10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Oregon

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Oregon

Bart Waldon

Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is a true scenic wonder. It's a state blessed with incredible diversity - you've got your rugged Pacific coastlines, dense forests, wide open valleys, high deserts and the stunning Cascade Mountain Range all contained within its borders. And as the 9th biggest state at over 98,000 square miles, let me tell you, there are some serious wide open spaces and jaw-dropping vistas here just waiting to be snapped up.

It's no wonder buying land in Oregon has hit the big time in recent years as more and more people discover the appeal. Whether you're an outdoorsy type looking for a recreational haven to call your own, or a savvy investor seeking vacant plots ripe for development, Oregon real estate has it all. The Beaver State has got the goods - that's for sure. From small rural acreages offering back-to-nature seclusion to major development opportunities around the cities, why wouldn't you want to stake your claim out here?

Reasons to Buy Land in Oregon

Below we’ll explore the top 10 reasons people have grown fond of buying land in Oregon, from its livability and abundance of natural amenities to advantages for land investors and land bankers.

Breathtaking Natural Beauty and Year-Round Recreation

It's nearly impossible not to fall in love with the captivating natural landscapes found throughout Oregon, from the rugged Pacific coastline and breathtaking Columbia River Gorge to crater lakes in the Cascades and high desert country in the east. The state is renowned for its wealth of year-round outdoor recreation on both land and sea, attracting everyone from hikers, campers, anglers and skiers to surfers, boaters and beachcombers. For the outdoor enthusiast, owning a parcel of Oregon land enables endless adventure and fun right in your own backyard.

Mild Climate and Four Distinct Seasons

While its most northern points see colder winters and coastal regions experience milder temperatures year-round, Oregon as a whole enjoys a predominantly warm-summer Mediterranean climate characterized by wet winters and dry, sunny summers. The moderated climate marked by four distinct seasons makes Oregon appealing for a variety of lifestyles and land uses compared to states with more extreme weather patterns.

Award-Winning Craft Beer, Wine and Food Scenes

From its famous Willamette Valley wine region to over 1,100 breweries statewide and a bounty of fresh seafood and produce, Oregon has rightfully earned a reputation as a premier culinary travel destination. Buying Oregon land in wine country or near the thriving food and drink hubs of Portland and Bend means easy access to world-class dining, breweries, urban wineries and tasting rooms.

No Sales Tax and Low Property Taxes

Oregon is one of only five U.S. states with no sales tax, and its property taxes are among the lowest nationwide, with one of the lowest median property tax rates in the country. This makes Oregon especially enticing for land buyers and investors looking to minimize taxes. Low property taxes also contribute to Oregon’s affordability compared to other West Coast states.

Rural Acreages Near Recreation and Wildlife

For buyers wanting elbow room outside the city, Oregon provides an abundance of rural land options located close to outdoor recreation assets. 5-20 acre parcels throughout the state offer privacy in peaceful settings near rivers, lakes, forests, BLM land and wildlife areas, allowing you to enjoy nature right in your backyard. Properties zoned for manufactured homes make it easy to camp on your own acreage.

Alternative Tiny House Friendly Properties

Not interested in managing a large swath of land? Oregon makes an accommodating home for tiny house enthusiasts as well, with properties available in RV and tiny house communities that offer small land plots with shared amenities and community living vibes. Prospective tiny home owners will find options in both rural areas and trendy pockets like Portland where these alternative, eco-friendly lifestyles are warmly embraced.

Advantages for Land Investors and Developers

Oregon provides a favorable landscape for land banking and other investment opportunities like subdividing larger parcels for residential plots or commercial development. Rapid population growth in cities like Bend and economy boosters like the boom in data centers in central Oregon lift property values and enhance prospects for strategic investors with a long view. Portland’s hot real estate market also drives interest in vacant land suitable for housing, townhomes and mixed use builds.

Accessible Urban Centers and Infrastructure

While offering plenty of scenic rural locations removed from congested metro hubs, Oregon also provides accessibility and good transportation infrastructure connecting its urban centers. So the state truly does offer the best of both worlds. Travel between cities like Portland, Salem, Eugene and Bend is simple and fast thanks to an efficient highway system and commercial airports, while rural properties also provide proximity to smaller towns for work, schools and amenities.

Family-Friendly Communities and Good Schools

Great neighborhoods, top-rated school districts, family-oriented lifestyle perks and low crime rates compared to other major U.S. cities make Oregon a very inviting locale for raising a family. Many areas like Beaverton, Tigard, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Sherwood and Canby rank highly for their public schools and family amenities, prime considerations for those buying land to build or relocate with kids and pets.

Overall Affordability and High Livability

Accounting for cost of living value beyond low property taxes and no sales tax, Oregon continues to offer enticing affordability compared to neighboring West Coast states. Thanks to these economic advantages paired with enviable quality of life perks like access to nature, good infrastructure and friendly residents, Oregon cities like Eugene, Corvallis and Salem are perennial top 20 finishers in Livability’s annual rankings. Simply put, why not buy land in a state that gives you so much bang for your buck?

Final Thoughts

As you can see, buying land in stunning Oregon has universal appeal offering boundless nature, recreation and sights against an easy-on-the-wallet backdrop. Investors are keen, families find happy roots, and outdoorsy types discover nirvana with acreage they can call their own. These 10 compelling reasons illustrate why Oregon remains a darling for land buyers today, where claiming your own slice of paradise not only fulfills personal dreams but also makes savvy financial sense.

So if you’re captivated by the Beaver State and ready to stake your claim, what are you waiting for? The wide open spaces of Oregon await.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of land is most popular for buyers in Oregon?

In Oregon, recreational land in rural areas is highly desirable for buyers looking for acreages near wildlife, lakes, rivers, forests, and public lands. 5-20 acre parcels in eastern and central Oregon sell well to those who want privacy and access to nature for activities like camping, fishing, hunting and more. Land zoned for manufactured homes is popular for this purpose too. Developers also seek larger land parcels of 100+ acres to subdivide for residential plots and commercial projects. And in high growth areas like Bend, any vacant land suitable for housing or mixed-use development sees strong buyer interest.

Does Oregon have tiny house communities where you can buy affordable land?

Yes, Oregon has seen a growing tiny house movement and has rural properties zoned for RV living as well as trendy tiny home communities popping up around cities like Portland. These can offer small land plots with shared amenities to place a tiny house on like communal gathering areas, community gardens, laundry, workshops, and more. Prospective tiny house buyers will find affordable options to join these eco- villages and experience simple, minimalist living at its finest.

What natural features or recreational opportunities appeal to land buyers in Oregon?

Oregon’s vast and varied landscape holds tremendous appeal. Land buyers crave access to rugged coastal beaches, pristine mountain lakes and rivers, lush temperate rainforests, the stunning Columbia River Gorge and High Desert country. Oregon’s bountiful recreation from skiing Mt. Hood to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to fishing, boating, mountain biking and more in Oregon’s state parks and wilderness areas is a huge draw. Vineyards and wine country hold appeal too along with the surfer vibe of coastal towns.

How expensive is it to buy land in Oregon compared to other West Coast states?

Oregon remains one of the most affordable West Coast states to buy land and real estate overall. The average per-acre price of land in Oregon is roughly $2,500 compared to over $6,000 in California and $8,000 in Washington. Higher building costs in Oregon are offset by the lack of sales tax and low property taxes. Overall cost of living in Oregon also trails neighboring states, part of why Oregon cities continue to rank so highly as top places to live on indexes like Livability’s annual rankings.

Why is land banking a worthwhile investment strategy in Oregon right now?

Oregon provides a favorable environment for land banking and other long view investment plays. Rapid population growth in central Oregon areas like Bend-Redmond along with economy-driving developments like the new Amazon data centers set to bring influxes of new residents translate to rising property values over time. Snagging vacant plots around urban centers now while affordable can pay off nicely years later as demand escalates, especially for parcels in strategic locations viable for residential or commercial builds.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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