How to Sell Vacant Land Without a Realtor

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How to Sell Vacant Land Without a Realtor

Brylle Roquero

Can you sell your vacant land yourself? Short answer: Yes. 

Selling a vacant property is a big challenge and you have a choice on whether you want to do it yourself or ask for help from qualified professionals. If you have decided to take the matter into your own hands, this guide will definitely help you out.

Removing the Middle Man Will Save You Money

Just like any other business transaction, having a real estate agent will add an additional expense for you on commissions. According to Investopedia, a real estate agent typically makes around 4 to 6 percent of a property’s price. Once you have determined the ideal market value for your property, you can compute the agent commission and that would be the amount of money that you can save if you decide to sell your property yourself. 

Of course, not all situations will work using this approach. For instance, if you are selling a number of properties at the same time, asking for help from realtors will definitely save you time despite the fact that you have to pay them a portion of the sale. But it will all depend on your needs and your capacity to sell your property on your own.

Choose an Effective Marketing Strategy

So you have decided to sell your vacant land yourself. Now comes the hard part: actually making the sale. Selling vacant land will take a few months or maybe over a year to happen – much longer than selling real estate with houses already built on them. So you should be prepared to go through this lengthy process. 

One of the few things that can get you prepared is an effective marketing plan. Don’t worry, you can definitely do these on your own.

An infographic showing some marketing tips for selling vacant land without a realtor.
An effective marketing strategy will ensure that you can sell your vacant land easily, even without a realtor.

1.  Choose an appropriate listing platform - In order to sell your land, you have to publish it somewhere. This way, people who are potentially interested in your property can connect with you if they are interested. There are a lot of platforms out there that you can sign up for to publish your listing. One of which is Zillow - this is an online platform that allows you to post your property and receive inquiries from potential buyers. If you want to start easy, Facebook is also a great option. You can start by posting your listing to Facebook Marketplace or even join local Facebook groups that focus on vacant land or real estate.

2.  Use great photos - Photos are one of the most important aspects of your whole listing. Remember that the photos are the very first thing that your potential buyers will see so make an extra effort to provide the best pictures that you can. You have the option to hire a professional photographer to get property photos but you can also do them yourself. Be sure to highlight your property’s best attributes so people will become more interested. For example, if you have a great sunset view, be sure to capture that!

3.  Know your buyers - People buying vacant land usually already have preferences on the property that they will buy. That is why you have to educate yourself as much as possible about the advantages and disadvantages that your vacant land possesses so you will be able to connect with the right buyers. For example, if a potential buyer is looking for an opportunity to build a vacation home, point out the views, nearby tourist destinations, and accessibility of your property. 

4.  Highlight key advantages of your property - You know your property well so you should be very familiar with all the great things that come with it. Be its accessibility, proximity to nearby destinations, or simply amazing views in the morning – this is key knowledge that you can use in selling your vacant land. Be sure to mention these advantages to your potential buyers in all the listings you post online. 

Consider Owner Financing

Owner financing is another way that you can sell your vacant land much faster. The typical buyer who is buying a home has to go through the meticulous process ofapplying for financing at a bank in order to buy a property. For vacant land, this process can be eliminated if you as the seller will provide owner financing. This means that you will allow your buyer to pay you in monthly installments the whole cost of the property for a certain period of time with minimal interest compared to banks. 

By doing this, you will be able to open up your property to a wider range of buyers who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost upfront. 

Things to Consider in Selling Your Vacant Land Yourself

Now that you are finally ready to take the reins and sell your vacant land in the market, we have prepared a number of things that you can check to avoid problems down the road. This guide is only general information so be sure to talk with your county about the exact steps for selling your vacant land. 

As a general rule, you should be prepared to answer the following questions from your potential buyers:

1.  What is the zoning of your property?

2.  Does your property have legal access?

3.  What type of septic system is in place or available?

4.  Can they build on the property?

5.  Will there be HOA or POA fees?

6.  Are there any deed restrictions or easements?

Most realtors will be ready to answer questions like these anytime, so knowing this basic information about your property will help you close deals quickly.

Bottom Line: Can You Sell a Vacant Land Without a Realtor?

As mentioned above, selling vacant land yourself is possible. You have to put in extra effort and time to handle it yourself, but it can be a great learning experience (especially if you plan to do it again in the future). 

If you just don't want to spend the time or deal with tire-kickers, we get it. If you want to sell your vacant land right now, we can help. We could get you cash for your property in as little as a week! Contact us today if that's something you're interested in.

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