Why We Love Buying Ohio Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Ohio Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

Attention on Ohio land has grown rapidly these days. It's easy to see why - the state boasts plenty of affordable, spacious parcels perfect for everything from family farms to commercial developments. With lower prices than overheated coastal markets, Ohio offers a lot of bang for your buck if you're looking to buy land. More investors, developers, and future homeowners are catching on and scooping up these Buckeye State properties. And many of them are doing it with cold hard cash. Paying full price upfront with cash has some nice perks when purchasing land in Ohio. This article will break down the smart reasons to go cash when buying Ohio land plots. You'll learn the savvy benefits cash can provide compared to financing. We'll also cover important factors to weigh with cash purchases, as well as pro tips for leveraging cash offers in Ohio real estate deals. Whether you're hunting for vacant acres or massive ranchland, paying cash can be a strategic move.

Benefits of Buying Ohio Land for Cash

Plunking down cold, hard cash when buying land in Ohio can really pay off in a few key ways:

  • Speed - Cash equals speedy. Sellers love cash offers because they know the sale will close pronto without financing mucking it up. Ditching those contingencies means cash buyers can seal the deal in days or weeks rather than months dragged out by loan approvals. When hot parcels pop up, cash buyers can swoop in fast and clinch the deal.
  • Stronger Negotiation Power - Waving around cash makes buyers look serious and flush. Sellers get assurance they'll get paid promptly. That gives cash buyers more leverage to potentially negotiate a lower price or other perks. Many sellers will slash 5-10% off just to lock in an easy cash sale.
  • Closing Timeline Control - Skipping financing means the buyer sets the schedule, not the bank. Cash purchasers can close immediately if they want, or take more time if needed. The timeline gets structured around their needs rather than a lender's. That flexibility is key when opportunities pop up that require quick action.

Things to Consider When Buying Ohio Land for Cash

While cash transactions offer advantages, buyers should weigh several factors when purchasing Ohio land this way:

  • Do Your Research: It’s important to research property values, land use constraints, and local development patterns when buying land anywhere. However, this is especially crucial for cash buyers who relinquish contingencies. Be conservative in offers and have a firm grasp of the fair market value of the property.
  • Get Inspections: Even if forgoing financing contingencies, cash buyers should thoroughly inspect properties beforehand. Assess soil conditions, flood risk, development potential and restrictive easements. Catching any issues upfront is ideal to inform negotiations and avoid headaches after closing.
  • Understand Tax Implications: A cash purchase likely means paying property taxes out-of-pocket rather than rolling them into a mortgage. Review Ohio property tax rates and understand carrying costs for budgeting purposes and return-on-investment projections.
  • Confirm Zoning: Verify that current zoning aligns with the buyer’s intended use of the land, whether building a home, running a business, or another purpose. Rezoning can be time consuming and unpredictable. Conservative buyers may want zoning assurances in place before closing.
  • Check Title History: Review title records to ensure there are no hidden liens, debts or other encumbrances tied to the land that could present issues down the road. It’s much easier to clear up title problems beforehand versus after a transaction closes.
  • Have a Plan: Cash buyers should have a solid vision for how they will utilize or monetize land purchases. While greater flexibility is a selling point for cash transactions, buyers still need an intended purpose and exit strategy. This helps avoid tying up capital in land that sits idle without generating returns.

Tips for Purchasing Ohio Land Parcels With Cash

For buyers ready to purchase Ohio land parcels with cash, following these tips can help land the right property under optimal terms:

  • Work With a Knowledgeable Agent: A local real estate agent experienced in land transactions can help cash buyers identify parcels that fit their criteria and provide critical market insights for valuation. Agents can also leverage relationships to get a leg up on off-market opportunities.
  • Move Quickly: When You Find a Parcel Cash buyers have the advantage to close rapidly. So when the perfect parcel comes available, they can pounce on it by getting an offer submitted immediately before other contenders enter the mix.
  • Make Competitive Offers: Having cash available means going in strong on price. Consider offering list price or slightly above to beat out financing contingencies. Going significantly under list price could result in getting passed over.
  • Be Flexible on Closing Dates: One of the perks of having cash is flexibility. Leave closing timeframes open in initial offers to finalize dates later if needed. This shows sellers your readiness to close on their preferred schedule.
  • Double Check Paperwork and Title: Don’t rely solely on a title company. Independently review title records and purchase agreements to fully understand what you are buying and obligations attached.
  • Keep Emotions Out of Negotiations: Stick to the facts and data when negotiating price and terms. Cash buyers have more control over closings but still must be pragmatic about valuations and offers.

Have Funds Readily Available
Proof of liquid funds will be important for motivating sellers. Have funds accessible and ready for wire transfer to close immediately once a deal is finalized.

Be Strategic on Timing: Real estate markets fluctuate seasonally. Where possible, consider timing land purchases when prices tend to dip, usually in the fall and winter months in Ohio.

How to Choose a Land Company for Buying Land

Finding the right land company takes some homework, but it's worth it. Follow these tips when scoping out land pros:

  • Check Experience - Seasoned land companies have years buying and selling all types of properties under their belt. Look for firms with vast expertise so you tap into their knowledge.
  • Vet Reviews - A company's reputation speaks volumes. Search out reviews and testimonials to confirm satisfied customers and repeat business. Ask trusted contacts for referrals too.
  • Understand Process - Every land company has their own flow for assessing, pricing, marketing, and closing deals. Make sure you're on board with the play-by-play and communication style. Ask about timeframes too so your expectations align.
  • Compare Pricing - Fee structures and commissions vary. Be transparent about your budget from the start. Shop around for a pricing model that feels fair.
  • Find Strong Negotiators - Savvy land pros have mastered the art of negotiation, helping clients get top dollar especially when competition is fierce. Seek out negotiators who secure win-win deals.
  • Meet the Team - Know who you'll interact with throughout the journey. Look for diverse leadership with both local and national real estate chops. Well-rounded expertise pays off.

Doing your due diligence lands you a land company that checks all the boxes - experience, reputation, pricing, expertise. That combo ensures a smooth ride to real estate success.

Final Words

Snagging empty land or acres in Ohio with cold hard cash can really pay off for investors and future homeowners alike. To extract full value, you've got to kick those tires and inspect every angle before purchasing. Scope out property condition, zoning laws, market trends - leave no stone unturned. Following the insider tips above allows cash buyers to act fast, negotiate the best possible price, and close quickly on parcels that match their goals. With careful prep and strategic planning, paying with paper-free cash can be the smartest route when expanding your Ohio land holdings. Whether your next purchase is one vacant lot or a sprawling ranch, cash lets you seize opportunities and maximize returns on your investments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main benefits of buying land with cash?

Some of the main benefits of buying land in cash include faster closing times, greater negotiation leverage, and more flexibility compared to financing land purchases. Cash buyers can close quickly without waiting on bank approvals, potentially negotiate lower prices, and control the closing timeline.

How much does buying land for cash save compared to financing?

Cash buyers may save 5-15% compared to financing, depending on the parcel and market conditions. Sellers are often willing to discount pricing by accepting a lower offer from a cash buyer in order to ensure a quick, guaranteed sale.

What percentage of home buyers purchase land with cash?

Approximately 18% of land and vacant lot sales are all-cash transactions. However, the percentage is much higher for investors and developers rather than individual home buyers. Paying cash allows builders and investors to move swiftly to acquire multiple properties.

What tips do you have for negotiating a good price on land with a cash offer?

Some tips include making offers quickly before competition enters the picture, demonstrating proof of readily available funds, being flexible on closing timelines, and keeping emotions out of the negotiation. Also research property values thoroughly and stick to your budget to avoid overpaying.

What risks are involved in buying land for cash?

Paying cash does involve risks if proper due diligence is not done beforehand. Get thorough inspections, review title history carefully, ensure zoning and land use aligns with your goals, and have a plan in place to generate returns on the property. Work closely with a knowledgable real estate pro.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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