counties or towns may never think to browse the big national sites.

Place classified ads in local newspapers and magazines popular in the area. Put up eye-catching yard signs or banners on the property. Connect with nearby landowners, farmers, and acreage enthusiasts who may be interested or know someone who is.

6. Be Flexible on Terms and Price

Sometimes terms and price are what prevent an otherwise interested buyer from moving forward. Consider offering flexibility on these points to make a sale more enticing.

You can incentivize buyers by offering seller financing terms, where you hold a mortgage and collect payments. Price drops also motivate - periodically reducing the list price if there’s no activity. A bit of creativity can get more folks excited about your property.

7. Allow Activities Like Hunting or Camping

Even if a buyer isn’t ready to purchase immediately, you can still generate interest by letting them experience the land. Consider allowing activities like camping, fishing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, hunting, hiking, or leasing usage rights.

This gets your property “pre-sold” when they fall in love with the experience. At minimum collect liability waivers. You can even charge nominal fees that let you earn while waiting for a sale.

8. Divide the Parcel into Smaller Lots

On larger acreages, splitting your land into smaller 1-5 acre parcels can expand your buyer pool. The reduced size is more affordable and appeals to those looking for a vacation cottage, private hunting land, or mini-farm.

Verify with your local zoning office on any restrictions, then engage a surveyor to create the newly divided lots. Make sure to highlight the lot dimensions and boundaries clearly when marketing the smaller parcels.

9. Offer Owner Financing

Offering your own financing rather than requiring a traditional mortgage can motivate buyers. The seller holds a land contract and the buyer makes installments over time until paid off. Monthly payments go directly to you rather than the bank.

Owner financing opens your property to buyers who may not qualify for other loans. Be sure to consult an attorney to structure the land contract properly and protect your interests as a seller.

10. Consider a “We Buy Land” Company

Selling your land quickly sometimes means considering non-traditional buyers. Companies like Land Boss specialize in buying Michigan land directly from owners using cash with no contingencies. This simplifies the process.

A benefit is not having to wait months or years trying to sell it yourself. After an initial property assessment, many companies can make an offer within days to a few weeks. The cash payout provides a quick resolution so you can move on from the burden of owning unused land.

Selling land in Michigan takes effort, but employing an intentional strategy will help attract buyers sooner. Following these 10 tips can boost interest, maximize value, and reduce the time your property sits on the market unsold. With the right approach, you can successfully sell your slice of Michigan’s beautiful land resources.

Is it Effective to Sell Land Online?

Selling land online has become a popular option for property owners looking to reach more potential buyers quickly and efficiently. With the rise of land listing sites and digital marketing tools, online land sales can be highly effective when done right.

Casting a Wider Net

A major benefit of selling land online is the ability to market your property to countless buyers across a wide geographic area. Land listing sites like Lands of America or LandWatch allow you to list your property and get visibility to site visitors actively browsing for land parcels for sale. This level of exposure is difficult to match through traditional methods alone.

Convenience Appeals to Buyers

The convenience of browsing land listings online appeals to many buyers. They can easily search for their ideal parcel based on location, size, price and other attributes. Virtual tours via photos and videos further help buyers evaluate the property before visiting. The simplicity of the online shopping experience attracts more buyers.

Tools to Showcase Your Property

From listing descriptions to photo galleries, online platforms give sellers effective tools to showcase their land. Highlighting all of the property's unique features, assets and potential uses grabs buyers' attention. Drone videos and 3D virtual tours take it a step further by giving an immersive experience.

When executed well, selling land through digital channels expands your buyer pool and gives convenience to land shoppers. With the right marketing and listings, going online can get your property viewed by more of the right buyers.

Final Thoughts

While selling land through traditional methods still plays an important role, embracing online channels has become essential for maximizing a property's visibility and value. With thoughtful digital marketing and compelling listings, landowners can tap into a broader buyer base and provide a convenient shopping experience. Online exposure complements other sales strategies, bringing in more potential buyers and ultimately driving faster land sales. When executed strategically, selling land online is an efficient and highly effective approach in today's digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What websites are best for listing my land for sale?

Some of the most popular options are Lands of America, Land And Farm, LandWatch, and Zillow. Each site reaches different audiences so list on multiple sites for maximum exposure.

What information should I include in my land listing?

Details like acreage, property boundaries, terrain, utility access, road frontage, and local amenities will help attract qualified buyers. Showcase the best features and include plenty of photos.

How can I make my land listing stand out?

Using drone videos, 3D virtual tours, and highlighting the property's assets/potential helps your listing catch buyers' eyes. Write compelling descriptions focused on what buyers want to know.

Should I hire a real estate agent or sell on my own?

Agents can help ensure maximum visibility and handle negotiations. Selling directly cuts costs but is more work. Evaluate the pros and cons based on your specific situation.

How can I determine a fair asking price for my land?

Research recent comparable land sales in your area. Also consider getting an appraisal by a qualified land valuation expert. Pricing appropriately for the market will attract more buyers.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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