Selling Commercial Land in Louisiana (The Easy Way)

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Selling Commercial Land in Louisiana (The Easy Way)

Bart Waldon

As southern migration patterns accelerate business expansions and infrastructure upgrades across Louisiana - demand for vacant commercial land ready for development surges. Yet for land owners, attempting to capitalize on red-hot sales activity amid this frenzy often proves overwhelming without a firm game plan avoiding common pratfalls sabotaging deals. By following this simplified 4-step process selling commercial land tailored specifically for Louisiana’s unique property dynamics, sellers can ease anxieties converting unwanted land assets into major paydays.

Step #1 - Target Highest Potential Parcel Listings

Raw land generically zoned for commercial usage covers immense diversity from vacant highway adjacent lots for gas station builds to 100 acre former industrial sites allowing large distribution center developments. Ensure you concentrate efforts only on the best candidate properties fitting emerging buyer needs.

Promising Louisiana Commercial Land Opportunities:

  • Highway Frontage Parcels - Retail, Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Distribution/Logistics Development Sites
  • Downtown Infill Locations - Mixed Use Buildings
  • Riverfront Properties - Hospitality, Entertainment
  • Heavy Industrial Zoned Brownfields - Manufacturing

Thoroughly vet land prospects against growth drivers lifting specific asset classifications in area before attempting sales. The cream always rises fastest above the clutter.

Step #2 - Prove Property Viability Securing Support Studies

While blank dirt fields may exhibit potential to optimism soaked eyes of sellers, conveying grander visions requires evidentiary support. Investing in environmental phase 1 assessments, geotechnical studies, utility feasibility analysis, traffic studies and other validating reports substantiates property capability - garnering buyer confidence justifying loftier valuations above inferior listing competitors.

Step #3 - Recruit a Commercial Real Estate Expert Guiding Sales

Attempting selling commercial land solo as an individual seller rarely delivers success at optimal speeds & pricing thresholds. Enlist services of top local commercial brokerages whose specialized teams have resources & connections catering to serious corporate, developer and institutional buyers other agents lack context luring. Having an advocate battles on your behalf is essential.

Step #4 - Be Flexible to Terms Sweetening Deals

If significant competing site options boast better surrounding amenities out shadowing isolated land tracts, consider seller financing portions of deals at favorable fixed rates allowing buyers tapping excess potential your rigid pricing ignores. Protect sale certainty without massively underselling leveraging creative terms.

While every land opportunity brings nuances, heeding these overarching principles allows Louisiana commercial property owners sidestepping common sales frustrations through proven systematic approaches simplifying messy negotiations so deals can fund major life pursuits on your schedule.

Who Actually Buys Commercial Land in Louisiana's Major Metros?

In thriving economic centers like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Shreveport/Bossier City - commercial land buyer profiles mainly fall into these motivational segments:

1. Local Small Businesses 

Both new entrepreneur startup ventures or expanding existing brands with tapping excess land for operational growth fund needs by selling then reinvesting sale gains into upgraded builds fitting enlarged scope.

2. National Chains/Franchises 

Recognizing Louisiana's pro-business tax policies, retailers, hotels and restaurants aggressively stake expansion plans securing prime sites early. They pay premiums securing short listing leftovers in high visibility trade zones.

3. Investors 

Groups like 1031 exchange buyers, syndicators and private equity funds pursue discounted land plays holding through near term volatility cycles awaiting area Four major driving factors lifting commercial land valuations across Louisiana metros where both populations and prosperity rise thanks to investing initiatives:

  • New infrastructure lowering operational costs
  • Business incentives luring major company relocations
  • Workforce expansions elevating household spending
  • Improved regional connectivity widening visibility

Owners of land plots aligning within growth paths stand to reap substantial wealth benefits selling at opportune times. Patience pays handsomely.

Warning Signs to Avoid When Attempting Commercial Property Listings

While open listing processes allow flexibility awaiting perfect matches, they also risk deals unraveling if not strategically staged protecting against pitfalls eroding leverage positions or distracting high potential buyers. Sidestep these common commercial land sales setbacks:

✘ Lingering Phase 1/Environmental Hazards

Even if no obvious toxic leaks visible, securing clean testing reports removes contingencies worrying developers.

✘ Unrealistic Pricing Demands Out of Sync with Surrounding Market

Comparative comps analysis and area appraisals keep asks aligned to actual realities beyond wishful seller premium hopes.

✘ Limited Marketing Reach Missing Wider Audiences

Heavily blanketing commercial MLS platforms and leveraging brokerage distribution contacts expands visibility more likely connecting serious buyers.

✘ Refusal to Consider Term Flexibility

Conveying seller financing portions attracts developers unable tap more rigid institutional lending guidelines just yet. Don’t leave deals rotting over minimal flexibility concessions if genuine vision plan presented.

With the right property, preparation and pricing - selling commercial land in Louisiana thrives thanks to expanding metro density, new major corporate relocations and promising small business outlooks. Streamline success securing ideal buyer matches by leveraging broker capabilities guiding smooth closings.

Final Thoughts

Offloading commercial land in Louisiana’s continually blossoming metro regions and even overlooked secondary cities enjoying renewed investor interest after years lagging presents immense opportunities for owners - yet also sales complexities requiring thoughtful orchestration avoiding unforced errors stalling lucrative deals. By thoroughly vetting proposed listings against proven site specifications leasing, retail, medical and industrial buyers demand, securing studies legitimizing development viability and aligning pricing ambitions to actual area comparables using market analytics, half the sales battle wins before ever launching promotions. Recruiting experienced Louisiana commercial brokers steering negotiations and allowing flexibility on terms to ideal buyers optimizes outcomes. Smooth sales reward patient yet assertive efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What valuation methods apply for commercial land? 

Recent sales of comparable commercially zoned parcels, certified appraisals, municipal tax assessments and developer proforma production provide baseline pricing guidance when evaluating deals.

What are typical timeframes selling commercial lots? 

If priced accurately and widely promoted, most standalone commercial land parcels sell within 6-12 months. More complex development sites with greater financial or infrastructure needs can take years.

What closing costs or fees typically apply on commercial sales? 

Beyond commissions around 5%, nominal title/legal transfer closing costs fall under 3%. Though complex zoning, permits or environmental issues can add consulting or mitigation expenses.

What contingencies stall most commercial land deals? 

Financial verification snags with buyer lending partners, expanded development cost uncertainties realized post-inspection and architectural/engineering oversights on actual plot limitations commonly torpedo waning deals.

Should I expect all cash offers or financing terms? 

Small businesses with solid credit may seek SBA loans or local bank financing while most serious developers and chains submit all-cash offers to edge out competitors across desired sites.

What professional assistance is advised when selling commercial land?

A qualified real estate attorney reviewing purchase offers, buyer due diligence compliance and guiding title conveyance paperwork prevents legal disputes. Experienced agent representation markets for optimal value.

About The Author

Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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