How to Sell Your Property for Cash ASAP in Hawaii

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How to Sell Your Property for Cash ASAP in Hawaii

Bart Waldon

As an isolated island chain state, Hawaii has limited private land availability with only 4.5 million total acres, of which over 1.9 million acres gets utilized for crops like sugarcane, pineapple, macadamia nuts plus coffee generating $691 million in annual agricultural cash receipts. With increasing property demands from booming tourism aligned with constrained land supplies, prices for vacant parcels remain strong for sellers able to avoid common deal-killing missteps.

Utilize Digital Listing Sites Tailored for Hawaii

Exposing home or land listings to wide audiences fast remains essential when aiming for accelerated sales. Hawaii focused property sites include:

Hawaii Life 

Top brokerages network built specifically to serve islands with 150+ advisors has sold over $10 billion in real estate. Customizable search tools find buyers based on any island preferences.

Locality Hawaii 

Specialized brokerage leveraging technology, data insights and quality content to maximize home seller exposure among qualified buyers whether seeking Oahu, Big Island, Maui or Kauai based properties.

Craigslist Hawaii 

Longstanding community classifieds site offers real estate sections where direct sellers list properties available avoiding broker commissions. Allows buyers to contact instantly regarding listings.

Facebook Marketplace 

Increasingly popular platform to buy/sell items also allows Hawaii residents list homes or land they are trying to sell directly to other locals. Custom search parameters dial-in on specific islands.

Leverage Local Real Estate Agents Expertise

While possible to sell FSBO (For Sale By Owner), leveraging well-connected localized real estate professionals on the specific island proves advisable for accurately pricing properties competitively plus tapping wider interested buyer networks through MLS databases. They handle listing logistics end-to-end.

Accurately Assess Property Condition Impacts

Fresh paint, landscaping and minor renovations increase perceived home value dramatically compared to costs incurred. Where major roof/structural/system repairs get required, providing repair cost credits or splits closes valuation gaps that stall deals otherwise.

Be Flexible Adjusting Asking Prices

Over-estimations on realistic achievable sales prices plague many attempted deals. Savvy sellers consult localized market sale comparables then adjust expectations to be within lower-middle price range among competitively positioned properties for quickest sales.

Offer Seller Financing Options

Carrying back portion of sale amounts at favorable fixed rates over longer terms brings buyers unable to secure traditional mortgages required to close deals. This allows sellers still capitalizing on market conditions promptly.

Consider Direct Cash Buyers

Selling properties directly to investment firms or redevelopers converting land for alternate commercial uses yields fastest cash closings but at slightly discounted valuations through avoiding all marketing/negotiation phases.

Implement Accelerated Sales Incentives

Tactics like offering 1% closing cost credits, discounted first year HOA fees, inclusion of conveyed appliances/furnishings all motivate prospective buyers submit faster, higher offers while compressing typical 60-90 day Hawaii closing timelines.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Land for Cash ASAP

Failing To Confirm Total Acreage 

Being Sold Rather than approximating land tract sizes from outdated surveys, deficient tax assessment records or hand drawn plat sketches, engage professional land surveyors to establish precise perimeter boundaries with GPS coordinates pinned correlated to deed descriptions before listing properties for sale. This avoids devastating area disputes stalling closings.

Neglecting To Validate Access/Utility Infrastructure Rights 

Simply assuming adjacent property access easements, overhead electric/telecom distribution lines or community water pipelines crossing listed land parcels can get legally utilized by new owners leads to show-stopping roadblocks once purchase agreements get executed if prior rights agreements excluded conveyance permissions that now require negotiated establishment.

Declaring Restrictive Covenants Too Late

Disclosing protected watershed areas, Strict Native Hawaiian easements or heirship property interest claims blocking development plans only during transaction due diligence phases rather than upfront within listing descriptions burns immense time and goodwill during deal negotiations - directly risking buyer walk away actions.

Overpricing Land Without Comps Support 

Lacking experience evaluating development potential, agricultural yield projections or market value extension (MVE) carrying capacity supporting over-reaching acreage valuation assumptions anchored on speculative future usages rather than reality-aligned comp sale data referencing proximate lands with comparable enhancement output histories. Attempting to defend unrealistic prices stifles legitimate buyer discussions.

Not Quantifying Mineral/Water Rights 

While assumed as inherently conveyed, quantifying known subsurface stockpiles of natural resource assets like quarry rock deposits, Aquifer access credits, instream water flow levels and zoning allowances permitting extraction/export approval rights attached to land listings provides immense latent value transparency directly improving deal driving perceptions that appraisals formally substantiate for buyers seeking Hawaii based resource plays at discounted capital access costs compared to actual intrinsic near-term upside exploitation potentials realizable based on quantifiable in-place domain rights included.

Final Thoughts

Those seeking to sell land or residential properties quickly in Hawaii's dynamic real estate markets must balance maximizing value aims through savvy positioning techniques against compressing typical home marketing timeframes across islands. Utilizing the right listing platforms, local agent expertise plus buyer incentive levers allows successfully transacting deals for fair cash prices within short 4-6 month target time horizons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does selling Hawaii real estate take typically? 

Most properly listed Hawaii homes sell within first 3-4 months while land parcels usually transact 6-12 months after engaging sales initiatives depending on development potential.

What sales prices do Hawaii properties usually achieve?

Sold home prices range from 400K for modest condos to $5M+ for premier oceanfront estates depending on location, size and property attributes with land spanning $200K to $1M+ per acre based on zoning allowances.

Do Hawaii buyers prefer leasehold or fee simple purchase options?

Conveyed fee simple deeded ownership remains most desirable for long term residency, investment and estate planning sales purposes rather than leasehold titles limiting duration of property rights.

What risks derail quick home sales in Hawaii? 

Top contingencies stalling prompt deals include failed inspections/appraisals, buyer financing setbacks and title defects unearthed during due diligence periods. Leveraging real estate pros mitigates most issues.

What tax implications apply for sellers of Hawaii properties?

Appreciated property values owned longer than a year fall under capital gains tax classifications while portions attributed to depreciable commercial buildings incur recapture income taxes. Understanding total net tax liabilities gets analyzed when setting acceptable sale price floors guiding deal discussions.

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Bart Waldon

Bart, co-founder of Land Boss with wife Dallas Waldon, boasts over half a decade in real estate. With 100+ successful land transactions nationwide, his expertise and hands-on approach solidify Land Boss as a leading player in land investment.


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