Why We Love Buying Connecticut Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Connecticut Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

Acquiring raw land in any form, whether wooded acreage, tillable farmland, development parcels or scenic waterfronts, typically represents a major investment for buyers. Yet paying with cash places land buyers in Connecticut at a notable advantage. According to the latest research from the USDA, over 60% of land transactions in the state during 2018 were completed as all-cash purchases. Buyers who can pay outright in cash benefit from greater negotiating power, more flexibility around property valuations, faster closing timelines bypassing financing barriers, and other key upsides. Paying the full amount at closing gives cash buyers wider options to swiftly capitalize on promising listings across the state while allowing motivated sellers to conclude deals rapidly. Whether a seller needs an exit for family farmland acreage, forested hunting lands or other real estate as-is, an all-cash buying approach can deliver excellent value for unique land assets in Connecticut.

Specifically, there are unique benefits to buying raw Connecticut land with cash that many land buyers have come to love over the years.

Benefits of Buying Connecticut Land for Cash

When evaluating purchasing real estate, especially vacant land parcels, paying in cash provides distinctive advantages over taking out financing with traditional bank loans. Here are some of the main reasons why people love buying Connecticut land in cash:

Avoid Fees and Interest by Paying Upfront

Perhaps the biggest incentive to pay cash for property in Connecticut is that it allows buyers to avoid all loan fees,interest and payment schedules associated with a mortgage. This saves potentially thousands of dollars over the lifetime of what would have been a 15-30 year loan.

Land itself does not typically generate immediate income like a rented house might, so for many buyers taking on debt and interest payments to own vacant land makes little financial sense if they have the cash resources available.

Negotiate Better Deals Without Contingencies

Making a cash offer also allows motivated Connecticut land shoppers to negotiate more effectively with sellers. Since cash deals do not require lender appraisals and approvals, or home inspections, they can close much more quickly than financed offers. This Speed and flexibility is very enticing to sellers.

Cash buyers can negotiate more aggressively on price and make simpler purchase agreements because they do not need contingencies for securing financing or inspections. Many Connecticut land investors leverage this simplicity to get properties at well under market value.

Take Advantage of Distressed Sales Opportunities

The ability to pay the full amount in cash opens doors for Connecticut land buyers that finance buyers do not have. Specifically, cash allows purchasing distressed properties like unfinished developments, probates, tired listings and auction sales.

Often times sellers in these situations are not willing or able to provide financing, and they are motivated to sell quickly even at steep discounts. Cash buyers can take advantage of these opportunities that banks shy away from, getting great deals in the process.

Avoid Ongoing Monthly Costs and Debt

Finally, keeping a Connecticut land purchase free and clear of any loans avoids monthly payments going forward. This removes pressure and recurring bills, allowing more freedom and flexibility in deciding what to do with the property long term.

Some buyers intend to develop or build on their land one day but do not have immediate plans, so they want to buy and hold it for future use debt-free. Paying cash is the best way to secure raw land for eventual development while avoiding interest and fees.

How Land Buyers Buy Land with Cash in Connecticut

As experienced land professionals operating in Connecticut, land buying companies have seen the many benefits of buying properties with cash firsthand. Any reputable company has done over 100 cash land transactions, helping both buyers and sellers.

Their business uses cash to buy quality land significantly below retail prices. Often these are distressed or untapped properties that traditional buyers overlook, which they are able to secure at discounts.

They look for motivated sellers such as:

  • Tired listings that have been on the market a long time
  • Inherited property owners (probates)
  • Limited liability companies disposing unwanted parcels
  • People facing financial or legal problems

Land buying companies always conducts ethical, fair transactions that achieve win-win solutions for both parties.

While vacant land can be challenging to accurately evaluate and sell through conventional channels, their business aims to make it simple. Sellers want fast closings and buyers want great prices - paying cash makes both possible.

Key Considerations When Selling Land for Cash

We receive frequent inquiries from land owners interested in selling their property quickly and directly to us for cash. Oftentimes they have shopped the retail market unsuccessfully or dealt with the difficulties of selling land conventionally on their own.

Here we outline top reasons Connecticut land owners should consider a cash sale approach.

Cash Sales Close Much Faster

Banks and traditional buyers typically need 30-90+ days to close after making an offer involving financing contingencies for appraisals, securing loans and property inspections. Sales can fall through at various stages of this complex process, which is frustrating for sellers.

Cash sales with buyers like Land Boss close in days or weeks since no financing is required. We can make a cash offer the same day after an initial walkthrough evaluation. The simplified acquisition process is relieving for owners who want to sell their Connecticut land fast.

Land Evaluation Involves Subjectivity

Determining a fair market value price for vacant land can be quite subjective when compared to developed properties with valuation data clearly evident in the structures built. Geographic comparable, development potential and other factors influence land prices.

Given this ambiguity, low ball offers are not necessarily unfair or unethical for buyers. And listing land significantly above actual worth risks it sitting idle on the retail market for months if not years. Owners can avoid hassles by understanding buyers like us determine prices at reasonable wholesale levels.

Marketing Land is Time & Labor Intensive

Traditional brokers will list properties online and yard signs, but leave much of the marketing efforts up to sellers themselves if aiming for top value retail prices. This typically involves extensive promotion across multiple channels over months, if not years. And there is no guarantee a buyer will ever materialize.

A cash offer from an investment company provides benefits here as well. The buyer handles all the legwork, research, marketing and negotiations themselves. And delivers a fair cash price when all is said and done so sellers get closure quickly.

Holding Costs Add Up Over Time

While a Connecticut land parcel sits on the market waiting for a buyer, property taxes, community association fees and maintenance expenses continue accumulating. And if the retail listing price set by the owner is too high, this drain on financial resources can go on for a very long time.

Selling land for cash eliminates soft costs quickly so owners can move on or redirect funds to other priorities without land continually eating into budgets months after deciding to sell.

Not Every Property Warrants Full Retail Value

The reality is only premium land holdings in prime locations will attract buyers willing to pay listed retail prices. Large acreage equestrian parcels and waterfront lots for instance. Lower demand vacant tracts in rural locations simply often do not justify top market prices to buyers no matter how long they stay listed.

In these common scenarios cash sales greatly benefit sellers by providing fair prices and closing certainty without unrealistic retail price expectations dragging out the process for potentially years.

Key Takeaways on Connecticut Land Cash Sales

In summary, here are the 5 major reasons why people love buying Connecticut real estate, especially vacant land, with cash instead of financing:

  • Avoid interest rates and loan fees by paying full price upfront
  • Negotiate better pricing since no contingencies involved
  • Take advantage of distressed seller motivations with quick closes
  • Eliminate recurring monthly payments by owning land outright
  • Open doors to deals like auctions, probates and unfinished developments

And likewise these are top 5 benefits Connecticut land owners gain when deciding to sell their property directly to a cash buyer for a fair wholesale price:

  • Extremely quick closing timeline compared to retail
  • Avoid frustrations pricing land speculatively
  • Minimize upfront marketing responsibilities
  • Stop recurring ownership costs immediately
  • Receive fair prices for rural or low-demand land types

As experienced buyers and sellers of Connecticut land for cash, companies like Land Boss aim to provide win-win solutions for both investors seeking deals and motivated land owners ready to sell quickly. Paying cash makes the entire acquisition process smoother, faster and simpler for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I pay cash when buying vacant land in Connecticut? 

Paying the full purchase price in cash allows you to avoid all interest, fees and payment schedules associated with financing. This provides cost savings and flexibility when holding or developing land.

What types of discounts can paying cash provide on Connecticut land deals? 

Cash buyers can often negotiate 10-30% under market value since sellers favor the speed and simplicity of these transactions, especially if distressed situations are involved.

What risks are involved when buying Connecticut land with cash? 

Paying full cash price eliminates risks of market fluctuations impacting loans, though factors like development costs or property taxes could still rise. Get estimates for holding costs when evaluating parcels.

How long does it take to close a cash deal on Connecticut land? 

Cash offers provide extremely quick closure, sometimes in as little as a few days if titles and legalities are in order, since no financing approvals are required.

Who typically seeks to buy Connecticut land with cash payments? 

Investors like house flippers, developers, builders, and individuals purchasing lots for future personal use or investment benefit most from cash purchase power and flexibility.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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