Why We Love Buying Colorado Land in Cash

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Why We Love Buying Colorado Land in Cash

Bart Waldon

As the USDA 2023 land values report highlights, Colorado boasts some of the most robust year-over-year valuation gains nationwide with overall farm real estate values climbing 12.4% since just 2022. With the state’s 3.1 million rural property acres largely concentrated in crop and grazing usages at 41% and 48% respectively, producers face alluring incentives around realizing returns through sales. Yet attempting to coordinate these transactions conventionally poses headaches, especially when needing to vacate sites rapidly to capitalize on peak pricing periods.

After handling over 50 direct Colorado land acquisitions since 2018 predominantly by leveraging extensive cash reserves, we intimately understand motivations on both buy and sell sides. When customers desire simplified sales processes concluded quickly at reasonably competitive rates compared to eventual market peaks, our direct purchase approach delivers an ideal solution. We eliminate financing contingencies while still extending fair market-based offerings benefiting urgent sellers.

For five years now, our land company has helped over 100 clients buy and sell land in Colorado and other western states. As land experts based in Colorado, we’ve seen the appeal of owning a piece of the state’s scenic terrain firsthand. Whether you want to build a cabin retreat, set up camp, invest in land or have a spot for outdoor sports, buying Colorado land for cash has many benefits.

The Perks of a Cash Purchase

Plunking down good old-fashioned cash to buy Colorado land can give you distinct advantages over using financing. For starters, you don’t have to deal with banks, loan qualifications or interest rates. Having cash in hand also gives you flexibility to move quickly so you can snap up a great parcel as soon as it hits the market. Paying all cash outright means you have no mortgage payments to worry about later. You own the property free and clear.

For sellers, accepting a cash offer means a much faster and simpler sale. Without mortgages and financing contingencies, cash deals can close within days, rather than the weeks or months bank-financed deals take. Sellers also don’t have to wonder if the buyer will get loan approval. They can count on prompt payment. For property that may be harder to finance, like vacant land, an all cash purchase may be the easiest route. In Colorado’s competitive real estate environment, cash buyers have bargaining power that gives them an edge.

Limited Inventory Makes Land Hot

Vacant land for sale in Colorado is in limited supply even as demand rises. There’s only so much territory to go around in the state with geographic barriers like mountains and rivers. Private lands get handed down through families over generations or get developed. Yet newcomers keep flooding into Colorado, looking for property so they can fully embrace the outdoor lifestyle.

According to data, it takes an average of one to two years to sell a vacant land parcel in Colorado. Land professionals have observed the ups and downs of the state’s land market for years now. Values rise and fall as the economy shifts. Currently, 2023 is expected to remain a sellers’ market as inventory stays low but interested buyers abound.

A Strong State Economy Supports Real Estate

One factor driving interest in owning Colorado land is the state’s booming economy. Ten years of robust population and job growth, along with rising household incomes, fuel housing demand. Though the pandemic sparked some migration out of expensive cities like San Francisco and New York, many new remote workers chose vibrant spots around Colorado to relocate to.

Areas near Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Grand Junction offer urban career opportunities combined with easy access to the outdoors. The state has thriving tech, healthcare, finance and renewable energy industries, among others. Lower costs of living compared to the coasts make Colorado communities enticing places to plant roots. Employers continue moving operations here and bringing workers with them.

All these new residents need housing, sustaining real estate markets statewide. Investors want in on the action too and buy land, hoping to profit from Colorado’s economic strength. With high demand across housing types plus increasing construction costs, land values rise. Though still far below places like California, Colorado land consistently appreciates over time. Buying amid current market conditions puts owners in a good position for equity gains later.

Top Colorado Regions for Land Buyers

Opportunities abound throughout Colorado if you’re searching for vacant land to buy. The state has diverse terrain, from the peaks and valleys of ski country to high plains and canyons blanketed in piñon pine and juniper. Consider your land goals and lifestyle interests to zero in on the best regions and even neighborhoods for you.

The popular Front Range area nestled against mountains above Denver combines urban access with ample outdoor recreation. Scenic resort communities around ski towns like Vail, Breckenridge and Aspen also sell prized land for vacation homes or investment. Grand Junction has a stunning high desert landscape perfect for winery visits. Areas near Lamar or Trinidad appeal to hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

With majestic mountains, open prairies and red rock canyons, Colorado offers diverse lands to meet every interest. Connect with savvy local real estate agents to learn about parcels with development potential, water access and building needs. They can also provide specifics on zoning regulations in your zones of interest.

Partnering With Land Professionals

Trying to buy or sell land on your own can get complicated fast, especially for vacant land parcels. Identifying suitable properties, negotiating fair deals, handling due diligence and closing sales takes experience. Rather than go it alone, partnering with seasoned land professionals simplifies the process while helping you achieve your financial goals.

Dedicated land companies have specialized expertise to guide clients through profitable transactions. Working with professionals that handle everything from start to finish - contacting agents, submitting offers, securing contracts and closing - makes buying or selling land much easier. Leave the heavy lifting to teams focused solely on land deals so you can focus on finding the perfect spot to call your own.

The Appeal Endures

Will the desire to buy land in one of America’s most popular states continue? Given Colorado’s alluring terrain, wealth of recreational opportunities and sustained economic vitality, the answer seems clear. This special slice of the West promises to keep attracting transplants and investors alike. So if you’ve dreamed of carving out your own piece of paradise with a Colorado land purchase, no better time exists than now.

Reach out to knowledgeable land professionals when you’re ready to start your search. Seasoned experts understand the lay of the land across Colorado. They have insider tips to uncover options tailored to your goals and budget for a legacy land investment. The wide-open spaces of the Rockies await!

Final Thoughts

The magnetism of the Rocky Mountains region endures, continuing to draw new residents and visitors alike to Colorado’s special brand of splendor and possibility. With demand rising faster than available land supply, especially close to urban centers, buying property while inventory remains favorable is wise. Whether you want to build a primary residence, vacation home, permanent camp or storage bunker in nature’s playground, paying cash puts purchasing power and negotiation leverage in your hands. Partner with trusted land professionals to navigate a deal designed around your needs, lifestyle priorities and long-term goals for enjoying a legacy asset in one of America’s most treasured locales. The time has come to carve out your own coveted piece of the Centennial State.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of buying Colorado land with an all-cash offer?

Paying the full purchase price in cash provides flexibility in closing faster, negotiating better deals, and owning the property outright without financing costs. Cash offers are also more attractive to sellers.

Does paying cash for my land purchase mean I have no closing costs?

While avoiding mortgage interest and payments, you still have some closing fees like title insurance, recording charges, inspections and legal work. But cash buyers save tremendously overall.

Which regions of Colorado are most ideal for buying affordable land?

Some top affordable areas are the Western Slope near Grand Junction, the plains around Lamar and Trinidad, the Four Corners region, and certain mountain valleys with recreation access.

How can paying cash help me buy land faster in Colorado?

Cash deals aren’t contingent on financing, so they can close in days or weeks rather than months. This allows buyers to act quicker on desirable listings before they get snatched up.

Should I use a land professional when attempting to buy Colorado land with cash?

Yes, experienced land brokers have insider access to quality inventory and handle negotiations plus paperwork. They work closely with cash buyers to acquire ideal parcels cost-effectively.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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