10 ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Arkansas

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10 ways to Sell Your Land Faster in Arkansas

Bart Waldon

With over 33 million acres dedicated to agriculture, forests, and natural splendors, Arkansas offers abundant land investment potential. Nearly 18% of the state’s total acreage falls into private hands according to census data, providing fertile ground for profit. However, challenges like remote locales and fluctuating commodity prices can stall land sales. Listings often languish on the market for over 15 months on average as per industry analysis. 

For savvy landowners educated on conquering the state’s distinctive property market, deals happen faster. Let’s review 10 essential strategies for marketing and closing land faster in Arkansas’ countryside – from pricing advantages to title tricks and creative buyer incentives. Land sales may progress slowly statewide, but owners who master key tactics start seeing sales action in just 6-9 months despite broader turbulence.

10 Tips to Sell Your Land Faster

If you are looking to sell your land faster in Arkansas, here are 10 effective tips:

1. Price Your Land Competitively

Overpricing is one of the biggest mistakes land sellers make. Even if you have an emotional attachment to your property, take a pragmatic approach in setting an asking price. Research the local land market conditions in your county. Analyze comparable land parcels that have sold recently to price your land competitively. This prevents overpricing which deters buyers. Set expectations accurately before putting rural land on the market.

Be willing to negotiate too. Work with an appraiser to correctly price land based on assessment of similar rural or farm land sales recorded recently in the county. This prevents overpricing which deters buyers. Set expectations accurately before putting rural land on the market.

2. Highlight All Possible Uses for The Land

Don’t just label your property as vacant land. Describe creatively what the land could be used for - building a home or ranch, hunting, farming activities, recreational uses or as an investment opportunity. The right buyer looking for land suited to a specific purpose will pay premium dollars. Describe development potential if there is access to things like utilities, water, road infrastructure.

Does your acreage come with any special rights that enhance its usability? In Arkansas, the rights to underground resources like minerals, oil, gas and water could be highly valued if exploration and drilling activity is happening in the county. Even land next to state or national forests become more attractive to buyers looking for seclusion. Research specifics about your property and advertise appropriately to optimize value.

3. Create Visually Appealing Listing Content

Buyers look for visual information about properties online. Hire a professional photographer to capture attractive pictures of your land from various angles. Create an aerial video drone tour showing the entire acreage, terrain and surroundings if possible. Prepare schematics highlighting dimensions, boundary markers, access roads, utility lines and other relevant details. Infographics and maps appeal to land buyers.

4. Advertise & Market Aggressively

Just listing your Arkansas land for sale in the local MLS is not enough. You need targeted marketing to reach serious buyers. Create a professional website for your property with detailed listing content. Distribute emails and flyers to prospects. Network with local real estate investors who flip or develop land. Reach out to neighbors and farms owners nearby to see if they want to expand their holdings.

5. Offer Incentives to Motivate Buyers

Offering incentives can motivate buyers and real estate agents to view and make an offer on your land faster. For example, offer 3% commission to selling agents instead of 2.5% or be willing to include a survey, title insurance, mineral rights, paying for land transfer taxes and legal fees as part of the sale. Being flexible shows you are a motivated seller.

Consider allowing tailored financing solutions if able to offer land owner financing. Maybe start with a modest down payment and contractually tie subsequent installment chunks to completion of development milestones like getting construction permits. The incentive of locking in a great deal now motivates buyers to find the capital to meet future payments.

6. Consider Land Owner Financing

If able, offer land owner financing where you finance the purchase amount for the buyer with a down payment. This allows buyers to purchase property even before they sell existing real estate or obtain a mortgage. It vastly increases the pool of qualified buyers for your land. The buyer then makes payments with interest to you over a number of years when you hold a mortgage on the property.

7. Auction Your Land

More Arkansas land owners are auctioning property to accelerate sales timelines. Hire a company to conduct the auction process professionally for maximum bidding participation. Auctions build excitement and a sense of urgency with predefined dates. You also expand the buyer pool geographically outside your local area. Online land auctions have become popular making the bidding process smooth.

8. Market to Investors Who Buy Land

There are many local and national land buying companies and real estate investors in the business of purchasing acreage and land at wholesale prices in Arkansas using cash. They buy land parcels in any condition without the need for financing which speeds up due diligence and closing times. Consider marketing specifically to reputed companies like Land Boss that have years of experience dealing in Arkansas land transactions.

9. Offer Discounts for a Speedy Sale

Sometimes it makes sense financially to offer land price discounts if the buyer has funds readily available and can close quickly within a defined timeframe. Buyers are likely to waive contingencies too when they see real urgency in the sale process. For example, indicate clearly if you plan to use the sale proceeds to fund an IRS tax payment deadline or make another time-bound investment which compels urgency.

10. Be Responsive & Proactive

When prospective buyers express interest, respond promptly to information requests, allow prompt property viewings and provide necessary documents. Prepare in advance to accelerate due diligence. Follow up diligently with buyers to nurture the sales relationship. Ask buyers what is needed to help push the deal forward. Being proactive in addressing questions and concerns builds trust which leads to faster sales.

The intricacies involved in land transactions require experience and expertise. Network with reputed land realtors in Arkansas who can guide pricing, marketing and negotiations adeptly. Their relationships with key investors, developers and agencies relevant to land deals will prove helpful. They can also ensure diligent follow-through on paperwork and closings. However, vet capabilities specifically for land transactions before choosing an agent.

Selling land can be complex but taking these proactive measures will help market your Arkansas land smartly to get it sold faster while still maximizing returns. Do thorough research before choosing the best path forward for your situation.

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land or acreage in Arkansas can be a time-consuming process, but employing these proactive sales strategies will help landowners attract more buyers, motivate quicker offers, streamline negotiations, and accelerate due diligence processes. Pricing competitively, marketing aggressively online and offline while highlighting all possible land use potentials are key. Being creative in offering land financing options and sale incentives further helps overcome buyer limitations. Partnering with specialized land agents and companies also adds leverage through better outreach and expertise. Ultimately, land sellers need to have realistic expectations while proactively addressing buyer needs and concerns. Employing even a few of these tips persistently will lead to a faster and more lucrative land sale in Arkansas. With the right prep work, creativity and persistence, a deal can be within reach sooner than you think.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it typically take to sell vacant land or acreage in Arkansas?

It usually takes 1-2 years on average to sell raw vacant land in Arkansas in normal real estate market conditions. However, employing the right sales strategies can help sell land 3-4 times faster in some cases.

What disclosures does a land seller need to make to buyers in Arkansas?

Land sellers need to disclose property defects, easements, liens, boundary or survey issues, flood hazards, usage restrictions and access limitations known to them upfront. Providing documentation upfront builds trust with buyers.

Can a land seller finance the purchase for the buyer in Arkansas?

Yes, offering land owner financing where the seller holds a mortgage and collects payments from the buyer directly over years is permitted in Arkansas. This can expand the buyer pool significantly. Appropriate legal paperwork needs documentation.

Is hiring a land agent mandatory for selling acreage in Arkansas?

While not mandatory, real estate agents well versed in land transactions can significantly improve sales outcomes being experienced negotiators able to market property widely to qualified buyers. Research capabilities before hiring an agent specialized in raw land deals.

What are the average land transfer closing costs in Arkansas?

Closing costs for vacant land is typically 1-3% of the transaction value in Arkansas between title searches, legal paperwork, registration fees and taxes. Land auctions increase overall costs. Incentivizing buyers to shoulder some costs can motivate faster sales.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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