10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in New York

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in New York

Bart Waldon

With its vibrant mix of bustling cities and spacious countryside, New York has captivated land buyers for generations. From the soaring Adirondack Mountains to the rolling hills of the Catskills, the Empire State offers no shortage of majestic landscapes. Beyond the natural beauty, New York provides top-tier education, thriving agritourism, and an ideal blend of rural seclusion and urban amenities. Here are 10 reasons buying land in New York is an investment in memories waiting to unfold.

Reasons to Buy Land in New York

Pristine Wilderness

Nearly one-third of New York’s land area is forest, with towering woodlands in the Adirondacks and Catskills. Owning property here means waking up to crisp mountain air and unobstructed views. When you buy land in New York, unspoiled nature starts right outside your door.

Plentiful Lakes and Rivers

At over 7,600 freshwater lakes and ponds, plus 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, New York serves up limitless recreation. Purchase a piece of lakefront property for fishing, swimming, and watersports. Or find a parcel bordering a burbling creek or river. New York’s wealth of water provides both beauty and fun.

Four Distinct Seasons

Experience autumn’s fiery foliages, winter’s peaceful snowfalls, spring’s blooms, and summer’s warmth when you own land in New York. Hike and mountain bike across lush green landscapes in summer. Come winter, downhill and cross-country skiing await. Each season grants new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Top-Ranked Schools

New York contains some of the highest-performing public school districts in America, especially in the Hudson Valley and Long Island. Even rural school systems typically have small class sizes, talented teachers, and strong community support. Give your kids the twin gifts of idyllic open spaces and first-rate education.

Agricultural Abundance

Owning a few acres unlocks opportunities for agriculture. Grow lavender or saffron, tap maple trees for syrup, or establish a vineyard. New York’s long growing season, ample rain and and rich soil helps novice and veteran farmers thrive. Tap into the state’s farm bounty.

Economic Strength

New York boasts a consistently strong economy rooted in finance, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and research. Unemployment rates are low, and median incomes are among the nation’s highest. When you buy land here, you're investing in an economically stable state.

Revitalized Urban Centers

Once-struggling cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse are undergoing exciting renaissances with growing economies, new development, farm-to-table eateries, and happening arts scenes. Nearby small towns exude pastoral charm. Revitalized urban areas give you the best of both worlds.

Historical Richness

As one of the original 13 colonies, New York is steeped in centuries of history. Walk Revolutionary War battlefields, explore sites from the Underground Railroad, or visit Gilded Age mansions. When you own land here, you're connected to America’s origins.

Cultural Treasures

From Broadway shows and music halls to museums and galleries, New York City stands at the epicenter of culture. Even small towns have vibrant arts communities and summer concert series. Own a piece of the state, and enriching culture is never far.

A Sound Investment

Between its stunning landscapes, thriving cities, top-ranked schools and overall desirability, New York offers an outstanding investment. Demand continues to climb, driving land values ever higher. Whether you buy land to build your dream home or hold as an asset, New York provides solid returns.

Owning a piece of the Empire State gives you frontyard access to natural wonders, big city amenities, history and more. At Land Boss, our expertise helps buyers find ideal parcels priced right. Let us guide you in acquiring your own remarkable slice of New York.

Best Areas to Buy Land in New York

With its diversity of landscapes and proximity to major cities, New York offers many great locations to buy land. Here are some of the best areas in New York to consider when searching for your ideal parcel.

The Adirondacks

The Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York are known for their rugged beauty and abundance of outdoor recreation. From hiking and fishing to skiing and snowboarding, the Adirondack region provides limitless ways to enjoy the outdoors. The towns of Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and Old Forge serve as gateways to explore the mountains, forests, and lakes. With over 6 million acres of protected state parks and forest preserve, the Adirondacks give you access to plenty of unspoiled nature.

The Catskills

Under 3 hours from New York City, the Catskill Mountains have long been a favorite weekend getaway. Their rolling peaks, winding rivers, and idyllic small towns make the Catskills ideal for those looking for rural charm within reach of urban amenities. Popular for outdoor activities like golfing, ziplining, and skiing, the Catskills allow you easy access to nature's adventures. Buying land here lets you escape to a scenic mountain retreat.

Finger Lakes

Known for their striking long, narrow formations, the Finger Lakes provide both natural beauty and thriving wine country. Cities like Ithaca, Geneva, and Watkins Glen offer small town vibes combined with culinary scenes, boutique shopping, and cultural attractions. With 11 long bodies of water, state parks, and hundreds of wineries, the Finger Lakes make an appealing place to put down roots.

Hudson Valley

The historic Hudson Valley provides rolling hills dotted with orchards, old stone homes, and trendy towns like Beacon and Hudson. Located just north of NYC, the valley provides a vibrant mix of art galleries, boutique farms, and great restaurants. For those who want acreage within commuting distance of the Big Apple, the Hudson Valley offers an unbeatable combo.

With so many distinct regions, New York has options to suit every land buyer's dreams. Once you decide on an area, experienced companies like Land Boss can help you find and purchase the perfect parcel to call your own.

Is it Smart to Buy Land in New York?

With its diverse geography, strong economy, and popularity as a place to live, New York seems like an ideal state to buy land in. But is purchasing property here really a smart move?

Factors in Favor

Several factors make New York a savvy choice for buying land:

  • High demand - New York real estate is in high demand, especially near New York City and other major cities. This keeps values strong.
  • Appreciation - Land has historically appreciated well in New York. In the past 10 years values have increased an average of 5% annually statewide.
  • Low taxes - Compared to other northeastern states, New York's property tax rate is reasonably low. This makes owning land more affordable.
  • Natural beauty - New York has breathtaking scenery that enhances property values. From the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes, nature here is a true asset.


While generally a strong prospect, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Regulations - Zoning laws can be complex, especially near parks and preserved land. Research regulations carefully for any location.
  • Climate - Harsh winters in northern areas can make year-round use of land a challenge. Be realistic about your needs.
  • High prices - Prime parcels in places like the Hamptons can be extremely expensive and may provide lower returns on investment.

If you understand the landscape, market, and your own goals, buying land in New York can absolutely be a smart move. Professional guidance can help you make the best choice.

Final Thoughts

With its vibrant mix of urban centers and rural charm, New York offers something for every land buyer. From the soaring Adirondacks to the shores of Long Island, the state provides an abundance of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Factor in good schools, booming wine regions, revitalized cities, and solid property values, and owning land in New York begins to look highly appealing. By understanding local markets and working with an experienced company like Land Boss, you can find the perfect parcel that suits your lifestyle dreams and budget. While buying land anywhere requires research and smart planning, few states can match the diversity and value New York provides. For many, owning a piece of the Empire State is an investment in memories waiting to be made.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What permits and regulations should I research before buying land in New York?

Before buying land in New York, be sure to thoroughly research any zoning laws, building codes, septic requirements or other regulations for your area. Land usage stipulations can vary widely by county and town. I'd advise consulting with a local real estate attorney to fully understand the permitting rules and restrictions before purchasing a property. Doing your due diligence upfront prevents headaches down the road.

What costs beyond the purchase price should I budget for when buying vacant land in New York?

When buying vacant land in New York, don't forget to factor in costs beyond just the sale price. You'll likely need to budget for property taxes, clearing and leveling the land, installing utilities, drilling a well or adding a septic system, survey fees, building materials and permits, insurance, and ongoing maintenance needs. Meeting with a land developer is wise to get their perspective on potential hidden costs and make sure no expenses take you by surprise.

What types of government programs are available to help first-time land buyers in New York?

If you're a new land owner, be sure to look into any government initiatives available to assist you. New York has state programs that offer grants and low-interest mortgages to help first-time home and land buyers. Also, the USDA provides zero down payment loans for those who qualify buying rural properties. Connect with a real estate agent who knows the incentive programs well and can advise if you meet eligibility requirements.

Should I be wary of buying land during the winter months in New York when snow covers the ground?

While buying land in the winter may seem appealing because of lower prices, it's usually smart to view the property across different seasons first. Areas prone to flooding or very wet conditions may not be obvious when snow covers the ground. Visiting in the spring allows you to observe the land during high water and rainfall and more accurately assess drainage issues.

How can I determine whether an asking price for a vacant land parcel in New York is reasonable?

To determine whether the asking price for a vacant land parcel is fair, look at sale prices for comparable plots of land in the immediate vicinity. Also consider what infrastructure, like road access and proximity to electricity, is readily available versus needs installed. An experienced local real estate agent can provide invaluable guidance in comparing apples-to-apples and reaching a reasonable valuation.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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