What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Hawaii?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Hawaii?

Bart Waldon

Buying property in Hawaii poses immense challenges given approximately half the state's lands are government-owned coupled with strict development regulations severely limiting private housing supplies and rocketing real estate demand. According to the latest USDA census statistics, average per acre farmland valuations across Hawaii already exceed a staggering $28,500 level – making affordable land investments scarce. Yet various local and national land listing websites catering to Aloha state buyers contain diamonds if screened carefully. Leading Hawaii-focused property sites like LandAndFarm.com and LandsOfAmerica.com contain the largest aggregated inventories searchable by island and county honing results best early.

Meanwhile niche investment brokers like Hawaiian Islands Land Company unlock off-market lots pre-vetted direct from private sellers seeking liquidity events. And national land auction platforms like Auction.com enable bidding approved parcels often at reasonable entry prices if risk-tolerant. The key becomes leveraging the right web resources with available inventory best aligning investment goals and risk profiles.

An Overview of Buying Land in Hawaii

Before jumping into the best websites for purchasing Hawaii land, let’s cover some essential information on buying land in the state.

Hawaii has a total land area of 6,423 square miles, with the majority held by government agencies, native tribes and conservation groups. Private land makes up around 20% of Hawaii’s total acreage. This means quality land for sale doesn’t open up frequently across Hawaii’s islands.

When Hawaii land does become available, competition is often fierce between developers, commercial farming ventures, private buyers and more. And thanks to Hawaii’s popularity, land prices trend higher year after year.

Whether you want to build a home, operate a farm or simply enjoy a slice of paradise, the limited listings and rising values make finding a great land deal in Hawaii a challenge. Using the right website gives you an advantage.

You’ll also want to consider:

  • Location – The island and specific area will significantly impact land values and development potential. Do your Hawaii geography research.
  • Lot size – Typical private land ranges from 0.5 to 100 or more acres in Hawaii. Consider your needs.
  • Property rights – Some land parcels may limit development possibilities or commercial uses.
  • Accessibility – Mountain or remote parcels often lack road access. Factor development costs.

By leveraging the top websites for buying Hawaii land covered next, you can more easily navigate the state’s competitive land sales marketplace.

Best Websites for Buying Land in Hawaii

From specialized Hawaii property sites to leading national land sales platforms, here are five excellent options for finding and purchasing land online in Hawaii:

Hawaii Life

Hawaii Life focuses exclusively on Hawaiian real estate, making it a premier starting point for land buyers. Both vacant land and developed properties are listed on Hawaii Life.

With over 50 agents and three office locations across Hawaii, Hawaii Life provides localized expertise that can prove invaluable when purchasing land in the state. Agents know area development regulations, land values, typical sales timelines and more.

Hawaii Life also offers tools like price histories and market updates to provide context around list prices. And you can save searches for notifications when new Hawaii land hits the market.

While list prices tend to run higher with brokers, sellers on Hawaii Life know they are connecting with qualified, serious buyers. This can make negotiated sales easier.

Bottom line - When looking to purchase Hawaii land without the hassle of weeding through irrelevant listings, Hawaii Life is worth exploring first.


Serving land seekers across the U.S., Landwatch provides one of the largest databases of land and rural property listings available. Over 2.5 million acres are listed at any given time.

In Hawaii, Landwatch covers vacant land, working farms and ranches, recreational properties with cabins, land with utility access and more. Lot sizes range from less than an acre up to 1,000+ acres.

Landwatch lets buyers search Hawaii listings by island, county, city/area and other filters like price range or lot size. You can also setup alerts for new Hawaii land meeting your criteria.

While listing details vary depending on the seller, most provide acreage, location coordinates, pricing, property features and agent/seller contact. Drone videos and photos help assess listings visually too.

Landwatch simply offers the most Hawaii land options, from raw acreage to turnkey properties. Just be prepared to vet listings more closely since individual agents post the sales.

Lands of America

Trusted by land buyers and investors for over 20 years, Lands of America focuses strictly on rural real estate sales like vacant land. As their tagline states, “We list more land than anyone else in America.”

In Hawaii, Lands of America provides listings across all major islands - Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai. Lot sizes range from 1 acre up to 1,000+ acres. And both developed recreational properties and vacant land are listed.

Useful search filters allow buyers to zone in on Hawaii land meeting their criteria for island, price range, lot size, land use (residential, agricultural, etc.), views, tree coverage and more.

Listings contain vital property details including GPS boundaries and terrain views along with seller contact information. New matching Hawaii properties can be emailed based saved searches too.

While listing content depends on sellers listing the properties, Lands of America still stands as a valuable source given their specialized market focus and decades in the land business.


Chances are you’ve used Zillow when searching for homes for sale. But Zillow also provides listings for land and rural real estate, including quality options across Hawaii.

Zillow provides familiar online shopping conveniences tailored for land buyers. Easy-to-use interactive maps make visually scanning for property locations simple. And listing details like lot sizes, prices, property rights and seller contacts are clear.

Custom filtering and real-time email alerts for newly listed Hawaii land matching your preferences helps you stay on top of the market. Zillow also shows price changes on land over time when available.

While more limited than specialized land listing sites, Zillow connects buyers and sellers directly with no middle-man brokers involved. This can equate to real savings versus higher broker pricing.

So, for buyer-friendly land browsing backed by a trusted household internet brand, check out Zillow’s Hawaii land and lot options.

Craigslist Hawaii

Known as a marketplace for everything, Craigslist offers a unique option for Hawaii land buyers willing to uncover hidden real estate gems. Sellers listing Hawaii properties themselves often turn to Craigslist.

Craigslist Hawaii covers all islands, allowing broad searches for land, acreage, farms and recreational parcels listed directly by sellers or small agents. Pricing and lot sizes vary widely, with many motivated sellers.

The trade-off is Craigslist Hawaii lacks search filters beyond location and real estate type. So, hunting for land means browsing all listings manually. Content quality also varies seller to seller.

But for fraction-of-market value land or fixer-upper recreational parcels, Craigslist Hawaii provides an intriguing channel to uncover deals. Just set pricing filter low for extra motivation from sellers!

Buying Land in Hawaii – Make Your Dreams Reality!

Owning a stake of Hawaii’s natural paradise may seem out of reach. But leveraging sites like Hawaii Life, Lands of America, Zillow and more makes finding exceptional land deals fully possible.

Define your Hawaiian island, preferred lot size, ideal use and price range. Setup property alerts. And be ready act quickly once that perfect Hawaii land gem pops up in your email!

So, start your Hawaii land search today using the websites above. The islands laidback lifestyle could be yours sooner than you imagined!

Final Thoughts

Buying a piece of paradise in Hawaii may seem challenging, but with the right online resources, locating quality affordable land is very feasible. As we covered across the five websites listed here - Hawaii Life, Landwatch, Lands of America, Zillow, and Craigslist Hawaii - exceptional vacant lots and acreage exist across the islands. Define your preferences for island location, acreage size, intended land use and ideal budget. Then leverage these listing services to unlock custom property alerts and start negotiating Hawaii land deals direct with motivated sellers. 

The Aloha State lifestyle awaits. With diligent browsing across these land shopping platforms, selecting that perfect plot for your Hawaiian dream home or farm is now just a matter of time. The difficult part will be deciding which island to choose! Use these sites to make owning your own stake of Hawaii an affordable reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some good websites for finding land for sale in Hawaii?

Some top websites for finding Hawaii land listings include Hawaii Life, Landwatch, Lands of America, Zillow, and Craigslist Hawaii. These sites let you search current vacant land, farms and recreational properties listed for sale across Hawaii's islands.

Do I need an agent or broker to buy land in Hawaii?

While hiring a local Hawaiian real estate agent can provide useful guidance, it is not necessary in most cases. Websites like Zillow and Craigslist allow buyers to connect directly with land sellers without a middleman or commissions.

What Hawaii islands have the most affordable land prices?

Generally, the islands of Hawaii and Molokai feature more budget-friendly land compared to the pricier options often found on Oahu or Maui. Defining your price limits while browsing the land sale sites can help find deals.

What factors most impact land value in Hawaii?

The island location, lot acreage size, accessibility, current usable features and potential permitted uses based on zoning play major roles in land pricing across Hawaii's islands. Location on a preferred island or area drives higher values.

How quickly does land sell in Hawaii?

Demand for Hawaii land results in quick sales in many cases. Properties properly priced and actively marketed by motivated sellers can sell in 30 days or less frequently. Setting up buyer alerts helps act fast when new listings appear that match your criteria.

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Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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