How to Sell Undeveloped Land

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How to Sell Undeveloped Land

Brylle Roquero

Owning undeveloped land can be a good investment. If you bought a parcel a few years back, you can almost always be sure that you will be able to sell it at a higher value now – assuming that you bought it at the right price. If you have a property that you have decided to sell, we will guide you on how to successfully find potential buyers for your property in the easiest way possible, especially if your property is still undeveloped. If you would like a cash offer on your undeveloped land within the next 48 hours, please reach out to us here to get a cash offer on your land

Know Everything About Your Property

Knowing all the information about your property is an important part ofselling. Just like any type of item that you offer for sale, you can expectthat people who would be interested would ask a lot of questions. That’s why itis very important that you know all the necessary information about your landthat will help you in closing a deal.

One of the most crucial pieces of information that you should know isthe zoning of your property. Zoning refers to the classification that your county has assigned to your property. Your property’s zoning will determine thetype of structure that you can build on your land, and how it can be used, among other things. This is very important because it can easily make or breakthe possibility of you being able to sell your land since most buyers will havecertain requirements. 

One more important thing that you should know is that you should thinklike a potential buyer. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to anticipate thetype of information they might need. By doing this, you will be sure to providethe most relevant details that can help you in selling your property. 

Clean Up the Land

Once you have all the information collected, the next thing that you should start doing is cleaning up your property. This article is more geared towards giving you tips if your property is undeveloped but the fundamentals are mostly the same no matter what type of property you have. 

Just like selling a house, you should prepare your land by giving it a thorough cleaning before offering it to potential buyers. Some of the things that you can do are the following:

Some tips on how you can clean your property when you are selling undeveloped land.
When selling undeveloped land, one of the most important things to do is clean up the property before taking photos to be used in your listings later on.

1.  Clean out unnecessary obstructions from your property - If your land is fully undeveloped, this might not be a big issue. But still, make sure that you have cleared out anything that may be out of place on your property. If there's a broken down RV, consider if that's a selling point or something you should haul away.

2.  Give your property a groom - If your property has a lot of tall grass or trees that do not highlight its best features, slight grooming might come a long way. Clear the paths and do some weed eating. If you want to sell it to potential would-be homeowners, you want to present it in a way that they would be interested to build their future home in. A simple grass-cutting will give your property a big makeover and this small effort will surely make a whole lot of difference. 

3.  Highlight the key areas of your property - If your land has an obvious advantage that you can capitalize on, make sure that you do so. For example, if it has a water feature such as a creek or a spring, you should highlight that part since it will be a unique selling point. If you have gorgeous mountain views, take some photos at dusk or dawn to highlight that.

The main goal in cleaning up your land is just to make it attractive. This is a necessary step that will ensure a quicker turnaround of your effort in selling your property. 

Post Your Listing All Over the Internet

The internet is probably the best place that you can put your listing nowadays if you want to sell it faster. A few decades ago, you only had to rely on your real estate agent and local classified ads in order to reach potential buyers, but now you have the capacity to reach a wider audience. There are different platforms that you can use in order to sell your land. Here are some of the most common:

1.  Online listing websites - There are a number of websites that cater specifically to property listings such as Zillow or Since these websites have already established themselves as go-to destinations for anyone looking to buy property, you will have access to a lot more potential buyers. 

2.  Facebook Marketplace - One effective way of selling your undeveloped land is through Facebook Marketplace. Facebook has been around for a long time and almost every person on the planet has an account on this social media site. With Facebook’s Marketplace, you will be able to post your listing and reach potential buyers in a specific location. You can create different listings for different areas so that you will reach more audiences. What makes this more convenient is you can respond to inquiries directly just by using your phone. 

Feel free to explore and research more about the best platform that you can use in listing your properties. But one thing is for sure, posting your land on these platforms can help sell it faster. 

Once you have determined the right sites to publish your listing (yes, listing on multiple platforms is never a bad idea), it’s time to get the photos. Unlike houses, where you can easily highlight different rooms and the curb appeal, you'll need to be more creative with your vacant lot. For undeveloped land, this part will be a bit harder since most parcels will llook almost the same in the photos. That’s why we've prepared some tips that you can follow to make your listing photos more appealing:

1.  Look for a good vantage point - Take advantage of the view that you can offer when potential buyers will finally get a chance to see your property in person. For example, you can highlight the trees or the hills that you have on the property. Take a photo from the road so they know what it looks like when they get there.

2.  Include photos of nearby locations -If your property is near a hiking site or a lake, you can include photos of these as well. Be sure to add in the travel time or distance in your listing so that your buyers will have an idea of what life will be like if they choose to settle on your property. Amenities of the town where your property is can also be added to your listing photos, including government offices, restaurants, supermarkets, or gyms within a short distance.

3.  Hire a professional photographer - If you are not confident that you can take the photos yourself, hiring a photographer can be an option. (Bonus points if they can do drone shots!) You can easily find freelance photographers in your area by Googling real estate photographers near you. Professional photographers will have a great eye for capturing the best characteristics of the land that you can highlight in your listing. Plus it will save you a lot of time. Just be prepared for the upfront cost with this.

Once everything is ready, you have to make sure that when you post your listing, you provide as much information as possible. This includes any easements or access issues, zoning, taxes, utility connections, and more. You should know that potential buyers can ask a lot of questions when they are interested in your listing, so you will want to be proactive in giving out these details. 

Lastly, make sure that you are selling your property at the right price. While it's only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it, you can check with real estate agents or evaluate other properties like yours to make sure you're selling it at a fair price. Competitive pricing will help sell your property faster. However, keep in mind that if you want to sell at market value you will have a hard time selling within 90-days unless you are: 

1.  In a really hot market;

2.  Offer owner financing with a lower down payment; or

3.  There is something extra special about your property that makes it a better investment (like potential for precious metals or oil that they have the right to sell).


Selling your undeveloped land is going to be a challenge and will require a lot of time and effort, but it's doable! Just prepare yourself for the possibility of not being able to find a buyer in a short period of time. Sometimes, it will take months (even a year) for you to finally sell your property. A lot of factors can affect the days on market but as long as you follow best practices, you will have a better chance of finding a buyer sooner. 

If you have undeveloped land currently waiting for a potential buyer, you can reach out to us here at Land Boss and we would be happy to make you a cash offer!

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