What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Delaware?

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What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Delaware?

The market for vacant, undeveloped land for sale in Delaware expands yearly as the state’s population grows. As per the US Department of Agriculture, nearly 3/4 of Delaware’s total land base sits as rural farmland or forest. With over 800,000 acres exchanging ownership each year, knowing the top websites listing Delaware land sales is invaluable for buyers. While the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) offers raw land listings from member realtors, this represents only a subset of available inventory. Expanded land opportunities get advertised through sites like Lands of America, Land And Farm, and Land Watch – if you know where to look. 

Beyond the breadth of listings spanning cropland, woodlands, pasture acreage, hunting grounds and residential lots, the best land listing services include robust search filters, property maps/boundaries, owner financing details, recent sale price histories and listings updated daily. This allows buyers to zero in on bargain-priced parcels meeting specific criteria. For those seeking vacant land, recreational property or farm acreage across Delaware’s three counties, understanding how to best leverage these land and rural property platforms offers significant advantage.

Introducing Delaware - The Diamond State

Despite being the second smallest state by area, Delaware is strategically situated along the Eastern Seaboard with easy access to major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. It packs a lot of natural beauty into its compact geography, including popular beach destinations like Rehoboth, Dewey, and Bethany along with wildlife refuges and state parks that allow recreational activities. Its business-friendly policies have also attracted numerous major corporations to incorporate in Delaware. With no sales tax levied and reasonable property taxes, the state presents an affordable option for land buyers.

Key Factors When Buying Land in Delaware

Purchasing vacant land for investment or recreational use requires careful evaluation on several fronts. Assess the property’s terrain and landscape to determine its suitability for your intended purpose, whether that’s building a home, farming, or preserving natural habitats. Also investigate details like mineral rights, easements, right-of-ways, and zoning restrictions that could impact land usage.

The real estate and land market in Delaware has cooled recently after several years of rapid price appreciation. That makes now an opportune time to find well-valued parcels before the next uptick. Financing land purchases can be more challenging than home loans, so buyers with the flexibility to make cash offers tend to have an advantage negotiating deals. Companies like the trusted team at Land Boss specialize in cash land acquisitions at favorable prices.

Best Websites to Buy Land in Delaware

These premier websites for buying land in Delaware stand out for their inventory of listings, search tools, seller resources, and buyer protections.

Lands of America

Serving as the largest rural property site across the United States, Lands of America touts over $4 billion worth of land, farms, and ranches currently for sale nationwide. Their database contains over 1 million acres just within Delaware listed by private sellers and land professionals. You can easily browse based on property categories, price filters, size parameters, and location. Each listing has detailed descriptions and mapping interfaces allow buyers to view the terrain. Lands of America also publishes useful articles about purchasing rural real estate. With advanced sorting and alerts, serious buyers can pinpoint relevant parcels swiftly.


This extensive land marketplace operated by LandWatch.com aids buyers and sellers across the country. LandWatch has facilitated over $4 billion in land transactions through its network. In Delaware, they provide listings not just for vacant land but also homes with acreage, hunting land, recreational properties, ranches, timberland, and pastures currently on the market. You can readily navigate offerings using an interactive map of the state and refine by attributes like price, lot size, county, and land use. Property details spell out terrain, road access, zoning, boundary lines and development potential. LandWatch’s tools allow you to analyze market value in specific areas while their Land Buying Tips blog helps guide negotiations.


The widely recognized online real estate giant Zillow has substantial land offerings across Delaware available through their easy-to-use platform. Search filters allow buyers to zero in on land type, location within the state, lot dimensions, pricing parameters and other variables. You can save favorite parcels and opt for email notifications so you don’t miss out on new listings matching your criteria. Zillow provides details like terrain composition, utility access, and ownership history along with area market trends. Their mortgage rates tool can assist with financing land purchases while local real estate agents can also help buyers evaluate properties.


Tapping into one of the largest commercial real estate marketplaces, LoopNet aggregates more than $425 billion worth of properties across all 50 states. LoopNet gives land buyers free access to browse and contact sellers directly about vacant parcels zoned for commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural use. Listings contain site details and LoopNet allows buyers to post wanted ads describing their ideal acquisition target. Alongside land, you can also use LoopNet to search investment properties like apartment buildings, retail space, office complexes and self-storage facilities within Delaware if commercial development opportunities interest you.

Facebook Marketplace

In recent years, Facebook Marketplace has blossomed into a popular peer-to-peer platform for buying and selling land. People list undeveloped acreage located within Delaware alongside other real estate like houses, ranches, timeshares and manufactured homes. Facebook allows sellers to pinpoint land parcel locations using integrated mapping features. Buyers can freely scroll Marketplace and deal directly with sellers after identifying promising listings based on attributes like geographic area, acreage size, price range and intended land usage. Some sellers even include drone videos showcasing the landscape. Marketplace also facilitates land swaps for people seeking alternative parcels. With Facebook’s immense user base, Marketplace exposes listings to extensive audiences – giving sellers maximum exposure.

Leveraging Online Listings and Local Expertise

By harnessing these prime websites for finding land opportunities paired with guidance from local real estate professionals like the seasoned team at Land Boss when evaluating offerings, buyers can more easily target and acquire ideal Delaware land parcels matching their needs – whether for residence, recreation, agriculture or other uses. Land Boss emphasizes that purchasing vacant acreage differs markedly from buying developed residential real estate or commercial buildings. Ensuring the property aligns with zoning limitations and intended usage often necessitates researching factors like:

  • Mineral rights – whether subsurface oil, gas or extraction rights are included or severed
  • Easements and right-of ways – if access paths cross the property
  • Drainage and flood zones – whether the property holds wetlands or prone to flooding
  • Permitting – reviews of what building permits or land clearances apply

Sites like Lands of America and LoopNet offer informational articles diving into these details so land buyers make fully-informed decisions. With over 100 successful vacant land transactions under their belt across Delaware and beyond and the ability to pay cash for discounted land acquisitions, tapping into Land Boss’ market knowledge can shortcut your buying journey.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing vacant land represents a significant investment - whether for ultimate residential development, agricultural and recreational usage, commercial purposes or simply holding pristine acreage. Selecting well-positioned parcels that fit planned usage requires research across several dimensions from physical terrain assessments to restrictions around easements, zoning categories and building requirements. By leveraging these prime land listing platforms specifically focused in Delaware alongside guidance from experienced local land acquisition firms like Land Boss, buyers can more readily target discounted acreage that matches intended needs. With 100+ successful vacant land transactions facilitating win-win deals beneficial both for sellers and buyers, Land Boss helps aspirational land owners turn aspirations into realized ownership. Their cash purchasing approach closes quickly, eliminating financing contingencies. Partnering with their knowledgeable team opens up avenues for purchasing acreage at appealing costs across Delaware’s appealing landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of land are typically available for purchase in Delaware?

In Delaware, common types of vacant land for sale include farmland, wooded/hunting acreage, rural residential lots for building homes, waterfront parcels along rivers, and cleared industrial or commercial development sites with the proper zoning.

How expensive is land in Delaware compared to neighboring states?

Land prices in Delaware are generally lower than the Washington D.C. metro area but higher than rural parts of western Maryland and Virginia. In 2022, an acre of farmland cost around $4,500 on average while an acre lot for residential building was approximately $65,000.

What due diligence should I conduct when assessing land parcels in Delaware?

Carefully evaluate zoning restrictions, easements, drainage, access rights, land composition/terrain, permit requirements, mineral rights and other factors that can impact usage before buying vacant land in Delaware. Retaining a local real estate lawyer can help review these details.

What financing options exist for buying land in Delaware?

Land loans, owner financing from the seller, tapping home equity, cash, and seller-held mortgages represent some options for financing raw vacant land purchases in Delaware. Having readily available cash to transact deals quickly often works best.

Is now a good time to buy land in Delaware?

With a cooling real estate market in 2023 after several hot years, land experts currently characterize Delaware's market conditions as neutral to buyer-friendly - making now an opportune window to purchase acreage ahead of the next upward cycle.

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