What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Florida?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Florida?

Bart Waldon

With over 20 million acres of land area, Florida offers abundant opportunities for purchasing raw land for investment, development or recreational purposes. Recent statistics show over 8 million acres of Florida's land area is dedicated to farming, ranches and timber production. With a growing population and thriving tourism industry, demand for land in Florida remains high. This article explores useful websites that allow buyers to search land listings as well as key factors to consider when buying land in the Sunshine State.

Best Websites to Search Land Listings in Florida

Several online platforms provide a wealth of Florida land listings along with tools to filter parcels effectively based on location, size, price and land use designation:

Lands of America

Trusted resource since 1996, Lands of America contains over 3 million acres of Florida land for sale currently. Search tools allow buying raw acreage by city/county location, price range and size. Advanced filters further define land type from ranches to hunting recreational parcels. Detailed listing data includes maps and zoning information. They also publish current land real estate news about Florida specifically.

Land and Farm

Specializing in rural real estate, Land and Farm provides custom property search features targeted specifically towards those looking to purchase farm, forest, pasture and other raw acreage for agricultural or recreational purposes. Florida land listings published with extensive details including exact total acreage valuation range and usage breakdown percentages between open land vs wetlands.


Popular commercial real estate marketplace also offers residential land plots tailored towards investors and developers. Loopnet allows buyers to customize searches with detailed criteria for tract location, asking price, property type, zoning classification and size. Listings often updated to provide site feasibility insights on development potential.

Facebook Marketplace

Increasingly popular platform to buy/sell used items also sees individuals and businesses listing available land parcels. Marketplace allows keyword targeted searches for people selling vacant lots, raw acreage and other lands within preferred Florida cities, counties or regions. Provides opportunity to message sellers privately regarding listings.


Long-running classifieds site includes searchable real estate sections where people occasionally post land tracts for sale not marketed formally through brokers. Allows filtering land results by location, price range and property attributes. Provides seller contact information to discuss land details. Limitation is lack of verifiable identity.

Key Factors When Buying Land in Florida

Beyond online platforms to search land tract listings located conveniently, key considerations when preparing to purchase property in Florida include:

Property Accessibility

Carefully examine easements, deeded ingress/egress arrangements and accessibility barriers that could restrict access or require substantial infrastructure investments to enable roadway entrances needed for practical use expectations.

Parcel Boundaries

Engage qualified land surveyors to formally mark corners and boundaries when preparing to close on raw acreage to confirm total area represented matches listing claims and identify any border encroachments needing resolution beforehand.

Zoning Designations

Verify directly with county authorities that current zoning classification permits intended property usage plans under consideration such as residential building, warehouse development, farming utilization or recreational facilities. Rezoning processes impose extra costs if needed.

Infrastructure Proximity

Evaluate availability plus operational condition and capacity levels of electrical, water/sewer and telecommunications infrastructure already serving adjacent sites that could be feasibly extended across purchased land tracts if required for utilization visions.

Flood Zone Status

Since Florida faces tropical storm threats seasonally, check Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood maps to understand stormwater drainage qualities and flood zone classification which determines insurance necessities plus building code requirements.

Environmental Restrictions

Research if land plots fall under protected wildlife corridors, wetland zones, conservation areas or other designations imposing habitat impact mitigation demands adding delays for clearing, developing or otherwise utilizing acreage.

Recreation Restrictions

For buying land intended for outdoor sporting uses, confirm county level hunting seasons, vehicle access policies, license prerequisites along with waterway/forestry usage regulations applicable to the property location.

Benefits of Using Websites to Buy Land in Florida

Convenience of Online Listing Search Capabilities

Rather than combing through physical classified ads or real estate magazines, Florida land buyers use specialized property listing websites for quick self-guided access to available inventory matching targeted parameters. Customizable online search features filter acreage opportunities based on:

  • Location specifics – Refine results shown to particular cities, counties, zip codes or wider regional bounds with easy map interfaces
  • Land types – Define desired classifications like raw land, improved land, ranches, recreational and timber parcels
  • Asking price ranges – Input affordable pricing thresholds and maximum budgets to filter land plots listed within ideal cost factors
  • Size parameters – Easily tailor listings displayed to acreage size fitting intended usage plans

Access to More Listing Details & Photos

Beyond address basics, websites provide expansive listing descriptions including total/usable acreage data, usage percentage breakdowns, zoning designations, plat maps, parcel boundary surveys, site photos, listing agent contact information and listing update timestamps. This supplemental information helps buyers evaluate viability of land opportunities remotely.

Alerts for New Listings & Listing Updates

Saving specific searches and enabling customizable alerts allow buyers to receive prompt notifications via email/text when fresh land inventory matching their parameters gets listed by sellers for quick discovery and contact about potential deals. These alerts also flag listing status changes, often reflecting asking price drops yielding motivating buying conditions.

Efficiency of Screening Multiple Listings Simultaneously

Rather than arrange in-person tours across disparate locations county-wide, buyers use sites as preliminary high level screening tools to identify 5-10 promising listing prospects aligned with buying motivations worth deeper due diligence investigations later after comparing details side-by-side. Website analytics then optimize the working opportunity set based on intelligent filtering capabilities applied early on.

Final Thoughts

Performing adequate due diligence before finalizing land deals cannot get overemphasized enough when seeking acreage buying opportunities in Florida. Solid online listing sites like Lands of America, LoopNet and specialty resources such as Land And Farm provide extensive property inventory search tools while local county GIS map data, zoning codes and land development regulations enable prudent verification of key purchase decision factors. Properly vetting all accessibility, legal, environmental and infrastructure conditions in advance protects against unwanted surprises delaying utilization plans after closing on vacant land tracts. Conducting methodical evaluations allows buyers to secure ideal parcels fitting planned usage purposes inside budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What websites offer the most Florida land listings? 

Lands of America, Land and Farm, Loopnet and Zillow provide extensive consolidated land listing inventories with Florida focused search parameters.

Can individual property owners list land for sale directly or sell by owner?

Yes, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and smaller classifieds boards frequented locally allow direct owners sales discussions around undeveloped acreage without formal broker listings.

What supplemental listing details help buyers evaluate land remotely? 

Expansive descriptions including zoning codes, total usable acreage, plat boundary survey maps, existing resource infrastructure maps and area development overviews enable remote assessment opportunities initially.

Does land type influence site selection factors and valuation assessments? 

Definitely - aspirations around property usage purposes tied to agriculture, recreation, development sectors dictate site attributes weighed from acreage valuation models applied during consideration stages.

At what point should buyers plan in-person tours of shortlisted land sites?

After identifying around 5-10 promising listings that preliminarily align with location, size, pricing and usage intentions, buyers should arrange Engineering inspections and in-person walkthroughs to clarify any aspects needing validation before negotiating deals.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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