The Best Counties to Buy Land in Mississippi

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The Best Counties to Buy Land in Mississippi

Bart Waldon

Blessed with over 30 million acres of sprawling cotton belts, pine forests and fertile delta floodplains, Mississippi provides no shortage of alluring rural acreage supporting both robust agriculture operations, private hunting/fishing retreats or off-grid tiny cabin getaways for weekend relaxations escapes conveniently.

Yet navigating the maze predicting most promising land investment havens demands understanding the property demand drivers, usage zoning codes and local development tailwinds impacting values uniquely county by county. We outline everything guiding visitors discovering Mississippi's most friendly destination hotspots prime securing legacy family land estates or profitable buy-and-flip parcels this decade.

Top Statewide Property Drivers Luring Out-of-State Buyers

While largely overshadowed by more glamorous coastal competitors nearby like Florida and Alabama towards national realty spotlight coverage, Mississippi offers several compelling undercurrent property demands factors warranting investor considerations also:

1. Cheaper Cost of Living 

With median home pricing nearly 40% below national averages, Mississippi land valuations follow similarly creating extremely affordable buying opportunities securing legacy family estates well positioned seeing values climb appreciably once regional discovery mirrors retiree migrations trends transforming cheap coastal Carolinas decades ago already.

2. Strong Population Growth 

Residents under 35 now represent the fastest growing segment throughout Mississippi with Gen Y/Z transplants relocating attracted balmy winters, southern hospitality cultures and abundant outdoor recreational amenities thriving across dozens of vibrant college communities increasingly. 2030 census projections already forecasts nearly 20% growth expecting possibly.

3. Pro-Business Tax Incentives 

With no personal income taxes levied plus hefty inventory property discounts, the Magnolia state aggressively recruits manufacturers and distributors promising compelling bottom line operational allures detailed attracting investments potentially creating indirect land demands development ripples positively.

4. Natural Resources Economies 

From abundant timber harvesting supporting paper production giants like Georgia Pacific towards rich oil natural gas deposits begging monetization through hydraulic shale fracking possibly, economically primed commodity booms loom awaiting opportunistic land investors preparing prospects strategically ahead of forthcoming cycles further increasing realty asset values ultimately benefiting early adopters moving quickly.

While most investors scout obvious major metro hubs like Jackson, Gulfport and Tupelo urban zones initially seeking vacant infill development parcels, the best risk-adjusted land investment riches sit waiting gently beyond city limits for those keen towards sniffing out emerging opportunities early.

The 5 Best Mississippi Counties to Target Buying Land In

We break down the Safest bets prime buy-and-hold land investment picks by region across Mississippi delivering appealing lifestyle merits and solid value appreciation upside potentials both:

1. DeSoto County

Bordering Tennessee while part of the greater Memphis metro area, DeSoto county affords access towards big city job centers while retaining peaceful country living atmospheres after hours. With median family incomes averaging 25% higher than state levels and per capita rates exceeding national scales, the vibrant communities here present ideal locales raising families or establishing commercial enterprises aligned close towards three Fortune 500 corporations now.

Key Cities/Towns – Southaven, Hernando, Olive Branch

2. Lamar County

Located centrally near Hattiesburg along Interstate 59 transportation artery, the county seat Purvis town offers quiet Southern hospitality feels following long days working amongst the hundreds manufacturers operating here. Timber production Pine forests dot the landscapes outdoors providing serene backdrops escaping into nature easily.

Key Cities/Towns – Hattiesburg, Purvis, Sumrall

3. Lee County

With über affordable median incomes allowing first time home ownership, Tupelo experiences strong millennial transplantation migrants relocating attracted towards industries like automotive manufacturing plus furniture craftsmanship deep rooted cultural traditions. Living costs here stretch dollars furthest statewide.

Key Cities/Towns – Tupelo, Saltillo, Verona

4. Union County

Growing 25% faster than state population paces, the scenic foothills locations attracting newcomer construction boom transforming quiet farmlands into ideal bedroom community havens for those still commuting towards thriving Oxford or Tupelo workday destinations under 90 minutes away maximum nearby.

Key Cities/Towns – New Albany, Blue Springs, Myrtle

5. Madison County

As suburbs spill outwardly from state capital Jackson City , Savvy developers target unincorporated lands near Madison central positioning for eventual residential housing demands supporting government workforce expansions foreseen undoubtedly as economies blossom attracting inflows over the next decades duration.

Key Cities/Towns – Ridgeland, Madison, Flora

Key Land Investment Factors Influencing Values

While no universally ideal counties align every business relocation or retirement attraction priority sought possibly, certain core site selection drivers tend compelling land investors targeting specific Mississippi locales consistently long run.

1. Regional Growth Rates & Income Levels 

Analyzing positive demographic shifts county-by-county from recent census data identifies emerging destination boomtowns experiencing transplant relocations possibly fueling construction booms on vacant lands years forward. And measuring household discretionary incomes averages indicates broader economic vigor potentially also.

2. Infrastructure Proximity 

Lands located conveniently adjoining existing transportation corridors, utility grids and municipal sewage access points warrant significant premium appraisals given site development readiness easing approval processes ultimately also for builders lacking patience tackling disruptive projects budgets from raw backwoods acreages comparatively.

3. Land Usage Zoning Codes 

Parcels zoned existing commercial applications in high demands areas or those allowing mixed density residential constructions afford flexibility towards implementing creative cash flow ides like rental tiny home developments, self-storage conversions or even rv/campground parks possibly down the road. Identify lands with broadest allowances.

4. Nearby Lifestyle Attractions & Amenities 

Mississippi offers no shortages captivating natural wonders like vibrant beach strands along Gulf Coasts beckoning water sports lovers alongside serene countryside farm vistas calming ones soul frequently. Seek lands proximal enjoying either atmospheric blends working/playing balanced harmoniously.

5. Academy Institutional Business Presences 

From impressive university research think-tanks discoveries towards corporate technologies incubators advancing next generation capabilities attracting venture capital interests globally, recognize regional economic engines likely fostering investment land ripple effects expanding outwards over the years ahead substantially.

Informed land investments across Mississippi start acknowledging the unique growth differentiation drivers county by county that residential developers and site selection experts prioritize when aiming towards maximizing profitability metrics long run.

Partner With Local Land Buying Companies

For out-of-state visitors exploring niche land buying opportunities across Mississippi possibly for first times, the value leveraging reliable inside territorial area partnerships familiar navigating county-specific zoning codes, utility connection complexities and land appraisal intricacies specific towards state cannot get overstated enough.

Working alongside aligned Mississippi land buying companies provides key boots on the ground vetting vacant acreages initially through to transaction coordination afterwards - granting peace of minds safeguarding investments against pitfalls staying clear swamplands literally plus figuratively!

Trust us local land professionals serving clients nationwide securing optimal Mississippi lands supporting intended weekend cabin getaway visions or agricultural operational ventures over the decades ahead. Contact us specifying feature preferences so our teams expedite property matchmaking searchers immediately!

Final Thoughts

With over 30 million diverse rural acres spanning cotton belts, pine forests and fertile delta floodplains, opportunities abound securing legacy family estates or buy-and-flip land deals across Mississippi’s varied regional landscapes affordably. Yet optimizing investment outcomes involves understanding the property demand drivers, development potentials and local economic tailwinds uniquely shaping values county-by-county first. Whether prioritizing amenity-rich areas like DeSoto zones adjoining Memphis job hubs or targeting quiet countryside farmlands hugging the Louisiana borders alternatively, thorough due diligence weighing lifestyle priorities against infrastructure factors determines ideal locations fitting personal visions best long term. Partnering locally experienced land professionals pays dividends avoiding easily preventable pitfalls while ensuring properly zoned parcels align intended usage goals over decades for heirs potentially. Despite lagging major metro hub headlines today, Mississippi’s unsung land investment upside potentials remain plentiful for pioneers moving decisively seizing prospects early.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What dictates raw land values variability in Mississippi?

Core pricing influencers range from highway accessibility viability and distances from thriving economic metro zones to favorable environmental building conditions combined with flexible usage zoning codes and utility connection infrastructure availability ultimately determining land appraisals setting rational buyer negotiating ranges

What hidden costs exist beyond Mississippi land purchase sticker prices?

All ancillary expenses like attorney supports structuring sales contracts, environmental assessments safeguarding against contamination liabilities and civil engineering fees mapping properties merits add 5-15% standard closing fees towards bottom lines so prepare diligently avoiding shortfalls sabotaging dreams capitulated then regretfully.

Where lands sell cheapest in Mississippi nowadays?

With abundant open acreages supply still, rural agriculture plains across Sunflower County down along Louisiana borders transact lands selling cheaper comparatively given the remote outposts distances far from thriving metro zones currently in Northern or Coastal cities witnessing most buyer demand activity measured.

Should I Buy Lands Adjoining Public Hunting Ranges?

While creating conceptual appeals seemingly, unforeseen legal liability risks emerge possibly when wildfires or trespassers damages spread unavoidably from state sanctioned adjourning wildlife conservation land tracts so consider insurability exposures carefully beforehand mitigating against worst-case wildlife management outcomes specifically if assets involved ever flip possibly.

What risks "steer clear" when buying Mississippi lands?

Beyond steep topography challenges deterring builders possibly, beware possible archeological native lands designations untouchable legally, lands abutting massive electrical transmission corridor easements limiting usages broadly or flood zone acreages vulnerable requiring special insurances/approvals navigating additionally too - unless valuations justify extra efforts tackling hurdles ultimately.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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