Why We Love Buying Georgia Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Georgia Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

With over 37 million acres dedicated to forestry and farmland uses, Georgia remains one of the most abundant sources of raw, undeveloped land in the Southeast. As major land buyers focused on the Georgia area, ample inventory certainly reinforces why we relish doing business there. Yet favorable rural property market trends also drive our passion for buying Georgia land parcels with cash offers. Despite economic shifts, the average per-acre price for cropland and woodland sales across Georgia still falls under regional and national standards at roughly $3,900 per acre according to 2022 USDA data

Comparatively lower prices coupled with desirable climate conditions make acquiring and holding Georgia land tracts as stable assets a savvy move. Mix in a sprawling selection of plots for sale from struggling farmers, heirs with inherited property, and others types of motivated sellers, and you have the perfect real estate investment scenario. We strive to provide those types of sellers peace of mind through seamless cash closings. Here's a closer look at how we make the Georgia land buying process simple, certain and fast.

Affordable Prices in an Up-and-Coming Market

Compared to other southeast states like Florida and North Carolina, land prices in Georgia remain relatively affordable. The average price per acre statewide is around $2,500, although prices can range from as low as $500 per acre in rural areas to over $10,000 per acre in metro Atlanta. For those looking to acquire 10+ acres for a future homesite, farm or recreational property, Georgia provides an excellent value. Investors also appreciate the low buy-in cost and potential for long-term appreciation in developing areas.

As major cities like Atlanta, Savannah and Augusta continue to expand, land around these metro regions sustains increasing demand. Smaller towns are also attracting new residents and businesses thanks to Georgia's business-friendly policies, skilled workforce and high quality of life. Buying land now ahead of planned infrastructure expansions or before an area becomes "discovered" is a smart investment strategy. Paying cash allows buyers to capitalize on bargain prices before the market heats up.

Quick and Easy Transactions

Purchasing Georgia land with cash results in a smoother, faster transaction than traditional bank financing. There are no credit checks to wait for, no banks to approve loans and no interest rates to negotiate. Cash buyers have the advantage of closing deals on their timeline, without delays from financing contingencies.

Sellers favor cash buyers as there is less risk of the sale falling through. With cash in hand, buyers have more leverage to negotiate discounts or favorable terms on Georgia land parcels. Cash transactions provide certainty to both parties that the deal will close quickly. For vacant land that may have been on the market for extended periods, cash can provide sellers the advantage of offloading this unused asset.

Flexibility in Land Usage

Paying with cash provides buyers maximum flexibility, as the land is owned outright with no restrictions from bank financing. Whether planning to build a residential property, farm the land or hold it for later investment, cash buyers are free to use Georgia land as they see fit. There is no pressure to develop immediately to start making loan payments.

Cash allows mid to long-term visions for the property, giving the freedom to wait for the market to be prime for construction or the establishment of recreational/agricultural businesses. With complete ownership, the land can be sold in pieces, leased to produce income or become collateral for future development loans. Having the flexibility to respond to market conditions and personal situations is a major benefit of owning land free and clear.

Reduced Financial Risk

Land investment does come with some risk, like any non-liquid asset. Paying with cash reduces exposure by avoiding high-interest mortgage payments and removing the threat of foreclosure. There is no risk of the bank calling the loan prematurely or refinancing issues down the road. The full purchase price is paid upfront, meaning no opportunity for the land to be repossessed.

While unknown factors may impact future valuations, the initial purchase price and transaction costs are fixed. Cash buyers know exactly what they are getting into from the start, avoiding stressful "surprises" that can happen with traditional financing. Reducing variables that could threaten a long-term investment strategy makes buying Georgia land in cash extremely attractive.

Immediate Equity and Use

Since the entire purchase price is paid at closing there is no mortgage balance accruing interest over time. Cash buyers gain 100% equity in the land from day one. This allows immediate use as collateral for other investments or to take out low-cost credit lines while waiting for ideal development conditions. There are no waiting periods to obtain full ownership.

Having equity also provides incentive for cash buyers to make improvements right away that may increase property value. Installations like fences, ponds or roads that facilitate future construction plans can begin as soon as the transaction closes. With secure ownership established, there is little advantage in waiting to start enhancing the land's usable features and overall worth.

Ability to Take Advantage of Distressed Sales

During low points in the real estate cycle or when an individual landowner faces economic hardship, properties may become available at well below fair market price. Sales happen quickly in these situations, often on accelerated timeframes not workable with traditional bank loans. Cash buyers can act fast when a desirable distressed parcel becomes available, without contingencies that may slow down or compromise the deal.

Having readily available funds allows cash buyers to scoop up discounted land that would be out of reach for those requiring financing. In a competitive purchasing environment, cash offers frequently win out over mortgages with less desirable terms for sellers. Maintaining liquidity and the ability to close quickly provides huge advantages to purchasers targeting undervalued or distressed real estate.

Georgia offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, southern heritage, thriving industry and affordable real estate for savvy land investors. Paying cash to purchase raw acreage and vacant parcels provides flexibility and reduces risk over time. In a continually evolving real estate market, owning land outright allows adapting usage as personal and economic conditions change. For these reasons and more, buying Georgia land with cash remains a smart choice that can pay off for decades into the future.

How to Invest Wisely in Georgia Land

Georgia offers excellent opportunities for land investors who are strategic with their purchases. Here are some tips for investing wisely in Georgia land:

Research Growth Trends and Infrastructure Plans

Do thorough research to identify counties and cities with strong population and job growth. Areas expanding out from major metro hubs like Atlanta, Savannah and Augusta are good bets. Check development plans from local governments, looking for new highways, utility extensions and zoning changes that indicate future growth. Focus on buying ahead of these improvements.

Look for Discounted Parcels

Search for motivated sellers who need to offload land quickly due to life changes or financial issues. Inherited properties, divorce and foreclosures can lead to discounted sales. Be ready to make cash offers to win these deals. Watch for expired listings that may indicate sellers will take less than initial asking price.

Evaluate Accessibility

Land must be accessible to have future development potential. Ensure parcels have frontage on a paved road and in vicinity of electrical utilities. Check terrain for any improvements needed, like clearing brush or installing a driveway. Lands nearby amenities like schools and shopping have added value.

Get Surveyed Boundaries

Have land surveyed to identify exact boundaries and acreage before purchase. This can uncover encroachments from neighboring lots or restrictions like easements. Make sure the deed matches the survey. Clear property lines reduce future conflicts.

Investing strategically in Georgia land offers high upside with the state's continued growth and development. Paying attention to market factors and property improvements needed will lead to smart purchases.

Final Thoughts

With its abundance of natural beauty and growing economic opportunities, Georgia remains a premier destination in the Southeast for land investors. The state offers affordable land prices and huge upside potential as infrastructure expands and metro regions flourish. Paying cash to buy raw acreage and vacant parcels provides buyers with flexibility, reduced risk, and immediate returns through equity. Landowners have the freedom to be strategic in developing or reselling properties down the road. For these reasons, purchasing Georgia land outright for cash continues to be a smart investment choice that delivers lasting financial rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of buying land in Georgia versus other states?

Georgia provides affordable land prices compared to other southeast states, with average per acre costs nearly 50% less than neighboring Florida. The state also has business-friendly policies, tax incentives and a skilled workforce driving development.

Is it risky to buy land in cash?

Paying cash reduces financial risk by avoiding high interest rates and monthly mortgage payments. You gain immediate equity and ownership, with no threat of the bank foreclosing. The purchase price is fixed, limiting future surprises.

How can I find discounted or distressed land parcels listed for quick sale?

Search for inherited properties where heirs need to liquidate, watch for parcels going through foreclosure, and look for expired listings where sellers may accept lower offers. Be ready to make cash offers on short timeframes.

What factors should I evaluate when assessing land investment potential?

Look for areas with increasing population, job growth and infrastructure expansion. Research planned developments and zoning changes. Seek parcels with road access, terrain suitable for building, and proximity to utilities and amenities.

Should I pay cash or finance land purchases?

Paying cash provides more flexibility in usage, eliminates interest fees, and allows you to jump on deals quickly. But utilizing low-cost financing can also make sense in many cases, just review terms carefully.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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