Pros and Cons of Selling to a California Land Company

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Pros and Cons of Selling to a California Land Company

Bart Waldon

If you own vacant land in California, you may be considering your options for selling it. With the volatile real estate market, determining the true market value of your land can be difficult.And actually, finding a buyer who will pay that full estimated value often takes significant time and marketing efforts. This is why some landowners opt to sell their property to a land company instead.

California is home to many companies that focus on buying and selling land, like Land Boss. These companies will purchase land from owners at a discounted price, typically with an all-cash offer. This can allow you to sell your vacant land much faster than trying to find an end retail buyer yourself. But is this the best option for maximizing your sale? Here are some key pros and cons to weigh when deciding if you should sell your land to a company in California.

Pros of Selling to a California Land Company

Speed and Convenience

The top advantage of selling your California land to a company like Land Boss is that it offers a fast and convenient way to sell. Land companies have the systems and capital in place to buy properties quickly with cash offers. This means you can essentially sell your land on your own timeline instead of having to wait the typical 1-2 years it takes to sell on the open market. With a land company, you can get an offer within days or weeks and complete the sale in a matter of months in most cases. They handle all the title work and closing details for you as well.

Guaranteed Offer

Another benefit of selling to a land company is that you are guaranteed to get an offer. You don’t have to spend time and money trying to market and list your property. The land company will assess your property and provide you with a no-obligation offer. If you feel it’s fair, you can accept it and move forward with the sale. If not, you lose nothing by rejecting it and can still pursue listing it. This gives you insight into what type of discount from full estimated market value you’d likely need to accept to sell quickly.

Avoid MarketingHassles

Trying to sell land yourself mean shaving to promote and market the property in hopes of finding interested buyers. This may involve listing it on multiple sites, putting up signs, networking with agents, and more. It takes time and effort that many land owners don't want to deal with. Selling to a land company allows you to avoid these marketing hassles altogether. As soon as you make contact with the land company, they take over the process of assessing the property’s value and making an offer.

Potentially BetterPrice Than Auctions

In hot real estate markets, you may be able to sell your land for a higher price than at auction by going to a land company. At auctions, properties sometimes sell below expected values when there is low turnout or competition. Land companies are often willing to pay reasonably fair prices for properties they believe they can resell at a profit later. So if auctions in your area are not bringing strong sales prices, a land company could potentially net you more money.


Cons of Selling to a Land Company in California

Receive Less Than Full Market Value

The main downside of selling land to a company like Land Boss is that you will not get 100% of the estimated market value. In order to turn around and sell your property for a profit later, thecompany has to buy it at a discount. Many landowners feel offers from land companies are too low and feel it’s worth the time and effort to try and sellit themselves at full estimated value. So you need to decide if the convenienceof a quick sale is worth accepting a lower price.

Risk of Reselling for Higher Price

Once a land company purchases your property, they may end up reselling it shortly after for a much higher price.There’s no way to predict what the market will do or how much profit they’ll make. For some landowners, missing out on that potential appreciation is tough to swallow. If you feel confident you can eventually sell your land for top dollar yourself, you may not mind waiting and taking that chance.

Less Negotiating Power

When you list your land with a broker, having competing offers from multiple buyers gives you negotiation power. The buyers have to keep increasing their offers to beat each other out. But with a land company, it’s typically a single take-it-or-leave-it offer. Unless you’re willing to reject their initial offer and negotiate, you have little say over the price. For some sellers, not having the ability to counter or solicit competing bids feels like they’re leaving money on the table.

Key Tips for Selling Land to a Company

If you decide selling your land to a company like Land Boss does make the most sense for your situation, keep these tips in mind:

·      Research multiple land companies and get offers from several. Comparison shop to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

·      Negotiate! Don’t be afraid to counter their initial offer and see if they’ll come up in price. Discuss comps and point out improvements that add value.

·      Act quickly once you receive an acceptable offer. Land companies work on tight timelines and need sellers who can close fast.

·      Read all agreements thoroughly and get professional advice if needed to understand details. Don’t sign anything you’re unsure of.

·      Be cooperative during due diligence by providing all requested documentation. Missing info can delay or derail the sale.

·      Use the sale proceeds to invest in another lucrative real estate deal or business venture. Reinvest for continued growth.

Why Choose LandBoss for Selling Land in California?

If you decide selling your vacant land in California to a land company is the right move, Land Boss is an excellent option to consider. With over 5 years of experience and more than 100 successfully completed land transactions, Land Boss has the expertise to make the sale process simple and straightforward.

Land Boss focuses specifically on buying and selling land throughout California. Their in-depth knowledge of the California real estate market allows them to make fair cash offers based on current property values.And they have the capital on-hand to close quickly, unlike some other land companies operating on tight budgets.

At Land Boss, customer service is a top priority. Their friendly team will walk you through every step of the sale, answering any questions you have along the way. You won’t have to worry about handling contracts, title transfers, or closing details on your own. The Land Boss team has managed all those things many times before, so the process is streamlined.

Selling your land yourself can take over a year if you’re trying to maximize the sale price. But with Land Boss, you can get a no-obligation offer within days and close within weeks or months if you accept it. Their goal is to make the sale hassle-free while getting you the cash you need efficiently.

When you’re ready to sell your vacant land in California, consider requesting an offer from Land Boss. You have nothing to lose by at least exploring your options. And you may find that Land Boss offers an ideal solution to sell smoothly and quickly at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Selling vacant land directly to a land company provides a convenient and quick way to free up the equity tied up in your property. But for maximum sale price, listing it on the open market takes more time and effort. Consider your personal finance goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. If you want to exit your investment in the land quickly and reasonably efficiently, a land company offers a viable solution

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the process take to sell my CA land?

Selling to a land company is much faster than listing on the open market. You can receive an offer within days or weeks and close within a few months typically. The company handles all the title work and closing logistics for you.

Will I have to pay commissions or fees?

No, there are no commissions or broker fees when you sell directly to a land company. They make their profit when reselling the property, so there are no upfront fees deducted from your payment.

How is the purchase price determined?

Land companies assess the property's value based on location, size, utilities available, access, zoning, comps, and current real estate trends. They factor in their target profit margins and make an offer accordingly.

What documents do I need to provide?

You'll need to supply documents proving ownership such as the deed, title insurance, tax records, plat map, easements, disclosures, and a recent survey, if available. The company will research public records as well.

When will I receive payment?

The land company will pay you the agreed purchase price at the closing, either by paper check, wire transfer, cashier's check, or other approved methods. There are no pre-closing installment payments.

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