Why We Love Buying Wisconsin Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Wisconsin Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

Nicknamed “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin offers both cultural richness and natural beauty as the 20th most populous U.S. state. Over 5 million residents call it home. They largely dwell in cities like the lively port of Milwaukee on Lake Michigan, the vibrant capital of Madison, and peaceful Door County bordering Green Bay. Yet ample room remains to roam Winnipeg’s rugged northern hills and forests, the fertile farmlands blanketing its central plains, or the multitude of glistening lakes dotted statewide.

Four distinct seasons bless Wisconsin with year-round recreational offerings from summer boating to winter skiing. Spring also brings a resurgence of maple syrup production using old Native American methods. Numerous ethnic festivals then fill mild summer days while fall's kaleidoscope of forest colors draws leaf peepers. Wildlife and farmland vistas likewise abound, especially along the 2,500 miles of designated biking trails traversing dairy and beef operations.

Reasons We Love Buying Wisconsin Land for Cash

Owning a piece of Wisconsin’s beautiful landscapes is a dream for many. With over 15 million acres of farmland and forests dotting its hills and valleys, Wisconsin offers great options for land buyers. We particularly love purchasing Wisconsin property with cash due to several key benefits.

Expedited Cash Closings

Cash purchases enable an extraordinarily swift closing process for sellers needing liquidity rapidly. By eliminating contingencies like financing, cash deals can finalize within days rather than the months most bank loans require to process applications, secure funding, and close. For those facing pressing timeline constraints due to relocations, estates, or urgent capital needs, cash payouts within 5-7 days maximize responsiveness.

In addition, cash closings minimize paperwork headaches for sellers through simplified documentation no lengthy applications required. This further reduces barriers to closing quickly. With flexible, focused cash buyers at the table, closing delays and uncertainties give way to efficient completion.

Guaranteed Funds Provide Certainty

Perhaps the greatest advantage cash deals offer is certainty. Once a cash buyer produces verified proof of funds and an offer is accepted, sellers can securely rely on the sale culminatin as promised. There is minimal risk of the buyer failing to close last minute for inability to secure financing approval or adequate mortgage amounts on deadline. Sellers rests assured the cash will arrive to conclude the purchase.

Adaptability Creates Opportunity

Cash allows more creativity in evaluating non-standard properties that typical institutional lenders may shy away from. While banks tend to recoil from blight code violations, boundary disputes, mineral rights conflicts and obra valuation challenges, cash empowers buyers to assess issues case-by-case if underlying potential exists. By exploring flexible solutions, alternative deals benefiting both parties become possible.

Custom Win-Win Solutions Emerge

Constructing customized purchase packages through cash incentives further unlocks stalled opportunities. Sellers achieve the prompt sale and funds access they want. Cash buyers secure sites holding long-term upside at favorable costs. Municipalities also benefit from renewed investment in languishing areas. Cash fluidity thus facilitates mutually advantageous deals adapting to multiple stakeholder needs simultaneously.

Top Reasons We Buy Wisconsin Land for Cash

Beyond the universal appeals of cash deals, several Wisconsin-specific factors make it our favorite place to purchase land outright. These top reasons include:

Abundant Natural Beauty 

From its forests and wetlands full of wildlife to rivers, lakes, prairies, and farmlands, Wisconsin offers diverse and gorgeous scenery. The landscape provides a visual feast with four distinct seasons and an array of ecosystems rich in plants and animals. Peaceful wilderness and picturesque towns abound for future development or simple enjoyment of nature.

Strong Agricultural Industry 

As “America’s Dairyland,” agriculture and related industries thrive in Wisconsin. Prime conditions allow the state to perpetually rank at the top nationally in mink pelts, cranberries, ginseng, and cheese production. The fertile land also sustains corn, soybean, hay, wheat, vegetable, fruit, livestock, and timber harvesting operations statewide. Buying farmland here is always a solid bet.

Increasing Property Values

While still very affordable compared to coastal areas, Wisconsin has seen constructive property value growth recently. Home prices rose over 10% in 2021 alone. With more residents and businesses relocating here post-pandemic, demand continues rising. Owners of strategically purchased land are poised to eventually sell at substantial gains or develop for income generation.

Business-Friendly Conditions 

Wisconsin policymakers have successfully fostered a very pro-business climate. By reducing regulatory burdens and licensing delays while still protecting consumers, the state climbs annually in economic freedom and tax-friendliness ratings. The beneficial environment nurtures startups and attracts major companies. This fuels construction and land needs ranging from infrastructure to housing to warehouses.

Common Mistakes When Buying Wisconsin Land With Cash

Buying raw land in Wisconsin can be a smart investment if done right. However, prospective buyers also need to avoid some key mistakes to ensure success. Steer clear of these common cash land purchase pitfalls when searching for the perfect parcel.

Not Researching Zoning, Easements, Restrictions

Failing to thoroughly research a property’s zoning designation, easements, covenants, and other use restrictions is an easy but disastrous mistake. While beautiful acreage may seem ideal for building your dream home, junkyard plans will be useless if zoning only permits agricultural activity there. Undisclosed easements could also block construction plans. Dig into all recorded property restrictions before your purchase.

Neglecting to Survey Boundaries

Assuming existing plat maps correctly indicate boundaries is unwise. Seeking out an official survey of a land parcel provides verification of actual acreage and clearly marks property lines and landmark locations. Though surveys involve extra cost, they reduce future conflicts with adjacent owners. Pinpoint precise boundaries at the outset through professional surveys.

Not Inspecting In Person

Virtual tours and aerial drone footage should never replace in-the-field verification. Land characteristics like terrain, hydrology, vegetation, access route condition and neighboring properties are best assessed via direct site visits. Trek to the property personally before finalizing any deal to obtain accurate site details and document with photographs and notes.

By avoiding these common but major mistakes, cash buyers can confidently pursue Wisconsin land investments while safeguarding their financial interests. Do your due diligence before sealing any purchase deal.

Final Thoughts

With captivating scenery, a robust agricultural economy, climbing home values, and business-supportive governance, Wisconsin offers prime settings to profitably buy and hold land for the long term. The efficiency of using cash to purchase property here makes deals even sweeter. We plan to continue seizing excellent opportunities to invest in Wisconsin’s future while helping sellers meet current financial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is buying raw land in Wisconsin a good investment?

Yes, Wisconsin land can be a great investment if purchased strategically. The state has a strong agricultural industry, rising property values in developing areas, and relatively affordable land compared to other states. Key factors to research are zoning laws, parcel boundaries, land condition, access and utility connectivity.

What types of land sell best with cash offers in Wisconsin?

More remote or wooded parcels often sell best with cash, as they can be costlier for banks to appraise and lenders see them as riskier to provide loans for. Farmland and properties near expanding infrastructure also tend to fare well with cash buyers who value long-term developmental potential.

How much under market value should my cash offer be?

Cash offers don't need to be drastically under market value, but 5-10% discounts are fairly common. Much depends on the buyer’s purchase timeline goals and budget versus the seller’s motivations. Reasonable offers tending toward the seller's listing price but with quick closing promises can suffice for many deals.

Can I buy land in Wisconsin remotely as an out-of-state investor?

Yes, you can certainly buy Wisconsin land without living there. A local real estate attorney is key for guidance on regulations and closing procedures. You’ll also need to make extra effort to thoroughly inspect the property yourself first and develop relationships with local officials impacting development plans.

Does buying land for cash take less time than traditional financing?

Absolutely. By forgoing contingencies like securing a mortgage, the overall sale timeline greatly accelerates. Most cash purchases progress from initial offer to closing within 30-60 days. Just be prepared to order inspections/surveys quickly. Streamlined processes let sellers collect proceeds faster too.

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Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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