Why We Love Buying New Mexico Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying New Mexico Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

New Mexico is a southwestern U.S. state with a landscape encompassing desert, river valleys, fertile plains, and the southern Rocky Mountains. Known for artistic, Native American and Hispanic influences, the state has a long history that has shaped its diverse culture and economy. With its blue skies, picturesque landscapes from white sands to forests, and opportunities for outdoor recreation, New Mexico offers beautiful land ready to be transformed into a dream property.

Why Buy Land in New Mexico? Opportunities and Benefits

There are many great reasons to purchase New Mexico land. With competitive pricing compared to other states and financing options that allow buyers to purchase the land outright with cash up front, New Mexico provides opportunities for all budgets.

Below are the top reasons people love buying land in New Mexico with cash:

Freedom in Development Having full ownership of the land with a cash purchase allows buyers complete freedom over how they want to develop and use their property without any restrictions. The land can be left untouched, used recreationally, or have a residential home, commercial building or other structure built on it - the choice is yours.

Appreciating Asset
Land in New Mexico has consistently increased in value over the last decade, making it an excellent appreciating asset. As the state economy and population continue to grow, land values are projected to keep rising. Purchasing the land outright instead of financing locks in the price and allows buyers to benefit from future appreciation.

Low Taxes Property taxes in New Mexico are among the lowest in the U.S. For people looking to establish residency or set up a business, the reduced tax burden lightens overhead expenses and enables owners to maximize other investments in their land.

Natural Investment With New Mexico positioned as one of the top U.S. states for solar power generation and wind farming, the land presents prime opportunities for renewable energy projects. The naturally sunny climate and wide-open spaces are ideal for constructing solar arrays and wind turbines to sell power back to the grid.

Recreational Fun 

The varied terrain and wilderness found throughout New Mexico enables all types of outdoor recreation. From hiking and mountain biking to horseback riding and camping, the land’s raw beauty and wide open spaces encourage owners to enjoy exciting activities right in their own backyard. Hunting and off-roading are also popular regional pastimes.

Privacy & Seclusion 

With remote deserts, forests, and mountain areas far from heavily populated zones, New Mexico land offers privacy and seclusion perfect for people looking to build their dream homes or survival shelters away from crowded neighborhoods and cities. The peace and quiet rejuvenates mind, body and soul.

Process of Buying Land with Cash 

How It Works

Purchasing land in New Mexico with cash outright completely avoids the need to finance the purchase through a bank. This straightforward approach puts buyers in full control and ownership of the land from the very start.

Below is an overview of the typical process:

Search Land Listings 

The first step is researching currently available land listings in desired New Mexico locations, taking note of acreage, pricing and property features. Popular property listing sites like Zillow, Trulia and LandWatch are good resources to view options on the market.

Due Diligence 

Before moving forward with a purchase, wise land buyers will perform their due diligence by investigating all details about the property and surrounding locale, including:

  • Boundary lines and total acreage
  • Property rights - water, mineral, access rights
  • Zoning status and restrictions
  • Local county/city codes and permitting requirements
  • Tax rates and history
  • Nearby infrastructure/utilities availability
  • Flood zones or other environmental factors
  • Market value comparables

If desired for residential use, soil testing for a septic drainage field is also recommended.

Making an Offer 

When a suitable property has been identified and properly vetted, the buyer will submit a fair cash offer to the seller, taking care to ensure any written purchase agreement accurately reflects contingencies and specifies the desired closing date along with any necessary title work or inspections to be completed beforehand.

Negotiations may go back and forth until a satisfactory purchase price and terms are established between both parties. Having financing already in place gives cash buyers a strong upper hand in these negotiations.

Closing the Purchase 

The mutually agreed upon closing date formalizes the final land transfer when funds are disbursed and deeds signed sealing the deal. Recording fees apply to register the warranty deed with the county clerk’s office recognizing the buyer’s legal ownership.

Upon closing, the new land owner is free to develop, occupy or resell the property at their discretion. Cash purchases enable buyers to immediately enjoy all the benefits, freedom and appreciation potential their New Mexico land has to offer!

How Land Professionals Can Help Expert Guidance

While the process of buying land with cash may seem straightforward on the surface, there are still many factors involved in locating ideal properties, valuing land accurately, negotiating effectively and closing securely. Enlisting professional help gives buyers invaluable guidance essential for land buying success.

Working with reputable companies like Land Boss who specialize in buying and selling New Mexico land for cash ensures access to prime property listings before they hit the open market. Land professionals contribute their expertise in areas buyers may lack - accurately appraising land value based on up-to-date market conditions, pinpointing parcels with strong growth potential, identifying any issues or concerns with the land itself, negotiating the best possible deal terms that protect the buyer’s interests after closing. They also take care of coordinating title searches with closing attorneys.

Land Boss has over 5 years navigating New Mexico's diverse property terrain resulting in more than 100 successful land transactions. Cash buyers who leverage this experience gain quick access to extensive market knowledge and resources that give them an invaluable head start. The whole process becomes smoother and more efficient.

Why Consider Selling to a Land Company? 

Hassle-Free Liquidation

Sometimes land owners face situations forcing the difficult decision to sell undeveloped land quickly - death, divorce, job relocation, urgent need for cash are common scenarios.

In these cases, attempting to sell the land independently through a traditional real estate agent can prove extremely challenging:

  • Vacant land without any structures or income potential often lingers on the market for up to 1-2 years before selling in a limited buyer’s market.
  • Land owners must extensively market and advertise their property to potential buyers across multiple listing sites and platforms over many months, with no guarantee of success.
  • Negotiating with individual buyers usually involves accepting significantly less than fair market land value after price reductions.
  • If agents or auctioneers are used their commissions and fees subtract from any sale profits.
  • Delayed sales prevent owners from accessing equity in their land when they need it most.

Selling specifically to reputable land buying companies like Land Boss eliminates these issues through convenient sale terms and quick cash payouts that serve the urgent needs of the land owner rather than maximizing investment potential.

  • Land professionals accurately assess property details and realistically appraise land value under current market forces of supply and demand. Resulting cash offers account for any preparation work the company will handle themselves.
  • Direct sales negotiations are handled professionally with the land owner’s best interests in mind. Reasonable contingencies protect against future issues.
  • Companies have funds earmarked specifically for purchasing land holdings - they don’t rely on traditional financing so can close quickly.
  • Owners receive payment literally within days of closing. No lengthy waiting periods.

Land owners in time-sensitive situations often find the easiest solution is selling directly to responsible land professionals for immediate cash return rather than the open market. Their expertise resolves many barriers private sellers’ encounter.

Maximize the Value of Your New Mexico Land

New Mexico’s beautiful landscapes, low taxes and welcoming business environment make land purchases in the state attractive opportunities delivering enjoyment, financial gains and bright futures. Motivated buyers with cash readily available can move quickly and confidently to acquire prime parcels to enrich their lives. Partnering with competent land professionals like Land Boss simplifies and enhances the buying or selling process so all parties achieve their property goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main benefits of buying land in New Mexico with cash?

The top benefits of a cash purchase of New Mexico land are full ownership and control over the property with no restrictions, taking advantage of appreciation as values rise, low property taxes, flexibility in how the land is used - whether commercial endeavors, residential living, recreation, or holding as an investment.

How does paying cash help in negotiations with sellers?

Cash buyers have a strong negotiating position with selling parties because they do not require bank financing and loans to purchase the land. This allows them to close quickly, avoid contingencies that come with financing, and potentially get better pricing since sellers have assurance they will receive payment promptly.

What factors should be researched before buying land in New Mexico?

It’s vital to research details like property boundary lines, ownership rights (ex. mineral, water), zoning status, county codes, tax rates, nearby utility infrastructure availability, environmental factors, flood zones, comparative prices, and soil percolation testing for septic drainage fields if building residential structures.

Is professional assistance recommended for first-time land buyers?

Yes, working with a reputable land company like Land Boss that focuses specifically on New Mexico properties is highly recommended. They have specialized knowledge on accurately appraising land values, projections for appreciation, pinpointing parcels with growth potential, negotiating terms favorably, and handling contracts & title work properly to protect buyers’ interests.

What are the main benefits of selling land to a company compared to the open market?

Selling directly to a cash-ready land company allows sellers facing pressing financial/personal situations requiring quick sale of their New Mexico land to avoid extended listings that may take over a year to attract interested open market buyers. Companies can pay fair cash value within days of closing compared to commissions and lower pricing that reduce profits in traditional sales.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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