What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Kansas?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Kansas?

Bart Waldon

Kansas, known as the Sunflower State for its abundant sunflowers that bloom across the land each summer, offers beautiful scenery ranging from vast prairies and plains to the rolling Flint Hills and forests. With its affordable land prices compared to coastal states, Kansas makes for an appealing location to purchase property whether you want to farm, ranch, build a homestead, invest in land, or have a recreational retreat. This article provides an overview of the top websites facilitating land sales across Kansas to help prospective buyers in their search.

Kansas Land: An Overview

Kansas spans over 82,000 square miles across the Midwestern United States. Much of the land across the state consists of prairie and farmland, with leading agricultural products including wheat, sorghum, soybeans, and corn. The average price of Kansas farmland as of 2022 reached around $2,850 per acre varying based on factors like soil quality, access to water, and location. However, non-irrigated cropland and pastureland often sells for $500-$2,000 per acre presenting affordable options for buyers not necessarily looking to farm the land.

Outside of agriculture, key industries in Kansas include aviation manufacturing, food processing, and telecommunications. Kansas also supports a strong oil and natural gas industry. It ranks 6th in the U.S. for oil production. When evaluating land for sale in Kansas, considerations around mineral rights and oil and gas leases come into play depending on your intentions with the property.

Using Websites to Buy Kansas Land

The internet provides an invaluable resource for land buyers in Kansas seeking properties for sale by owner. Landowners often list their vacant plots, ranches, hunting land, and other acreages on dedicated land listing sites hoping to forgo commissions by selling direct. These online listings allow buyers to easily browse and filter land for sale based on attributes like size, county location, features, recreational usage, and price.

When searching for land online, keep in mind that websites focused specifically on land sales tend to offer more robust search functionality along with detailed listing information as compared to more general real estate portals. While sites like Zillow and Realtor.com list some land parcels amongst homes for sale, you’ll get more tailored results from the web services outlined below dedicated to land properties.

Top Websites for Finding Kansas Land for Sale

From expansive cattle ranches in the Flint Hills to affordable acreages ideal for homesteading, these websites provide extensive listings to help you buy Kansas land online:

Lands of America

Serving as the largest land listing website in the country, Lands of America should top any list for buying land online. They offer the most Kansas land listings at any given time with robust search filters and map views to pinpoint parcels meeting your criteria. In addition to vacant land, you can also find farms, ranches and recreational properties like hunting land. Listings contain abundant details on each property for sale including terrain maps and boundary lines. Lands of America also facilitates connections with local real estate agents to assist with transactions. However, about half of its listings sell directly from the landowner without a broker.


LandWatch comes in as the second largest land listing site behind Lands of America with around two million acres worth of land for sale nationwide at any given time. LandWatch began over 25 years ago as a print newsletter for California land transactions before expanding online as a national marketplace for land. The site allows buyers to easily browse land for sale across Kansas filtering by attributes like price, size, county, city proximity, and property features. Listing details highlight information like road access, utilities availability, and financing options. Alongside their property search, LandWatch provides a buyer’s toolkit with guidance on assessing land parcels before purchase.


Although better known for home listings, Zillow offers land and farm listings as well amongst their for sale by owner properties. They provide abundant search filters to find Kansas land including criteria like lot size, price range, listing type, and keywords. You can refine location searches by county, city, neighborhood, zip code or interactively select regions on a map view. Listing details highlight useful information for land buyers like terrain elevation maps, aerial views, price history, and estimates on taxes and yearly costs. One handy feature is their affordability calculator based on your down payment which estimates monthly payments for financing land parcels.


Similar to Zillow, Realtor.com focuses heavily on home listings but also allows buyers to search land for sale amongst their property database. Useful filters specific to land include lot size, price per acre, property type tags like farm, ranch or recreational land, and keywords to pinpoint features like lakefront. Realtor.com offers both agents listed properties as well as for sale by owner land with contact forms provided to inquire about listings. One advantage of Realtor.com is the ability to save custom searches and get email alerts on new Kansas land listings matching your criteria.

Farm and Ranch

Living up to its name, Farm and Ranch caters to buyers wanting agricultural land for farming and ranching. Options range from small hobby farms to vast cattle operations spanning thousands of acres. The site provides useful search filters allowing you to zone in on the type of property you want whether it be cropland, orchards, irrigated land or grazing pasture. You can also search by features like barns, equipment sheds, residences and fencing. Listings contain detailed mapping visualizations along with information on soils classifications, water rights, mineral rights and more.

United Country Realty

With roots dating back over 90 years, United Country Realty stands as one of the oldest and largest land real estate firms in the U.S. Their website allows buyers to browse land and recreational properties listed by their local affiliate offices across Kansas. Search options range from undeveloped acreages to operating ranches and hunting lands. Listings contain thorough details on property attributes like terrain, road access, utility availability, mineral rights and more. United Country sets itself apart with their focus on supporting buyers in learning about and evaluating land parcels to make informed purchasing decisions.

Key Considerations When Buying Kansas Land Online

  • Verify full listing details - Online land listings provide helpful high level highlights but may lack information on important considerations like leases, easements, water rights, mineral rights, property lines and legal access. Ensure to independently validate any details material to your plans with the land before purchase.
  • Inspect before you invest - While sites may show aerial views and mapping visualizations, you can’t beat boots on the ground. Visit any property in person before purchase to evaluate attributes like soils, vegetation, water resources, accessibility and surrounding land usage.
  • Understand zoning regulations - Development potential and land usage like farming, ranching or building can vary significantly depending on county and local zoning laws. Research regulations applicable to any property before closing on a purchase.
  • Secure legal protections - Use land professionals like attorneys and title companies, especially when buying directly from a landowner without an agent. This helps vet the seller, confirm legal access and valid title, uncover any encumbrances, and ensure your legal rights are protected.

Selling Your Kansas Land

For landowners, the websites above also offer avenues to list your land for sale to a broad audience of buyers. However, if looking for a fast, convenient liquidation for cash, companies like Land Boss purchase Kansas property directly at fair prices. With over 5 years of experience buying and selling land, Land Boss serves as a reputable partner for seamless transactions without the hassles of traditional listings and showings.

Find Your Kansas Property at the Top Land Listing Sites

The websites outlined above provide top online platforms to search land for sale across the State of Kansas whether you want vacant acreage, a farm, ranch or recreational retreat. Each offers robust search functionality tailored for buyers combined with abundant details on listings to evaluate potential parcels. With many properties marketed directly by landowners, these sites facilitate affordable land purchases without broker commissions. So, leverage the internet to scout that perfect plot of Kansas land for your future homestead, agriculture operation or as a real estate investment.

Final Thoughts

With beautiful scenery spanning from vast prairies to rolling hills, combined with affordable land prices, Kansas offers appeal for many buyers seeking property in the Midwest region. The websites outlined in this article cater extensively to those looking to purchase land online, providing robust search functionality to pinpoint acreages aligned with intended usage along with abundant details around terrain, access, utilities, and more. Whether you want to establish a farm or ranch, build a homestead, have a recreational retreat or make a real estate investment, these curated land listing platforms facilitate connections with motivated sellers across Kansas. 

Do your due diligence by analyzing listing details then inspecting promising properties in person before moving forward with a purchase. For those looking to easily sell land in Kansas, direct land buying companies like Land Boss also present convenient options to liquidate acreages for cash. Take advantage of the resources covered here to help find and evaluate prime parcels to fulfill land ownership goals across the Sunflower State.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are typically available for sale in Kansas?

In Kansas you can find a range of rural properties for sale including farmland, ranchland, vacant/undeveloped acreages, recreational properties like hunting land, and land with home building sites. The most common listings are for cropland, cattle ranches and pastureland.

What is the average cost per acre for land in Kansas?

As of 2022, the average value of Kansas farmland is around $2,850 per acre, but prices vary significantly based on factors like soil quality, access to water resources, geographical region, and property improvements like buildings or irrigation infrastructure. Unimproved pastureland often sells between $500 to $2,000 per acre.

Are there hidden costs involved in buying Kansas land?

When budgeting your purchase, remember to account for closing costs which typically range from 2-5% of the total sales price. If financing your purchase, you’ll have loan fees and interest charges too. Also evaluate expenses to operate the land like property taxes, utilities access, maintenance/repairs, and liability insurance.

Is it risky buying Kansas land sight unseen?

While online listings provide aerial imagery and mapping visualizations, it is best to inspect any property in person before finalizing a purchase to fully evaluate important attributes impacting price like soils, vegetation, water resources, accessibility and surrounding land usage.

What steps should I take to validate a Kansas land purchase?

Thoroughly research property details like mineral rights, easements, water rights, leases and zoning regulations applicable to the parcel. Also independently verify legal access, property boundaries and title. Using land professionals like real estate attorneys and title companies helps properly vet the purchase.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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