10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Arkansas

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10 Reasons We Love Buying Land in Arkansas

Bart Waldon

With over 33 million acres dedicated to agriculture, forests, and natural splendors, Arkansas offers abundant land investment potential. Nearly 18% of the state’s total acreage falls into private hands according to census data, providing fertile ground for profit. The average value of vacant plots currently sits at $2,500 per acre as per the latest USDA data. Yet despite boasting the sixth most affordable raw land in the country, the Natural State sees slower land sales due to remote locales and fluctuating commodity prices. Listings often languish on the market for over 15 months on average as per industry analysis. For savvy land buyers who can work around the challenges, Arkansas presents the perfect blend of natural beauty and profit potential. 

Let's explore the top 10 reasons we love buying land in Arkansas - from recrational appeal to market volatility and agricultural resources across the countryside. While the remote terrain tests typical investors, seasoned land experts find diamond-in-the-rough opportunities throughout the state once they embrace its distinctive charms.

Why do people love buying property and land tracts in Arkansas? Here are the top 10 reasons:

1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty and Abundant Wildlife

From the peaks of the Ozarks to the vast bottomlands of the Mississippi Delta, Arkansas is blessed with diverse and gorgeous scenery. Majestic mountains, stunning rivers, serene lakes, lush forests—the landscape photos basically take themselves! Arkansas ranks in the top 5 states for both natural wilderness area and biodiversity, so you’ll share your land with countless species, from colorful songbirds flitting through the trees to big beauties like white-tailed deer and black bears. If gorgeous views and nature are your passion, Arkansas lands will steal your heart.

2. Multi-Season Mild Climate for Year-Round Enjoyment

Thanks to its inland location and temperate climate, Arkansas sees reasonably mild seasonal changes without dramatic extremes in hot or cold. You’ll have more comfortable weather to enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor recreation activities year-round! Spring and fall are long and delightful while winter stays coat-and-sweater chilly—only summer truly turns up the heat. But it’s never so cold or hot that you can’t comfortably enjoy the outdoors in Arkansas. Since 1939, the record high was 120 F and the record low was -29 F.

3. Prime Location and Convenience in the Center of the Country

Situated like a hub in the center of the continental U.S., Arkansas enjoys a prime location central to everywhere. Hot Springs is equidistant from Chicago and the Gulf of Mexico. Residents report that they “have the convenience of driving to either coast in just a few days!” From mountain or forest retreats to river and city living, you can find lands close to any lifestyle amenities and attractions you desire while still only a scenic road trip away from national parks out West or beaches in the South. It doesn’t get more centrally located while still boasting so much wild beauty.

4. Abundant Fertile Cropland and Ranch Lands

Beyond forests and mountains, Arkansas also claims over 14 million acres of prime farmland across its varied terrain and microclimates. The rich Mississippi Delta farmland is world renown, while the Ozarks nurture livestock on rolling grass pastures—together producing bountiful harvests of crops and animals. So, for those looking for cropland, ranchland or good ol' farming dirt, Arkansas offers some of the most productive agricultural lands in the country available at very attractive prices for investors and future farmers alike.

5. Expanding Vineyards and Bonus Tax Benefits

Wine, anyone? Believe it or not, Arkansas has a fast-growing and award-winning wine country in the beautiful Ozark Mountains! Over a dozen vineyards have developed along well-established wine trails, crafting delicious native varietals. The industry has expanded 500% in the last decade, so vineyard lands come with the bonus of tax breaks. Even non-agricultural owners of over 10 acres of land can benefit from wildlife tax exemptions for managing forests and natural habitats. Cheers to land ownership perks!

6. Competitive Prices and Good Market Value

Which leads us to the bottom line—land in Arkansas is a steal! Arkansas posts some of the most affordable per-acre prices for vacant land, hunting land and homesteads in the U.S. In 2022, the median price per acre for Arkansas farms and rural land was around $3,500. Compare that to California ($9,900/acre), Colorado ($8,200/acre) or even neighboring Tennessee ($5,200/acre). New listings appear on the market daily under $2,000/acre. For savvy land buyers, Arkansas offers tremendous bang-for-your-buck to invest or build your dream acres.

7. Low Property Taxes & Limited Regulations

Adding to the affordable lure of Arkansas real estate, the state maintains low annual property tax rates around just 0.55% of assessed home value on average (one of the lowest rates in the country). There are also fewer regulations and restrictions around land use and construction compared to more populated states, giving buyers more freedom and flexibility to manage their lands. Building permits, codes and taxes won't eat into profits as much.

8. Business-Friendly State Offering Incentives

In addition to low living costs and fewer hassles, Arkansas actively works to attract residents, entrepreneurs and new businesses to the state. Numerous tax incentives, grants, training programs and other resources exist to support business launching and growth. So, for those looking to open or relocate a company, Arkansas rolls out the red carpet with ample support and advantages for business owners and real estate investors alike.

9. Downhome Southern Hospitality

While they may speak a bit slower with smiling southern drawls, Arkansans are some of the friendliest folks you’ll meet! The culture celebrates downhome country values like faith, community, kindness and pride in a day's good honest work. Neighbors look out for one another and newcomers are welcomed warmly into the social fold. Enjoy quaint main street shops and abundant country charm along with the sincere goodwill. Arkansans are happy to have you and make you feel right at home.

10. Perfect for an Active Outdoor Lifestyle Year-Round

At the intersection of mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, with four full seasons of scenic beauty, Arkansas was made for enjoying the outdoors! Hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, boating, horseback riding, camping, wildlife photography and more—if you like to spend time embracing nature, having room to roam and fresh air to breathe, Arkansas is ideal. The natural landscapes offer endless inspiration and recreation always right outside your door. From majestic to mellow landscapes, Arkansas lands cater to any flavor of outdoor living at its peaceful, beautiful best.

Calling All Nature & Land Loving Free Spirits!

From the mighty Mississippi to the Boston Mountains, Arkansas remains a mostly unspoiled wilderness sanctuary in the heartland of America. Peaceful, natural, beautiful and affordable, the opportunities feel endless. So, if you hear the call of the wild lands whispering, if you crave space unfettered by congestion to wander free, then Arkansas could be the ideal place to stake your claim—a secluded haven, a fertile farmstead, a vineyard venture, a launching pad for big dreams or just a little hideaway to rest and recharge. With welcoming small town communities, an amazing wealth of landscapes to behold and indulge in, plus prices that amplify value, Arkansas rolls out the green carpet for land buyers and investors. The Natural State stands ready to make your property dreams come true!

Final Thoughts

The unique blend of natural beauty, affordable land prices, business incentives, and downhome hospitality make Arkansas a prime destination for buying property and acreage. Whether you envision rolling up your sleeves on a farm, tending row after row of vine-laden grapes, exploring mountain trails, settling by a secluded stream, or just sitting back in a rocker and watching the deer graze at sunset, Arkansas offers ideal locations to suit your land ownership dreams. Its lush forests harbor lumber and wildlife aplenty, the Delta dirt yields abundant harvests year after year, ranches nurture livestock on pastoral grasslands, and the Ozarks hills hold growing wine country promise. For outdoor lovers, retirees, investors, or anyone seeking their own peace of the rock on a budget – the call of the Natural State’s wild sanctuaries rings clear. Let it woo your wandering spirit home to Arkansas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are available for purchase in Arkansas?

There are abundant options when buying Arkansas land - secluded wooded acreage in the mountains and forests, fertile farmland and cropland (especially in the Delta region), ranch land suited for livestock with good pasture space, vineyards expanding across the Ozark hills, as well as more affordable building lots nearer to towns and cities to construct a future homestead.

How expensive is land and properties in Arkansas?

Competitive pricing is one of the main reasons people buy real estate in Arkansas - average land often falls below $4,000 per acre across the state, among the most affordable rates nationwide. Combined with low taxes and incentives, great value can be found purchasing Arkansas vacant land, homes, farms and ranches.

What is the process for buying land in Arkansas?

Purchasing land works similarly to other real estate buys - identify a property, make an offer contingent on inspections, then complete purchase paperwork and registration. Hiring a qualified real estate lawyer ensures proper title transfers, deed filing and smooth closing. Realtors can also match buyers to land listings that meet their criteria.

Are there tax benefits or breaks when buying Arkansas land?

Yes, agricultural land owners can reap wildlife tax exemptions, also vineyards and orchards qualify for certain breaks as crops expand across the state. Low 0.55% average property tax rates additionally keep costs affordable long-term when owning Arkansas real estate.

What natural features and geography make Arkansas so appealing?

From the forested Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, to the mighty Mississippi River delta farmlands, to clear lakes and winding rivers, Arkansas real estate offers incredible biodiversity and landscapes. The state contains mountains, forests, valleys, plains and wetlands supporting abundant wildlife and scenic vistas accessible from your land.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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