10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Minnesota

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Minnesota

Bart Waldon

Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, offers gorgeous scenery and excellent outdoor recreational opportunities that make it a prime location for buying land. If you're considering purchasing property in Minnesota, here are 10 compelling reasons to take the plunge.

Reasons to Buy Land in Minnesota

1. Abundant Lakes and Waterways

One of the biggest draws of Minnesota is being the 'land of 10,000 lakes'. With over 12,000 miles of rivers and streams, nearly 12 million acres of open water, you'll never run out places to splash around. All this abundant freshwater leads to world-class fishing, boating, swimming - you name the water sport, it's great here. As a land owner, you have direct backyard access to these glistening waters, not to mention the 1,500+ public lake and river sites maintained by the DNR.

2. Distinct and Gorgeous Seasonal Variety

Minnesota has it all when it comes to seasonal variety. Summers here are lush and green, perfect for hikes among fragrant pine forests. Come fall, get your camera ready for spectacular golden hues painting the landscape. In winter a peaceful snowy wonderland emerges, where you can ski, snowmobile, ice fish to your heart's content. And in spring, breathe in sweet floral scents as trees bud and wildflowers bloom anew - don't forget to forage for tasty mushrooms!

3. World-Renowned Hunting and Fishing

If hunting and fishing are your jam, Minnesota won't disappoint. Hunters travel far and wide to track deer, bear, grouse and flocks of ducks across Minnesota's woods and prairies. Meanwhile, anglers can reel in bucket mouth bass, hard-fighting muskie, plump walleye, trout and more. Owning property here means you have full access to private lands and secret sweet spots on secluded lakes and untamed rivers.

4. Big City Perks plus Small Town Charm

Though lauded for its beautiful landscapes, Minnesota also offers fantastic urban amenities. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul offer arts, culture, pro sports teams, award-winning restaurants and endless entertainment. Scattered around the state, quaint small towns serve up that charming, heartfelt hospitality Minnesota is known for. Owning property lets you enjoy an ideal blend of cosmopolitan offerings and peaceful pastoral retreats.

5. Schools That Rival the Ivy League

You'll find first-rate academic opportunities across Minnesota, from public school districts setting the bar for excellence to private schools rivaling East Coast elites. Numerous public high schools rank among the best nationally, while Minnesota's charter and private institutions give elite east coast boarding schools a run for their money. Families who settle in Minnesota can rest assured their kids will receive top-tier schooling.

6. Four Seasons of Family Fun

Minnesota rolls out the red carpet for families wanting to play and adventure together. When the snow melts, hit numerous hike/bike trails winding past lakes or bound into your canoe to discover secluded wilderness routes. Come winter, careen down epic ski runs then cozy up for hot cocoa by the fire. From adrenaline-pumping action to peaceful reverie, Minnesota serves it all up with a smile.

7. Farm-Fresh Deliciousness

Locavores rejoice - Minnesota offers bountiful farmer's markets brimming with just-picked produce, artisan cheeses, fresh-baked breads and more. Fertile fields across the southern and western regions supply succulent fruits and vegetables, wholesome grains and grass-fed meats. Home cooks and hobby farmers alike will delight in Minnesota's farm-to-table cornucopia cultivated by the friendly farmers who fuel the state's vibrant food scene.

8. Inviting Summers with Lakeside Living

Summertime brings Minnesotans outdoors to make the most of the too-short warm season. The many lakes beckon with opportunities for fishing, swimming, boating, paddle boarding and more against the backdrop of Minnesota’s natural splendor. Owning lakeshore property allows you to fully immerse yourself in Minnesota’s celebrated cabin culture and soothing landscapes.

9. Fall Foliage and Festivals

Vibrant fall foliage draws visitors from around the country and the world to Minnesota every autumn. The changing leaves display intense shades of yellow, orange, red and brown, capped with Tamarack trees glowing golden yellow. Fall festivals, apple orchards, haunted hay rides and more seasonal fun further heighten the appeal of Minnesota autumns. With property ownership here, you can fully soak up all that Minnesota falls have to offer.

10. An Active and Engaged Lifestyle

Minnesota residents have a enthusiasm for the outdoors. The state has one of the highest rates of participation in activities like bicycling, golf, fishing, hunting cross-country skiing and more. Health and quality of life are priorities here, with residents striving to actively enjoy the state’s natural assets. Buying land in Minnesota immerses you in this vibrant culture focused on experiencing and engaging with the exceptional local landscape.

With incredible natural landscapes, four distinct seasons showcasing seasonal beauty, wealth of recreational opportunities, high quality schools, vibrant cities and charming small towns, Minnesota makes an excellent place to put down roots and buy property. The land of 10,000 lakes offers the complete package - beauty, nature, and culture - for the perfect home.

Should You Invest in Minnesota Land in 2023

An Attractive Market for Land Investors

Many investors are considering stakes in Minnesota land due to current market trends. With a stable economy and low unemployment, Minnesota is in an expansionary market phase, with real estate costs rising across the range from raw underdeveloped lots to income properties. Many financial analysts project that this trend will persist through 2023.

The same factors that make Minnesota appealing for families or vacationers boost the value of Minnesota land to investors. The state’s natural amenities and good public infrastructure translate into a strong local tourism trade and a variety of appealing development options. Land ownership also represents considerable collateral for financing future development ventures as Minnesota’s economy continues to grow.

Securing Your Piece of an Up-And-Coming Destination

Minnesota’s urban centers spearhead the state’s growth, but abundant scenic resources make rural and recreational properties equally promising investments. Rural lots could potentially be converted to agritourist or eco-tourism ventures like dude ranches as climate change trends make the northern state more appealing to warm-weather travelers.

Purchasing land now can ensure you stake a claim in an increasingly popular region known for its high standard of living, safety, good roads, natural amenities, and overall appeal as a vacation destination.

Evaluating Your Investment Options

Which option is right for depends on your budget, the intended use of the property, and your risk tolerance and time horizon for returns. With an experienced agent representing your interests, you can explore options ranging from raw land to turnkey development sites and assess local market factors that will shape the growth potential and value appreciation of your investment.

Final Thoughts

With its robust economy, popularity as both a lifestyle and tourism destination, and wealth of natural amenities, Minnesota offers promising prospects for land investors in 2023. As both a stable market likely to see ongoing value appreciation and an up-and-coming location on the precipice of major growth, Minnesota checks all the boxes for an attractive real estate investment opportunity. Whether you envision rural recreation property, legacy woodlands, or a strategic development site, quality Minnesota land represents a valuable asset. By partnering with an experienced local real estate professional, you can navigate the market from a well-informed perspective and secure a piece of this scenic northern state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are the best investments in Minnesota?

Some of the most appealing investments include recreational/vacation property, especially lakeshore land. Farmland can also be a strong investment due to Minnesota's fertile soil. Raw, undeveloped land with future development potential near growing urban areas can also appreciate substantially in value over time.

What is the outlook for land values in Minnesota in 2023?

Most projections forecast steady increases in land values across Minnesota in 2023, at slightly above the national average. Urban and suburban areas may see values rise more rapidly than rural regions. However, recreational land and farmland values are also expected to trend upward.

Does Minnesota land generate rental income potential?

Yes, investors can profit from Minnesota land by renting out cabins or recreational properties to vacationers. Farmland can generate yearly rental income from farmers as well. Hunting leases for rural properties provide another income stream during hunting seasons.

What should I evaluate before purchasing Minnesota land as an investment?

Carefully assess the property’s future development/appreciation potential, risks like environmental factors, zoning and local market growth outlooks, and projected ROI over your planned investment timeframe. Enlist an experienced agent to help analyze these factors.

How easy is it to resell Minnesota land I purchase?

Minnesota has an active real estate market, especially for recreational, hunting and farmland properties. Resale prospects remain favorable across most land asset types. Local real estate experts can offer guidance on maximizing future resale potential.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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