10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Massachusetts

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Massachusetts

Bart Waldon

If you've ever dreamed of owning a piece of property in New England, you can't do much better than looking at land in Massachusetts. As a Massachusetts resident myself, I'm probably a little biased. But there are some genuinely fantastic reasons why the Bay State is such a popular place for people to put down roots and buy land.

In this blog post, we'll highlight 10 of the best things about purchasing Massachusetts real estate. Whether you're considering vacant land to build a homestead, waterfront property, a wooded rural lot, or anything in between, I think you'll agree that Massachusetts has a lot going for it. Let's dive in!

Reasons to Buy Land in Massachusetts

1. Majestic Natural Landscapes

Massachusetts offers incredibly diverse natural landscapes across the state. From the peaks of the Berkshires to the sands of Cape Cod, there is stunning scenery around every corner.

In Western Mass, the rolling Berkshire mountains provide the perfect backdrop for rural living. Just picture yourself looking out over the valleys and hills from your own slice of paradise. The hiking trails winding through the forests out there are nothing short of magical.

Out on the Cape and Islands, miles of sandy beaches and dramatic coastal cliffs abound. The powerful Atlantic Ocean waters pound the shoreline. Sea grass sways in the ocean breezes. And the salty air filling your lungs reminds you that you're never far from the water.

Don't forget about interior Massachusetts either. Lush green forests, flowing rivers and ponds, and working farms make for classic New England living.

Wherever you choose, owning a piece of Massachusetts land connects you to the impressive natural beauty that first drew settlers to the Bay State centuries ago. These landscapes truly nourish the soul.

2. Fun Outdoor Recreation For All Seasons

Given the varied geography, Massachusetts offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation across the seasons.

Summer brings boating, fishing, swimming, and beach going. The state has over 1,500 miles of shoreline, so water activities are hugely popular when the weather warms. Of course, plenty of folks also hike, bike, golf, or just relax lakeside in the summer sun.

Come fall, leaf peepers from all over flock to Massachusetts to take in dazzling autumn vistas. Crunching through the colorful foliage is a quintessential New England experience. Afterward, you can pick ripe apples or pumpkins at local farms.

In winter, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing take center stage. Massachusetts has some excellent ski resorts in the western part of the state. And there are plenty of ponds and lakes to drop a line with your tip-ups.

When spring rolls around, it's sugar shack and maple syrup season! Hit the wooded trails to identify trilliums, coltsfoot, and other wildflowers popping up.

You'll love owning Massachusetts land no matter the season thanks to the diverse recreation possibilities. The state truly offers the best of all worlds if you love the outdoors.

3. Living History Right Outside Your Door

From Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock to the first Revolutionary War battles at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts is steeped in colonial history. And you can immerse yourself directly in the state's rich historical heritage when you buy property here.

In Boston, walking along the famous Freedom Trail takes you past sites like the Paul Revere House, Old North Church, and Faneuil Hall. Or visit Salem to learn all about the witch trial hysteria of 1692.

Out on Cape Cod, picturesque lighthouses and centuries-old graveyards speak to the seafaring history of the area. Plimoth Patuxet provides an interactive glimpse at Pilgrim and Native Wampanoag life.

No matter which region you buy land in, the surrounding history helps you feel connected to the past. Neighborhoods and landscapes are imbued with a shared sense of tradition. Owning a small patch of this historical ground links you to the figures and events that shaped our nation.

4. Quaint Small Towns with Charm

Despite having some major metro areas, much of Massachusetts is still comprised of quaint small towns. And these communities offer tremendous appeal for land buyers seeking a peaceful lifestyle.

Cape Cod alone has 15 distinctive and charming small towns like Chatham, Orleans, Falmouth, and Provincetown. Each has its own personality, local cuisine, and scenic water views.

In Central Mass, towns like Harvard, Petersham, and Sterling contribute to the state's nostalgic New England flavor. Out west, the Berkshires are dotted with artsy communities like Lenox, Williamstown, and Great Barrington.

Buying land in one of Massachusetts' many small towns provides an idyllic lifestyle. You get the quiet comfort of rural living coupled with the community spirit of a tight-knit populace. The local general store becomes your go-to for morning coffee. Neighbors always return friendly waves. And local fairs and festivals fill your social calendar.

5. An Education Mecca

Massachusetts proudly claims some of the top universities on the planet within its borders. Giants like Harvard, MIT, Amherst College, Wellesley, and Northeastern attract students worldwide.

For land buyers with college-bound high schoolers, proximity to these elite institutions may strongly influence your real estate search. Even if you have no direct university ties, being close to an academic hub comes with perks. Events, lectures, museums, restaurants, and other cultural institutions all thrive in these areas.

Owning property near one of Massachusetts' many esteemed colleges provides intellectual stimulation and opportunities for lifelong learning. The academic caliber found here is truly second to none.

6. Excellent Medical Facilities Abound

Massachusetts is globally renowned for excellence in healthcare and medical research. Some of the most pioneering life science companies and technology startups call the Bay State home.

World-class hospitals like Mass General, Brigham and Women's, Dana-Farber, and Boston Children's attract patients worldwide. Even smaller regional hospitals and clinics provide exemplary care.

For land buyers, especially retirees, proximity to top-notch medical facilities can provide peace of mind. And the booming biotech sector creates no shortage of public health innovation. It's comforting to know an acclaimed doctor or cutting-edge treatment is close at hand if needed.

7. A Hub for the Arts & Culture

Boston plus Cambridge equals one major arts and culture powerhouse. Theater district performances, Museum of Fine Arts masterpieces, and the world-famous Boston Symphony Orchestra delight residents year-round.

Beyond the big city, you can browse galleries and museums in regions like the Berkshires to view creations by Norman Rockwell, other renowned artists, and homegrown talent.

The cultural scene spans music, visual arts, drama, and more. No matter your taste, you'll find inspiring and provocative works to experience. Owning property here fulfills many art lovers' dreams.

8. Local & Fresh Seafood, Produce, and More

Given the agricultural landscape and extensive coastline, it's no surprise that Massachusetts excels at fresh, locally-sourced foods.

Vacationers flock to fried clam and lobster shacks by the ocean. Orchards and farm stands offer ripe, juicy produce in late summer and fall. Maple syrup producers launch sugaring season come early spring. And critically acclaimed restaurants make use of regional bounty.

As a landowner, you can embrace the locavore lifestyle to your heart's content. Attend farmers markets, pick your own berries, and foster relationships with local fishermen. The tastes of the seasons delight your palate.

9. Thriving Cities Packed with Perks

Sure, Massachusetts has plenty of rural acreage and small towns. But for land buyers who still want urban amenities, cities like Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, and Springfield fit the bill.

Boston's neighborhoods pulse with energy, nightlife, diversity, and excitement. Museums, restaurants, sporting events, and the walkable Freedom Trail make it a world-class destination. Just a short subway ride away is quirky Cambridge, home to Harvard and MIT.

Even smaller cities like Worcester and Springfield offer attractions like minor league sports teams, theaters, festivals, and historical sites. Blending urban perks with more peaceful living is totally doable here.

10. Within Arm's Reach of Other Major Cities

Despite being on the smaller side geographically, Massachusetts puts you within easy reach of other major East Coast cities.

A 90 minute train ride takes you into the concrete jungle of New York City. Drive a few hours south to explore the monuments and museums of Washington D.C. Or head to Philly for Liberty Bell selfies and cheesesteaks.

Having quick access to these larger metros allows Massachusetts land owners to enjoy the best of both worlds. Your country refuge awaits back home after taking in some big city sights. Why choose when you can have it all?

As you can see, the reasons to love land ownership in Massachusetts go far beyond just natural scenery and beautiful landscapes. History, culture, academics, fresh food, thriving cities, and location all help to make the Bay State pretty hard to beat.

So if you've been mulling over buying raw land, waterfront property, or any type of real estate in New England, we hope this peek into the wonders of Massachusetts has you itching to start your search. The possibilities here really are endless - what are you waiting for?

The Green Mountains of Vermont and rocky coast of Maine better watch their backs. Because when it comes to buying your own slice of New England paradise, Massachusetts takes the cake in my book. Just make sure to drop by for a visit once you're living the dream on your new Massachusetts land!

Final Thoughts

Owning land in Massachusetts connects you to some of America's earliest history while also providing access to modern amenities and thriving cities. The natural beauty across the state means you can enjoy oceans, mountains, forests, and everything in between. Excellent educational institutions and medical facilities provide peace of mind. And the thriving arts, food, and culture scenes engage your mind and spirit. No matter what kind of lifestyle you desire, Massachusetts likely offers everything you need to make it happen. Nowhere else provides the perfect blend of rich historical legacy and contemporary excitement like the Bay State. So if you've been searching for your own special spot in New England, Massachusetts has open arms and plenty of stunning land waiting for you. Just be prepared to fall in love when you start your journey as a Massachusetts landowner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of buying land in Massachusetts?

Some of the top benefits of Massachusetts land ownership include access to beautiful natural scenery, tons of outdoor recreation, rich historical sites, thriving cities, elite educational institutions, excellent healthcare facilities, a strong job market, and fantastic dining options. The state really does offer the best of everything for land buyers.

What types of land are available to purchase in Massachusetts?

You can find all types of land for sale, from vacant wooded acres to waterfront property to farmland and more. Coastal regions like Cape Cod have beachfront land. Western Massachusetts offers mountainous, forested parcels. And you can buy plots of rural land all throughout the state to build a homestead.

What is the process like for buying land in Massachusetts?

It's similar to buying other real estate. Decide what kind of land and locations interest you. Research listings online as well as local land for sale by owner. Make offers with the help of a real estate attorney. Complete title search, surveys, and inspections during the closing period. Finalize the purchase and land transfer paperwork. Then start enjoying your new Massachusetts property!

How expensive is land in Massachusetts?

Land prices can vary drastically based on the location, amenities, zoning, and other factors. In popular coastal areas, waterfront acreage easily sells for over $1 million. But rural inland lots can cost $50,000 an acre or even less. Market research can give you a sense of average prices in the regions you prefer.

What should I look for when evaluating land parcels in Massachusetts?

Consider zoning regulations, terrain, road access, natural features, utilities availability, cell/internet coverage, permits needed to build, community feel, proximity to amenities, recreational possibilities, and resale value. Weigh your priorities like water views or acreage size. Inspect the land carefully before buying to fully understand what you’re getting.

What are property taxes like in Massachusetts?

Property tax rates differ across Massachusetts municipalities. Some factors affecting taxes include the town's budget needs, land values, and tax classification if building a home. Budget around 1-2% of the assessed value as a ballpark estimate. The exact tax burden depends on your land's location and plans for using it.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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