10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Missouri

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Missouri

Bart Waldon

Missouri, the Show-Me State, is located in the American Midwest encompassing diverse landscapes from the Ozark Mountains to rolling plains and big rivers. This central U.S. state provides a peaceful way of living combined with thriving industries anchored in major cities like St. Louis and Kansas City.

For land lovers and investors, Missouri offers many natural and economic advantages that make it a premier state to buy property in. Here are 10 compelling reasons Missouri tends to be a hot land market:

Reasons to Buy Land in Missouri

1. Affordable Pricing

Compared to coastal cities or states out west, land prices in Missouri remain very reasonable and affordable. Both improved and vacant land consistently ranks well below average costs per acre across the U.S. For example, 50 acres of pasture or cropland may sell for $6,000-$8,000 per acre in California whereas similar acreage goes for $2,000-$3,500 per acre in rural Missouri. With lower land ownership costs, buyers can purchase bigger parcels while staying within their budgets. Those looking for 10+ acre properties to build a homestead, farm or ranch get more value from their dollars in Missouri.

2. Prime Investment Potential

In addition to lower upfront land purchase and development costs, properties in Missouri also benefit from steady, sustained long-term appreciation. The ample water supply via regular rainfall, rivers, lakes and underground aquifers provide a solid foundation for land values in the state. Missouri's central U.S. location also bodes well for distribution and transportation hubs translating to consistent demand drivers.

While coastal areas experience volatile property booms and busts, Missouri land valuations follow more stable upward annual growth. For investors focused on cash flow, the property also produces income when leased out to farmers, ranchers, developers, hunters and recreational users. As both the Midwest economy and population continues expanding over the next 20-30 years, today's land buyers are positioning themselves for excellent future prospects.

3. Abundant Natural Resources

Beyond affordable prices and strong investment potential, land in Missouri offers inherent value from the state's wealth of natural resources. The fertile soil spanning northern Missouri enables widespread crop farming across millions of acres of prime farmland. Cattle grazing thrives on the abundant native grasses on vast pasturelands in central and southern Missouri. The highly biodiverse forests support one of the nation's most vibrant hunting cultures focused on deer, turkey and other wildlife. Missouri also contains a host of untapped mining reserves and renewable energy sites waiting to be leveraged.

For landowners in Missouri, this rich set of natural resources provides diverse options to use their properties now or in the future. There is also strong demand from farmers, ranchers, hunters, miners and renewable energy developers seeking to lease or purchase Missouri land to expand their operations and holdings in the state.

4. Location and Transportation Infrastructure

Missouri's prime central U.S. location provides easy access and connectivity important for both business and personal activities. Crisscrossed by major interstate highways, Missouri offers efficient transportation channels to distribute goods across the Midwest and beyond. The Missouri and Mississippi River network moves bulk commodities from Missouri farms down to the Gulf of Mexico and world markets. Kansas City and St. Louis operate large international airport hubs providing ready passenger and cargo access.

From a quality of living perspective, Missouri's centralized location makes it easy for residents to take road trips and flights around the country. For businesses, the connectivity speeds up commerce and keeps logistics costs low. For investors, the infrastructure translates to consistent demand drivers crucial for long-term land valuation and development.

5. Business Friendly Conditions

In addition to location advantages, Missouri offers compelling business incentives and operating conditions making it attractive for companies big and small. By keeping taxes and utility costs low, providing subsidies for new jobs and investments, limiting regulations, and nurturing a skilled workforce, Missouri fosters growth in industries like logistics, agriculture, aerospace and technology.

With a low cost of doing business, Missouri manages to outrank most Midwest states and places among the top nationally for economic flexibility and friendly policies towards entrepreneurs and companies. For land investors, these favorable business conditions indicate ongoing migration of people and business activity ensuring healthy demand for both commercial and residential land uses.

6. Beautiful and Varied Geography

Beyond the business and investment advantages, Missouri also appeals to land buyers simply seeking beauty, varietal landscapes and recreational amenities. The state's topography rises from swampy boot heel marshlands along the Mississippi River up through the Ozark Mountains plateau down through lush plains and fields of grain. Graced with vibrant sunsets and clear lakes, Missouri's natural landscapes paint lovely vistas.

Parks and preserves display gushing waterfalls, gorges carved by spring-fed streams and rich autumn colors in late fall. Vast lakes and reservoirs intermix with rivers offering fishing, boating, rafting, kayaking and camping fun. Much of Missouri supplies that wholesome outdoor lifestyle in touch with nature that many land buyers prioritize during property searches.

7. Four Distinct Seasons

Residents enjoy distinct seasons with vibrant transitions throughout the year. Arctic cold fronts might blow down from Canada in winter but mild Pacific air keeps periods fairly warm and sunny during the season as well. Spring emerges with orchards of peach blossoms, festive forsythia blooms and roaring waterfalls from snow melt. Summer brings beach days at the Ozarks and lively county fairs while fall ushers in vibrant autumn colors and festivals celebrating the harvest. The seasonal changes keep life active and interesting all year long.

8. Higher Education Opportunities

Missouri hosts over 50 colleges and universities including well ranked flagship schools University of Missouri in Columbia and Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla. Other prominent schools include Saint Louis, Washington and Maryville Universities. This strong higher education system helps supply solid talent pipelines for Missouri companies.

In addition, the universities present auxiliary opportunities for land owners and real estate developers ranging from student apartments to research parks to sports facilities. For families, living near college towns also enables kids to pursue quality affordable education options.

9. Rich Culture and History

From the Pony Express to famous figures like Mark Twain and George Washington Carver, Missouri enjoys a rich historical legacy. The state also pioneered country music starting in the 1920s and birthed genres like Kansas City jazz and St. Louis blues. Various Native American tribal traditions intermix with European heritages brought by settlers. Historical villages, museums and cultural events celebrate the state's past while thriving cities blend tradition with new innovations. For land buyers, Missouri's storied history and cultural fabric enhances the appeal.

10. Tight Knit Rural Communities

While the cities thrive, small rural towns and farms populate much of Missouri where locals share generational histories and strong bonds tighten the social fabric. The "Show-Me" state motto permeates the culture here with residents exhibiting fierce pride in their homes and maintaining a grounded, community-oriented outlook towards life and business.

For city residents yearning for open space tranquility, suburban dwellers seeking fresh air escape, or entrepreneurs looking to launch heartland ventures, Missouri offers the ideal blend of rural charm and metro opportunities. The shared Midwest sensibilities make Missouri a welcoming place to put down roots whether growing crops, cattle herds or family trees!

For these reasons and more, Missouri remains a highly popular state for land buyers ranging from investors to farmers to families and individuals pursuing land ownership. The affordable pricing, recreation potential, business climate and deep-rooted communities here foster an environment where people aspire to buy, hold and preserve land for generations to come. Missouri land represents stability, opportunity and the chance to secure a lasting legacy making it no wonder why so many buyers flock to snap up properties in the Show Me state.

Final Thoughts

For over two centuries, intrepid pioneers, entrepreneurs and adventuresome souls have flocked to the Show-Me State lured by the bounty and beauty of the land. Today, that trend continues as Baby Boomers retire back to their Midwestern roots and Millennials escape crowded, costly coasts seeking their own homestead dreams. Investors also stake claims here leveraging Missouri's central location, business vitality and extensive natural resources that power thriving agribusiness and renewable energy sectors. Whether looking for family homes, farmland, recreation acreage or commercial sites, buyers find Missouri a land of opportunity. Reasonable prices, four definitive seasons, colleges and culture all add to Missouri's draw for new residents. But in the end, it's the rivers and valleys, plains and plateaus flowing across Missouri that entrance land buyers dreaming of securing their own little piece of the heartland. For anyone searching for land to treasure and cultivate for posterity, Missouri promises the right blend of vitality and values worth planting roots down in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are available for purchase in Missouri?

Missouri has a diverse landscape that includes farmland, pastureland, forested acreage, plains for livestock grazing, and cleared lots for residential or commercial development. Agricultural land is abundant, as are hunting/recreation properties.

How expensive is Missouri land compared to other states?

Land prices in Missouri are very affordable, especially compared to coastal areas or states out west. Per acre costs for vacant plots or farms generally range from 33-75% less than comparable properties in states like California, Colorado or New York.

Are there special incentives or tax breaks for owning land in Missouri?

Missouri does have a productive use tax program that reduces property taxes for qualifying agriculture or forestry lands. Some counties also provide tax incentives through special development zones to encourage business investments and job creation on local commercial/industrial sites.

What options are there for financing land purchases in Missouri?

Buyers can choose from conventional mortgages, USDA financing programs for rural properties, owner financing offered by some sellers, and cash purchases using investment capital or funds from selling other assets. Investors may also use IRA funds for direct purchase of investment land properties.

Does Missouri have good infrastructure/resources to support development on my land?

Yes, Missouri has expansive transportation networks, affordable energy and utilities, high-speed internet access expanding statewide, and fresh water resources to support responsible development on privately owned lands across the state. Zoning and permits vary by county and region determining suitable projects.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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