Selling Commercial Land in Mississippi (The Easy Way)

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Selling Commercial Land in Mississippi (The Easy Way)

Bart Waldon

As one of America’s fastest growing industrial and warehousing hubs situated perfectly to support extensive Gulf regional business operations through intermodal connections, Mississippi presents prime opportunities today for owners of vacant commercially-zoned land tracts to capitalize on intense demand from developers and end users competing to secure strategically positioned properties first. This guide covers start-to-finish best practices for preparing, listing and closing deals smoothly when selling commercial land in Mississippi’s active real estate investment marketplace the easy way.

Getting Started with Key Property Details 

Before occupying minds become overwhelmed envisioning lavish future payouts from commercial land suddenly in focus, critical prep work helps determine exactly what exists and any issues requiring remedies to optimize value potential. Tracking down official deeds, title statements, accurate surveys and tax documentation provides initial ground truth. Verify holdings align with commercial zoning categories supporting intended uses or necessary steps gaining proper designations later if pivoting strategically.

Physically walking boundaries also allows firsthand visibility spotting easements, right-of-way access points, intrusions and any flaws. Document precise measurements and geography, alerting surveyors on discrepancies found impacting boundaries legally. Identify availability of standard utilities nearby or accessibility options if still unserved. Taking time upfront fully understanding intricacies establishes informed selling posture.

Appraisals Frame Pricing Expectations 

Seeking professional commercial appraisals represents the essential next step establishing fair market property value estimates for owners exploring optimal listing prices, offer evaluations and transaction structuring. Qualified appraisers apply multiple established methodologies factoring site zoning designations, dimensions, roadway frontage, visibility and overall development potential against previous area comparable land sales in arriving at reasonable FMV ranges, including itemized assumptions.

Obtain multiple opinions to avoid undervaluing holdings or overpricing listings unrealistically high above supportable near-term real estate cycles. Appraisals become required lender elements later for buyers accessing commercial financing too. So, despite costs upfront, credible foundations help facilitate deals. Just focus selection efforts with licensed practitioners specializing in vacant land scenarios only instead of chiefly handling improved property valuations differing dramatically.

Pricing Land Listings Competitively 

One main pricing dilemma facing commercial land sellers involves allowing reasonable profit upside potential for future investor buyers and ultimate project developers without leaving big money behind accepting offers too low initially simply seeking quick exits. Appraisal guidance does help set upper limits, but intelligent sellers must carefully evaluate holding objectives, carrying costs and competitive standing against other area listings to shape asking prices accordingly optimized between covering expenses and attracting bonafide bid interest beyond just tire kicking.

Also consider value boosting through site enhancements already completed like land clearing/pad grading or conceptual site plans illustrating development viability. Certain improvements transition raw land closer toward shovel ready status in buyers’ eyes, warranting higher rates per square foot. But avoid overly complicated segmented parcel structures causing confusion. Simplicity, continuity and access often drive bids more than just zoning codes alone.

MLS Listing Strategies to Expand Visibility

Gaining maximum digital visibility among serious prospective commercial land buyers relies heavily upon securing listing placement on Mississippi’s centralized Multiple Listing Services platforms, which disseminate property details and lead contact avenues across dozens of affiliated websites commercial investors browse while hunting deals. This system feeds the statewide industry ecosystem reporting sales data that appraisers utilize later also when valuing comparable land plots.

Engaging an adept commercial real estate broker familiar with Mississippi’s nuances to list land professionally ensures serving required property details digitally, photos/video, inclusion in email broadcasts to buyer pools and lead facilitation from showing scheduling through offer guidance and conveyance support. But vet each broker’s credentials and specialization before officially signing listing agreements. Overall experience levels valuing and closing vacant land sales at optimal values varies significantly. Don’t presume capabilities only to risk underperformance later.

Additional Marketing for More Visibility 

While MLS listings syndicate property details widely in Mississippi, additional direct seller marketing and outreach often becomes necessary to generate meaningful buyer conversations and solid offers. Owners selling land directly themselves especially need expanded public visibility beyond the MLS channels brokers cultivate. Useful supplemental outlets include:

  • Paid Google/Facebook ad campaigns targeting investment keyword searches
  • Craigslist, Marketplace ads, and print publications
  • Instagram and email outreach campaigns with compelling visuals/details
  • Onsite signage in prominent main road visibility capturing traffic counts

The greater the marketing exposure through diverse streams, the faster seller leads translate into serious buyer dialogue around sales solutions. Waiting years for action no longer remains necessary in most regions today thanks to digital promotion capabilities.

Expecting Steep Lowball Investment Offers

Nearly all commercial land listings attract lowball trial bids from speculative buyers hoping for windfall bargains based on misinformation, naivety or vulture negotiation tactics hunting cash flow margins through minor wholesaling flips. Most owners bristle instantly at bids containing even faint hints of disrespect after assessing true potential rationally during listing preparation. But knee jerk rejections pronounced indignantly often limits deal possibilities losing teachable moments educating buyers while gaining insight into their thought processes and funding capabilities.

Remember many commercial real estate investors seek higher return thresholds by acquiring land much cheaper than attempting construction projects alone. Unusual creativity structures, seller financing terms over time and residue interest retention sometimes bridge legitimate gaps blocking acceptance initially. Even unconditional rejections should thank buyers for efforts, encourage future collaboration if positions evolve and plant seeds for referral pipelines to other parties closer aligned strategically. Relationships and professional decorum matter long term.

Maximizing Value by Packaging Parcels

Owners struggling to sell individual commercial land tracts due to access limitations, shape challenges or location constraints dramatically enhance marketability when teaming with neighboring holders in combining multiple smaller lots into larger aggregated packages. Square footage prices depend heavily on adequate size for intended use, usable shape and easy ingress/egress during entitlement due diligence and construction mobilization later. Broken up slivers often deter rather than attract best bids.

Joining forces with other sellers does add deal complexity synchronization wise, but the collectively assembled land opportunity valuable to end users motivated by bigger project scale generates newfound urgency converting tire kickers into contract and funded victories shared by all the collaborating allies. Just realize not all partnerships thrive long term. Build contingencies allowing sales continuation regardless of any single discordant player departing agreements if necessary to not waste important bundled progress already achieved based on initial good faith unity.

Closing Deals Smoothly

With essential property details secured fully, an assertive visibility strategy deployed across marketing channels and buyer conversations yielded vetted formal purchase offers, the last major step involves overseeing agreements safely through closing utilizing qualified real estate attorneys without major hangups potentially cratering deals.

Ensure critical timeline tracking and coordination facilitating key title conveyance items, tax payments, deed issuances, resolution of any inspection issues, contingency waivers, escrow formalities and Buyer/Seller signed documentation approving deposits and final consideration payments withdrawals happen punctually as promised officially between counsels. Closing processes only grow exponentially more complicated as additional parcels get combined or partnerships arranged with separate sellers involved in asset assemblages. Tick all boxes vigilantly alongside seasoned attorneys

Those seeking reputable established land professionals able to identify good market timing and navigate sales processes start-to-finish in Mississippi may appreciate a full-service hand-holder like Southeast property authority Land Boss guiding every major milestone smoothly while answering questions along the journey. Our team brings decades helping clients capitalize on growth cycles across Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. Contact us to explore customized solutions tailored around your specific commercial land goals. Let’s connect!

Final Thoughts

Selling commercial land in thriving Mississippi markets today requires proper planning to accurately document holdings details, obtain reliable pricing guidance through appraisals, effectively market listing visibility digitally to qualified buyers, and vigilantly oversee closing progress alongside competent attorneys to optimize outcomes. Package smaller contiguous parcels together when possible to boost appeal and negotiate creatively around objections that surface initially. While patience makes deals, assertive promotional tactics and buyer relationship nurturing translates interest into funded victories faster by aligning intentions transparently around growth priorities. Follow these instructions for streamlining lucrative commercial land sales the easy way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the typical timeline for closing commercial land sales in Mississippi?

If all listing preparation tasks complete in advance, motivated sellers averaging 60-120 days navigating from initial buyer conversations into final closed transactions through escrow funding disbursement. Complex multi-parcel deals may require longer.

What percentage of appraisal value should listings seek on commercial land tracts?

Industry guidance suggests pricing parcels at 90-110% estimated appraisal valuations allows sufficient leverage buffer negotiating to optimal sale prices without deterring interest sitting too far off market rates regional developers and investors reference when underwriting acquisition targets.

Should mineral rights transfer by default on Mississippi commercial land sales? 

No, within Mississippi, mineral rights do not automatically convey when selling land parcels. Explicit details must appear within purchase contracts and title conveyance documents if transferring subsurface rights alongside surface ownership. Assumptions fail, so verify with counsel.

What contingencies favor commercial land sellers closing sales contracts? 

Beyond standard inspection period terms, attorneys recommend tying approvals directly to buyer finalization of entitlements like completed zonings preventing speculative plays unable immediately add value themselves. Make them prove credible commitment first.

What disqualifies real estate buyers quickly evaluating commercial land deals? 

Beyond unsatisfactory proof of overall capital/financing capability actually backing deals proposed, invalid assumptions on site parameters, unusable shapes or access limitations indicate wasted time dealing with amateurs unable aligning aspirations with realities land presents after thorough vetting habilitating potential fit.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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